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Hope you're all making the most of today.
Also, if these are real, they are not from the mainline, they're from the cheaper (and forgettable) AD line.
L'Eclaireur, dreams of a Belgian coat... Styleforvm, 1994 version (in French)
Thank you for the responses, I would love to see better pictures of the Roden Gray version. I really prefer the flat welt on these, but the eyelets really bother me for some reason.
I'm looking for a PTB with commando soles in black cordovan, and can't decide between these two options: The classic 9901C from Alden of Carmel The "RG" blucher from Roden Gray. I like the flat welt, but am not a fan of the metal eyelets. Any input? Am I missing a third option with a flat welt and no eyelets?
He's doing well. The store moved to a larger location, all the production is now done in Paris and sells pretty quickly at full retail price. I think he's happy with the scale of things at the moment.Nice guy too.
Just bought my first piece this season. I'm usually not a fan of MAAS and Stacks buys, but they nailed it this fall.
the grey sweater on the left a stockist list of Japanese stores carrying Stephen Schneider
Furever era mostly.
Anybody plan on hitting the sample sale this month? I'm looking for a few older pieces...
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