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Ervell, Bless, Schneider, Margiela
Yep. I'm always one Merino behind...
! The camel has always been the best. I would trade my grey for a camel.
Can somebody proxy something from Stuttgart?
I would size up from the crosswords if were to get them. They look pretty slim.
Yes and no. It's not like the brand has ever revolutionized itself, and if you look at the past 7 or 8 years, it's always the same ideas coming back. (I think that when seasonal threads were started around 2008-2010, here, on SZ and on TFS, people were already complaining about the same things.)That hooded bomber with the buttoned lining directly comes from Furever for example (still my favorite season by the way).The whole appreciation for the brand seems cyclical, every...
From what I can see, this could be my favorite f/w season since the rugs.
Saint Laurent has been moved to LA. Sorry California!
New Posts  All Forums: