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Only a few years late... I'm mostly looking for the tan wool version.
Some Schneider, and a surprisingly expensive pair of fake Stan Smith
Shara Eureka Any of the old Seijun Suzuki movies
How does the Elodea sweater fit compared to other Schneider pieces this season (I sized down on the Poa and took my regular size on the Platango). Should I get my regular shirt size or size down like I usually do with thicker knits?
+1. I have the Berber from 2 (3?) years ago and always leave the last button undone, it helps a lot with the shape and balances the size of the hood. It would probably work better in a more rigid fabric as well (like that tweedy grey from NMWA), it wouldn't look as shapeless as it does in that second picture.It's a great coat, but I think the Berber was actually a better version of this design, hidden placket and pockets help a lot keeping clean lines.
I had given up on ever finding it, especially new with tags.
Neither, get the grey version from NMWA.
Jean Jean-Pierre Pierre Melville
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