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Are you referring to the pre-order oxfords?  I never got a tracking number for mine.
I don't really care either way if the before/after dinner naming stays.  I do think that for someone newer to the brand though that simplifying it would be helpful and makes sense.  Knowing what size I am between different brands whether it's clothes or shoes is annoying enough already that anything to streamline it sounds like a good idea to me. 
I do like the look of the colorblock sweater, but I'm not a big fan of v-necks.   Barracuta could be cool, but I don't like the hem and cuffs, so changing those is a good move imo.
Mauro posted some earlier in the thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/155670/the-new-official-wolf-vs-goat-thread/16140#post_7719143
Hey guys,   I got the grey suede wingtips Mauro posted earlier so I wanted to share my experience so far.  I wore the shoes out yesterday to run some errands, and they're great and very comfortable. As we should all expect from this brand, the materials are excellent. The suede is really top notch, and the sole is the same as is found on other top sneaker brands like Common Projects.   I think the grey suede is also a really nice, versatile color so I can definitely...
I emailed SiJin about the oxfords the other day too, and got this reply:"The pre-orders should be on their way to us. Once they arrive here, we ship them out to the customers right away." So yeah.  Still on their way.
I am aware of it, but I don't have any experience ordering MTM/MTO anything so while this may be a great deal, ordering a custom pair of $250-350 trousers online is still a tough pill for me to swallow.  Knowing that WvG is a small operation, I wouldn't want to send you measurements for some pants, and then be unhappy with them for whatever reason whether it's a mistake on my part or yours and then request a refund.  I think that if your program was a bit more fleshed out,...
Those trousers fit you so well.  I'm super jealous.  I bought the Olive bloodline trousers to give them a shot when they were on deep discount during the last sale, but they just don't fit me as well.
Yeah, I also wear no-show socks a lot.  I just don't really feel it's necessary to up my no-show sock game because they exist to go unseen anyway.
There's size charts on the oxford pre-order page.  Is there any reason to think those would be inaccurate?
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