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I know 240's alot to pay, but I had some gift cards that helped me on that. That was the final factor. BTW- Aloha Rag is great for all the Margiela fans out there. Very good site for sure. LA Guy- I'd customize away. I like the uniqueness it would give them. Pete
Hey there, Just thought I'd add a little streetwear review for the benefit the board. I've seen Rogan Jeans in NYC and was skeptical as I'm very picky about my denim. Boy was I wrong. Was at Barney's in Chicago, tried on a pair and they felt like they were made for me. Details: Handmade construction and wash details that get outside of typical whiskers that brands like Seven and Diesel have been doing forever. They play with seams and details just enough to make them...
I love it... God's goft to women is great.... I love it.~.. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll wrap a box, throw on a Fedora, bow around my neck... PERFECT. I'm excited now. Thanks again. Pete
Thanks for the ideas... I'm still unsure. Here's a photo as requested.
Trying out my camera phone
The time rolls around again. I am attending a Halloween party on Friday night that will be held outside (brrr). Keep in mind I'm in college. I want to find a killer costume or celebrity to impersonate. Last year I was hugh hefner, silk bathrobe, pipe and a bunny. This year, I'm going solo and want to look stylish, but figure out a great costume. Any ideas... Thanks for your help, Pete
Lattanzi is up by where I was working this summer. If I'm not mistake, 71-72nd and Madison. Santoni is a block away as well.
BTW- I have yet to find a menswear store like Atrium or Camo in Chicago. There's great streetwear, just need to look a little harder.
All of these are in Steve's book For streetwear. Diesel on Rush, two blocks off Mich. Apartment No. 9 in Bucktown- Paul Smith and a great selection of hand picked designer goods. Also have to stop by Barney's New York on Oak and Rush. For Dior Homme (only one in Chi), Yohji, Kiton, Zegna, Massimo Bizzochi, Lorenzini and Chrome Hearts you must go to George Greene. It's not cheap, but my favorite after Steve pointed it out to me. On Oak just down the street from Barney's...
sorry... the store on bleecker and broadway is Atrium, not camouflage which is in Chelsea.
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