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Anybody here is in Vancouver?
I think that's the problem actually...
Schneider, and South Willard-era Common Projects.
Me? All Schneider.
Elodea and Cattail. Not the greatest picture, but it should at least give some sort of idea regarding the fit. I particularly like the fit of the trousers, relaxed thighs with an unreasonable amount of taper. Sweater is very, very, very soft — it makes you want to take a nap as soon as you put it on. (Thanks Greg for changing the Elodea to a size 4, a 5 would have been huge on me).
...and just like that, and are on the way to me.
Yes, yes you should, and you know where from
Only a few years late... I'm mostly looking for the tan wool version.
Some Schneider, and a surprisingly expensive pair of fake Stan Smith
Shara Eureka Any of the old Seijun Suzuki movies
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