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Cinelli Pogliaghi Samson Serotta Nobilette Mariposa Kona Marinoni SE Racing Rossin   Summer 4ever
I don't know about A2s, but G1s are pretty nice of you find a good example. G1s are newer vintage (60s) and not as sought after, thus easier to find, and not as expensive.  Mouton (aka shearling) collar, no epaulets, and mine fits longer than most A2 pics I've seen. Of course, the arms and body are baggier and boxier than pretty much anything posted on SF, but it's not unflattering, just kind of drapy.    Of course, anything 50-70 years old that was used by the air force...
On the internets, we are all chiseled gods.
Unless you get ones with a patent captoe, they're not going to look any more baller than, say, Stan Smiths or Nike blazers. The leather is usually pretty matte. Certainly less attention getting than any big brand running / b-ball shoe.   As for feeling bad about wanting / wearing baller clothing in SEA, I get that. If your conscience is nagging you, maybe hold off. Near-instant gratification isn't all that gratifying.   Unrelated, but if you have any pics or info about...
dis fancy:
 You can always do the high-low thing e.g. pairing boxfresh CPs with shitstained cargo shorts. Also, go outside every day.  
It rubs the lotion on its skin
fucks yeah   This Adam Kimmel overdyed shirt will forever haunt my #missedopportunities   I've got a couple of vintage rayon shirts that make it into the regular summer rotation, kind of as a reminder that life is short; get a tan. That said, rayon is a pretty disgusting fabric to be wearing next to skin in humid weather. I've also got an obnoxious bark cloth (rough cotton) shirt in a fat old guy cut that I can't let go of. I've threatened to wear that shirt to...
tyvek wallet, yo
makes me think of this   ymmv
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