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I like my pair. From 2007 I think?
Agreed, I would only get it in the tropical wool version. Better drape, better butt!
In the thighs. They fit, but I just don't like trousers to fit that slim in general, especially in the summer.
I tried them on and quickly sent them back. Even after sizing up, they were really too slim for me. I tried the Jazz model too (that's the one on that Neighbor picture) and they are by far my favorite cut this season.
I sized up one on mine compared to both Poa and Bee.
Size 4.
SS12, I think it was called Agave?
I'm fairly sure S├ębastien Meunier had been designing the men's collection of the past few years already.
I can't remember what they were called, some tropical wool trousers from a few summers ago.Summer has not happened here yet unfortunately
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