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Poor guy looks like he's wearing tights.Instead of their stupid "Editor's notes", they should at least give some details on the leathers. Yes idiots, I could figure out by myself I was looking at "White leather Chelsea boots".
This might be my favorite version of the Monaco/Miami.
That reminds me of that one time a couple of years ago, I was walking with a friend in Paris when we saw these four of five kids wearing head to geobasket-covered-toe Rick. In the middle of a very hot summer afternoon and without the usual SZish photo editing, it looked completely incongruous.
I always found the Merino a bit too short for its volume. Hopefully with everybody obsessing over the Merino, I'll be able to grab one of the long coats during sales time.
I feel the soft toe works better with that sole actually.
Navy Size 5 - elastic waist Wool / Poly / Cashmere Made in Belgium
The fabric is too thin and feels really cheap, clearly more cotton than wool, almost like chambray or a soft denim. It wrinkles too easily and doesn't drape well at all.The cut is just bad, it's big, and not in an interesting loose or boxy way. The trousers are the worst part, they were almost like pyjama pants.Obviously I hadn't been the first person to buy and return it, and I think it ended on sale for $300 or something on Yoox, so it wasn't just me being...
That suit is actually horrible. It was on yoox, I bought it and returned it right away. The fabric and the cut are awful.
Isn't that the same one you sold me but in a darker gray?
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