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Yeah, I also wear no-show socks a lot.  I just don't really feel it's necessary to up my no-show sock game because they exist to go unseen anyway.
There's size charts on the oxford pre-order page.  Is there any reason to think those would be inaccurate?
Sneakers look amazing.  I love the grey wingtips, but since I'll probably only have the funds for one pair, I'm leaning more towards the black chukkas.
Oh wow, you're right.  My mistake. 
Ninja-edit now that I see Mauro's updated pics.  Those indigo chinos look a lot better now.  Very likely to pick them up. I'll probably order the grey oxford, and was hoping some more white oxfords would be included in this batch as well.  Been waiting on a re-stock of that for a while.
Agreed with who8mahrice on the jeans.  The fit doesn't look like it's for me, but I will likely pick up the indigo chinos.
Could I get a quote on size 10 Leeds in black please?  Thanks
Got my blue gun patch sweater today and it's perfect.  If I can find the funds, I'll definitely be looking to get the black one and maybe a couple of the wool beanies when they drop.
I have a couple pairs of grey/charcoal chinos, so I want to back up notwithit on the brown suggestion.
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