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For sale is an unused Barbary large messenger bag. I got it a couple months ago and never brought it outside or used it. Selling now because I have moved to a smaller bag.   It is an exquisite messenger, the finest I've ever seen. The stitching, materials, all second to none. Collapses quite elegantly when not packed full, too! Check their website for further details and pictures:   Asking $525 for it, Fedex shipping at cost in...
I was unpacking some sport coats after getting my luggage back from a trip and I discovered this on the sleeve:       It's only on the surface, appears slightly fibrous, and no similar spots were found on any of the other clothes in the suitcase. A matching discoloration can be seen on the facing fabric. I looked around for other anomalies in the suitcase and could not find anything. My first thought was some sort of spider or insect must have made it but I...
I can recommend the Beyerdynamic Custom One...great sound, and durable to no end. Everything is modular and replaceable.
What is a good non-leather (e.g. canvas, rubber, synthetic) belt? Casual wear
hi there, i'm the architect. i'm actually still in school (in Ohio) but it's easier not to mention that. i'm getting more into "style" every day. my other interests (vices) include headphones and fountain pens.
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