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I don't know about that actually, it is fairly boxy by default, more so than the Bee from last year, and it has more stretch as well. The knit is also too thick to drape really well (until it softens) and I think that if sized up, it would simply look bad. Look at the Wrong Weather modeled picture, it doesn't work there. Unlike loosely woven knits, it's one of those instances where the piece needs to be worn and stretched a bit to really look good (it'll be perfect after a...
It was gone in 2 hours...
It's the Poa, same knit pattern as the Sonchus I think?
So cold already
If you argue for undershirts, you deserve to lose every case you take on.
I wouldn't mind seeing the Author cardigan again and the looser trousers from You'll Always Find Me etc.
I think the lighter version is a different scarf? The tweed scarf was 100% wool, the other one has mohair and is not as thick and big but is also much softer than the tweed (I have both, the second one in a blue/brown color and they are both great).
Nice. The Poa fits weird at first, it gets better once it softens a bit.
One size fits the whole world. 30% Cashmere 70% Merino. Soft! Made in Belgium. Price includes shipping in the US. "That's right, I made this." Wear it! Or hang it on your wall!
It's a fairly soft wool. I think the fabric is the same blue/black weave that you can see on the No Man Walks Alone.
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