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I purchased both the twill and tweed and the brown original briefcase and will return one.   The blue fabric of the twill and tweed (which is supposedly the same as the brown 22 oz parafin waxed cotton) is significantly softer and pliable.    You can see that the blue bag is bending and the fabric is nice and soft. The brown bag is very stiff. In addition, the blue twill feels actually a little smoother if I rub it with my thumb...
 Thanks! Appreciate the input. Yeah I think the tan has a big thing going for it as the classic color with the best contrast against the leather straps. i also travel a lot and it might be better to get something that won't get dirty as easily. 
 I thought about it, but I had trouble justifying the extra cost for basically the same briefcase (minus a color and accent). Haha agreed. They all have their virtues. I feel like I would later own multiple filson bags.... so maybe I can get some in every color. 
What does everyone think about the brown color? I'm leaning towards the brown because I think  it adds a little more formality, making the bag a little more versatile to dress up or down.    I'm a little torn between the 4 colors available. They all look so good!    Navy - Biggest concern is that the color is too much like dark indigo jeans, which I wear a lot casually. Is it too matchy?  Tan - Great color. Nice contrast with the brown leather. Concerned about the...
Looks amazing! I haven't seen photos of the navy at all.     How is the wool in terms of durability? Its a nice accent but I would be worried that it would wear out faster than the tweed. 
Anyone have the twill and tweed in navy?   What do you guys think about it?
Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I'll pick up a pair of black Park Avenues. 
Looking to buy my first pair of Allen Edmonds (mainly to wear with  a suit for interviews).    Would the Mcallisters work? If so, should I go for walnut, merlot, or bourbon?   Thanks! 
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