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Romp, I really cant afford it either , but seeing as how I only want to do this whole thing once I thought to do it right.  I have been saving for over a year.   Romp and Journeyman, I appreciate the comments on shoes, I hadn't actually even thought that they might fit the conservative look of the suit.  Also, yes of course the shirt will be white, I forgot to say that... thinking of paying Nahkle (sp?) a visit for that one too.   Oli, I am a little surprised by...
I should have just posed this here.... but alas, sorry for the new thread   http://www.styleforum.net/t/344763/calling-sydneysiders-for-help-with-wedding-suit
Hello,   This is my first post to styleforum after years of reading it, permanent style, AAAC, london lounge... you get the idea.  I am looking to ask for wisdom from one and all regarding the suit that I will be married in this July. (remember this means winter for us down under) The wedding is at 11 am but since I could not get absolutely everyone in morning dress (aussies can be a bit relaxed with dress code) I decided against that formality, also, I cant stand...
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