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Do you have somewhere at work you can leave personal belongings overnight? Private office? Locker? I used to take a week's worth of work clothes into work at a time, leave them there and change every day on arriving in the office (by bike). One extra bag once a week might not be too onerous.
Have to agree with post 2.... if you want to run, just put on your running shoes and step outside your front door. No need for any fancy equipment.
5 miles in my work lunchbreak...........
Find now at age 40+ I need a wider fitting in general, but my basic shoe size hasn't otherwise changed.  
Not colour blind myself but have a couple of friends who are. Have to echo above, never seems to be an issue over the whole spectrum just specifics like red-green (a common one). Where buying formal clothes are concerned, stick to the basics (eg classic white shirts) and it shouldn't present much in the way of problems.  
Socks never seem to last that long where I'm concerned. - Seems to be a law of nature that I always have 3 or 4 odd ones that I can't find the matching sock for. - And just general wear and tear means I have to go buy a pack once every month or two and replace the worst.   But not a major issue in the grand scheme of things.
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