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 I like the blog post.  I would definitely agree the fit is bad.  Most Americans can't tell it's bad though so most of the criticism I've seen is just about the color.  Pretty typical though.  People just looking for more bs to complain about.
I think this is a good point.  I can say from my own perspective I do feel some disappointment when we get a newsletter and there's nothing that fits my own style or is just too expensive.  It doesn't bother me too much though because I've bought enough items that the rewards program has more than paid for itself already, and I don't really have the money to be buying anything anyway right now.
I scooped a pair of the bloodline chinos also.  I wish I had the funds to scoop the other colors since they're available in my size, but just can't stretch it.   Thanks Mauro!
Got measurements?
Is there a minimum order or something for that code?  I tried using it, but it said:TOOHOT - Your basket does not meet the requirements of this voucher. Ninja edit:  Scratch that.  Figured it out.  I was in the Sale section rather than the Outlet section. 
They're just future products Mauro talked about in the video newsletter.  Sweaters weren't actually released today.
The sweaters in the newsletter look great, especially the jacquard.  The neck opening looks a little smaller as well which is great because my only complaint about last year's sweaters was that the neck opening was too big imo.    Is that a change for this year's sweaters or am I seeing things?
Is the sample sale for this next weekend going to be offered online as well like last time?    Thanks
I wish I could justify buying a new suit or I'd be all over that blue flannel.  Not much else in the sale in my size that interests me, but I did pull the trigger on those olive chinos. 
I'm probably gonna scoop the olive chinos.  Just gonna wait to see what the Memorial Day special is so I can just put in one order.
New Posts  All Forums: