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(I like it by the way)
These old collections were perfect in their simplicity. I still have a few pieces from the old South Willard line, too bad he really only made one collection. Still really love the Yves Klein Blue shirt. My wedding ring was made by RC's brother.
I like the Saltire better than the Canton, but I also don't like zippers. I have actually been buying a lot more from his spring/summer seasons these past few years and wearing them all year long. I'm not really a fan of the darker palettes of the recent winter pieces. Except for a few knits, I haven't kept much from the past two winters. I think I'm mentally stuck in the grey years of 2009-2012.
I have these and I like them a lot.Otherwise, Tricker's, maybe Alden.
Tell me more.
I just got rid of my three pairs of Guidis and bought a pair of Indy boots instead. For whatever reason that seemed like the right thing to do.
I was looking at the Schneider for sale on Grailed and I'm surprised by the amount of stuff that is there. Some of it is clearly bad or overpriced, but there are some very good pieces at decent prices that have been sitting there forever. Two Bee cardigans (both sellers asking too much though), a wool Agave bomber which is probably the best spring jacket ever made by Schneider, an Alpaca, a few Merinos (not the good colors, but still), a couple of Gothic cardigan, an...
I've been using this exact one for 3 years now, I really like. I buy a new color every summer.
Bringing this back up, since I received that same sweater (it wasn't easy to track down, only NMWA and another store ordered the teal version).It is an interesting effect, and it works well with that knit pattern. I'm not completely sold on it though, I like the feel of it but I don't find it as comfortable to wear as last year's 90/10 version.On a side note, I really like this collection.
Thumbed the wrong post but MoK fit is great.
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