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The Memory looks so much better without the hood. Kinda makes me want one now.
Anybody knows where I could find the Memory coat in size 4? Only interested in navy.
Ha, I remember starting that thread on SuFu. I really liked their older seasons. I used to have a decent collection, including some weird things like playing cards (?), but these days I only have the "Surf" sweatshirt left.
Yeah it's wool. The fabrics used on the different versions of this coat's lining were also used on scarves, shirts and sweaters if I remember well.The fabric content information usually refers to the main part of the garment with Schneider and almost never the lining. I have some wool shirts with a cotton jersey back labeled as 100% wool.
This looks both too tight and too long at the same time.
I don't disagree at all, and except maybe for the Margiela connection, I don't think the brands have much in common either. I just thought it was interesting how the content of your post could also define Bless. If Vetements is a product of blog/internet fashion culture, Bless is that photocopied zine that doesn't always make much sense but is still really fun to read.
The sense of humor, deconstruction, play on proportions and shapes, reproduction/reconstruction of vintage garments. Bless has been quietly doing that for 20 (?) years now.
To an extent, this sounds more like a description of Bless than Vetements to me.
That green melange is beautiful.
Yeah. I think the season is good overall, but except for a store or two (NMWA being one), the buys are really conservative and uninspired.
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