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i messaged them about some follow up purchase/care/washing stuff and never heard anything...   edit : messaged them a few years ago via different means and they were right on the money though.
Also on other matters : i saw earlier comments about the euro shirt compared to the Japanese. I was a bit underwhelmed by the comparable quality when i popped in Flannels (edit : the Japanese shirts are stunning IMO), however the price tag is obviously appealing.. is this just me then?    : also i would have to iron that crinkle effect out, has anyone had a go at this yet?
Cheers for that, i really appreciate the help though i'm a little unsure about the Japanese ventile as it has the following instructions on the label, and also feels quite different to the Ventile Converse sneakers:   "Care Instructions : Water Repellent Finish   This Product has a water repellent finish Please be noted it will lose this affect gradually with age and that the effect will not last forever Please gently wipe up water with a dry towel without...
Hi,   I have the Orange waxed aircraft and the Japanese Ventile Smock (both have restrictive wash guidelines) and was wondering about re-treatments (Grangers etc). I did put in query via the website however haven't received a reply, anyone else have any thoughts on this?    (not that I've put mine through a washer mind)     Ta
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