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Really cool! Can't wait to get more wear in on my boots.
 My natural CXLs fit pretty decently with medium weight socks at a 7.5. My "true" brandock sizing lands me between 7 and 7.5.  I wear a 7 in wolverines and a 7.5 in the trenches if that gives you any sort of data point. For my feet, they fit pretty similarly. I tried the 7 in the trenches and the arch was just a tad short and my toes were a little squeezed so I opted for the 7.5. 
Thanks! I think I like the 2nd approach more with the brass wire suede brush. What conditioner or weatherproofer would you recommend? Venetian shoe cream? 
 Thanks for the info on the leather! I couldn't help myself and impulse bought a pair.  How would you care for these boots? I usually use venetian shoe cream maybe once a month on CXL. Does roughout require a different process? 
Quick question (Love the trench boot have it in Natural Chromexel). How does the roughout handle rain and harsher conditions? I always thought suede type boots have a tougher time handing harsher weather. Seems odd that a Dainite sole be given to suede boots.    Thanks! 
T_T I know I should relax more about these things. I'm just the type of person that can go crazy looking at asymmetrical details. Glad I have nothing to worry about though!
Thanks. Makes me feel better. The crease pattern happens all over the boot where one creases very thinly and the other is thick. Was just worried about quality and what not since none of my other boots did that. 
The shoes fit well and are comfortable. Maybe I'm just being obsessive, but after a few wears, the leather is creasing in a different pattern on both boots. Should I be concerned or is this normal?        Camera isn't so good, but you can see that the creasing is very fine on the one of the left while the right has thicker creasing patterns. It's more obvious in normal light in person. 
 Thanks! I mean i guess more along the lines of how can you tell when you have the right fit? I'm normally a 7D but I'm not sure how "snug" the boots should feel and whether my feet are in the right place. 
Just curious for those of you with the Trench Boot (or on a similar last e.g. the Chukka). How much excess toe space are you guys getting? How do you know if you get the right "fit"
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