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Both my pairs I got in the last year. The burgundy ones I got are size 43, and I still wear them, but they definitely fit bigger than I would like. I have to lace them up pretty tight otherwise they would be way too loose due to the length.
I've got 2 pairs of derby shines, black and burgundy. I like them a lot. In my experience, they're more comfortable than your typical derby dress shoe because of the crepe sole, although the leather does crease quicker than my dress shoes. I sized down one from Achilles. I wear 43 in Achilles and 42 in Derby shines.
Yeah, exactly. There was a navy raincoat for Spring/Summer that was talked about a little, and a picture is up on instagram but it never went past that as far as I know. But you're right, definitely heading into Fall now.
Yeah, that kinda sucks. I haven't bought much WvG in a while because not a lot of stuff has really called out to me in a while. I think I'm pretty much set on button ups for a while except for a couple things like a band collar, or some more basic short sleeve button ups. I was kinda holding out for that like Spring/Summer outerwear that was talked about a little but that never materialized.
Couple questions.   For anyone who has Derby Shines, how do you guys clean them? They're not in bad shape, but there's some water spots and stuff on em from regular wear so I was thinking I'd use the same Jason Markk stuff I used on my Achilles.   Anyone know where I can find some of the standard black Achilles with a white sole in size 43? Not the grained, perforated, or the lined pattern ones. I saw Mohawk had them in larger sizes, but can't find them at any other...
That's too bad about the pants. The cut of the Enzos aren't as slim as I would like, but the price is decent enough that I would order them and just get them tailored to my preference. I just didn't have the money to spare at the time.
I'm personally hoping to hear about Spring outerwear. A while back Mauro had mentioned a rain coat was in the works.
Sick. I thought I was pretty set on jackets, but I might need to scoop this in navy after I see some more pics.
Agreed. That fabric looks super cool, but I'm not sure if I could see myself wearing a burgundy suit. I am excited to see suits back in the works though.
I got the charcoal trousers yesterday. The fabric has a great hand, and they feel really comfortable to wear. The color is a really nice charcoal. Like someone said earlier in the thread, the charcoal is darker than the pictures on the website which I'm stoked on. I'm really glad to see these have a nice deep, dark color to them since in general, a lot of the pants I've bought from WvG tend to be of the lighter, washed variety. I like my colors dark and inky.   I'm not a...
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