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Are you getting the grey version of the long coat from Schneider's new collection by any chance?
Same. I'm waiting to see what the crewneck version looks like.
Just received the green wool shirt from Joseph and it is stunning. Also got a grey/navy blue plaid scarf, much bigger than expected.
I'm kinda tempted by the Schneider Slide shirts. Any fit pics around?
A bas l'Allemagne!
Me too, had been looking for something just like that for a while.
My 995 are the most comfortable shoes I own. Just spent two days walking around the Mojave with them on, no insole and they were perfect.
Call them, they've always been helpful over the phone with me.I don't buy from them anymore, actually because I always had to call them to make sure my orders were properly processed.
Possibly, what size and color?
How much was the repair? I really need to get my pair resoled.
New Posts  All Forums: