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Pretty much, yes. HLorenzo sells the line, so does the Bureau I think.
I think that's the Guidi e Rosellini line. Different models, most of which have rubber soles.Actually, I've been curious about this line as well, it's not much discussed but I really like the derbies I have seen.
I just noticed that the Elodea sweater from Schneider that I had saved in my wish list seems to be completely gone from the website. Will it be back? (and if it comes back, how is the sizing compared to the Poa cardi?)
Me too. I was surprised it didn't sell right away.
Greg! Greg! A l'aide! Is the Juncus warmer than the Algae? (And should I own both?) I didn't care for it at first, but your fit pictures are very convincing.
It looks good here. The Other Shop guy consistently wears a size too big and the Forward model makes everything look awful.
I don't know about that actually, it is fairly boxy by default, more so than the Bee from last year, and it has more stretch as well. The knit is also too thick to drape really well (until it softens) and I think that if sized up, it would simply look bad. Look at the Wrong Weather modeled picture, it doesn't work there. Unlike loosely woven knits, it's one of those instances where the piece needs to be worn and stretched a bit to really look good (it'll be perfect after a...
It was gone in 2 hours...
It's the Poa, same knit pattern as the Sonchus I think?
So cold already
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