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So I ended up keeping the charcoal suit I got on this buy (or a later one, I cant remember. Had a partially cut label which I can fetch later). 50R IT feels boxy, but that's because apparently with Canali I'm a 48R IT (5'9"-5'10" here too). Lesson learned.   Added note: I've found a local department store (remaining unnamed) willing to tailor it. Perhaps you'll have similar luck. They tailored the pants and offered to tailor the jacket, so I'll probably take them up on it.
Just got the black one. It's a mainline, fully canvassed.   All of you were right. It's too black for daily use... but it also arrived without the descriptive label inside the right pocket, so I went ahead and initiated a return for both reasons. I've still got more incoming, one a size 38, the other a size 40 (48, 50 IT)   For anyone with experience ordering high-ticket items e.g. suits from online sites, is it a common practice to slice these labels from the...
Nevermind, found a charcoal grey on canali and threw the discount on top to get it for 760.   So that's three Canalis inbound, one black, one a lighter grey, and the third a charcoal grey. Who wants pictures?
Interesting.   Well in any case, turns out the discount works on past sales as well, so I went in and punched an order for this too.
  lol. I've got a strategy for how to utilize a good black suit, so we'll see how it turns out. If it works, I'll have pictures taken in action and will post them here.
An agreeable point.   I suppose color isn't so much an issue right now for me so long as the suit is conservatively colored. I can always look at one for an expanded selection down the road.
Interesting. Why's that? (regarding black suits)   I presume I'll find out once the suit arrives whether or not it's fully canvassed.
I've practically mined this site for all of its insight regarding fully canvassed suits prior to jumping on it. My experience via MyHabit (the amazon subsidiary) with assumedly -full-canvas suits is that they don't distinguish between the specific lines, so if you by a $1495 MSRP Hickey Freeman suit, it's probably going to be from the LTD line and, ergo, be half canvassed instead. I'm lucky I managed to return the one suit that ended up like that for me.   So anyway,...
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