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No, hands in the pockets make them appear slimmer.
Schneider, Spring Court
Anybody here in Madrid? I'm looking for a proxy...
Avoir de l'esprit.
When will the new Schneider season be online?
Honestly, the Japanese Evisu No.1 in the 2000 cut. I started wearing my old pair again, bought in 2007 or so, and they are the best fitting jeans I've ever had.
I like Oliver Spencer, got to try a few pieces in person and they were all very nice, I especially liked the wools he uses. Oddly though, as good as these pieces were, there was always something that stopped me from purchasing them, even at a deep discount. I just knew I would just not wear them that much. It could just be my perception, but I feel that the brand is lacking in identity. Too English, too heritage maybe for my taste, but at the same time not English or...
I want that check fabric on a short jacket. This might be the first year I don't preorder anything, it feels weird.
It's weird, I don't like any of the coats I have seen so far. Fabrics look good, but they all seem off to me. I wish more shirts were offered...
Mohair, mohair, everywhere. I need that stole to wear under my poncho though.
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