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I picked up the slate blue and like it very much, works great with a soft collar/cuff. Very light and breezy fabric, it'll be great in the summer. Hopefully that doesn't mean it'll wear through quickly, I've only washed it once so we'll see how it holds up. Can't comment on the color specifically but the fabric feels very nice.
Thats what I have always experienced, ties cut on the straight do not knot or drape as well.
Digging up a thread here but FWIW I just noticed that Brooks Brothers does 36, 37, 38L & XL in their Suiting Essentials Design Your Own thing for those interested in a cheapish half-canvas suit.,default,pg.html
Looks like half canvas, see Q&A:,default,pd.html?dwvar_MK00245_Color=NAVY&contentpos=7&cgid=0216
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