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I wish I could justify buying a new suit or I'd be all over that blue flannel.  Not much else in the sale in my size that interests me, but I did pull the trigger on those olive chinos. 
I'm probably gonna scoop the olive chinos.  Just gonna wait to see what the Memorial Day special is so I can just put in one order.
Those look dope.  I'm thinking I'll scoop the olive ones tomorrow.
Awesome.  I was about to post to see if there was any update on these because I could use some new chambray in my life.
Email I got today said that code is for 15% off actually.
Agreed.  I've got the Indigo Chore Coat in a medium and it fits perfectly.  I'm looking at getting a crew neck and a shawl cardigan, and according to the size charts I guess I should be getting a medium in the crew and large for the cardigan? Thanks
Well I assumed by Mauro's last post yesterday that the chinos and oxfords are still being finished and shipped to him, so he obviously doesn't have any pictures of the product yet, so he can't sell them yet either.  I'm reading the rest of the post as these things being available early next month.
I have referred a lot of my friends to you, but none of them have bought in because they're cheap.  They all want to dress better but they don't want to pay for it.
Dang, Medium marled black hoodies are sold out.  Is there gonna be a re-stock on that bad boy Mauro?
That's weird. I bought that exact coat in medium and they honored it. Supposed to get tomorrow in fact.
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