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CharcoalThank you.
  Eidos kind of mood Big John Inglese Vass
Indeed. They do custom shirts. Same process as the suits (appointment etc.). Fun stuff. great shirts.
Bonjour les amis....         © conceptual 4est S. Schneider cedar cotton sweater Formosa shirt Big John
Fair enough. I should just stick to occasional card signing :-)
   [[SPOILER]] Keepin' it gangsta today...Rota4life(and G. Inglese shirt + #youknowthecoat)
Yes! and I forgot to mention that it's awesome... but it really is...
Trying something different... (for me at least) Oliver Spencer pants S. Schneider sweater Valstar bomber
S. Schneider Addict  (hard to render in pic how dope this sweater is, and crazy but only my second favorite after Cedar cotton beige and grey!) Big John Mazzarelli
TTS. fairly slim but super comfy.I am a rota 48 for the wool trousers and happily wearing the 32.
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