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Yes, it's nicely oversized, probably good for a 46 or a slim 48. I have it in a size 4 and it fits bigger than some of my knits in size 5. 100% wool, no mohair or polyester, it drapes really well. Schneider has yet to release a better cardigan in my opinion.
I saw it back when it came out. The technical prowess actually makes sense in the context of the film, which is just as impressive.Hitchcock's Rope is another interesting take (maybe the first?) on the idea, but the film was edited, if I remember well.Another classic sequence shot, maybe my favorite:
It's been a little while!
Get ready for oversized underwear.
I have, they're good.
(I like it by the way)
These old collections were perfect in their simplicity. I still have a few pieces from the old South Willard line, too bad he really only made one collection. Still really love the Yves Klein Blue shirt. My wedding ring was made by RC's brother.
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