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TTS. fairly slim but super comfy.I am a rota 48 for the wool trousers and happily wearing the 32.
Think no more. They are awesome.
Heschung (taupe, I just let them age, no special care) Monitaly Inis Meain
5(0) shades...  (I know I am breaking SF rule #1 - blaming Greg for making me laugh)  
  Camoshita Mazzarelli
What's up Stitchy? Like my charcoal frozen wave? (i hear you guys about the collection name etc. but this name is just too dope not to be misused and overused...)
Will argue you have shown great restraint to wait until this point, to get to this amazing sales price... :-)
  These things are awesome (pic doesn't do them justice). from a guy who doesn't own any other chukkas... and never thought I would own one pair. but when I first laid eyes on them, i had to have them.
hi everyone, been a while. Inis MTO & Heschung Chukka (can't seem to go wrong with these guys)
this is perfect weather for Stutterheim with warm layers underneath! enjoying it. stay warm and dry good folks...
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