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I'm especially fond of Yohji. As LA Guy said (who seems to have similar tastes as mine from previous posts), let the tailoring do the work. It's all about drape w/ Yohji. As a huge fan of Hedi Slimane's Dior silhouette, it took me a while to get used to the Japanese tailoring, but as I got used to it, I was esecially fond. I second LA Guys large tailoring recognition. I'm a US 38 suit, usually a medium in shirts, wear a 29-30 waist and am a 1 in Yohji. Enjoy. Pete
Rock the stripes with pride. Developing an eye for the look is important. Look at magazines, runway shots (Paul Smith, Etro, etc help for this), and well dressed men on the street and see what you like. A boring shirt and tie is just that and has a place in the world (banker, funeral). On the other hand a tie is one of the few accessories we can play with and add flavor to our outfit. I have, in the past, worn a pinstripe suit, tattersal shirt and a very small patterned...
Hehe, Thanks for the tips... I'll get back at it carefully. Carlo--too funny. Pete
Well after a night of dancing on New Year's in the NYC, I seemed to have some ladies drink on my favorite white Dior Homme shirt. I just got it back from the cleaners with marginal success. What can I do now to save it that is guaranteed to not ruin it. It's not horrible, but I notice it and the shirt was nearly new... Oxy Clean>? Thanks for the tips. Pete
Unfortunately, I have much more knowledge than wealth at this point in my life. I'm a student about ready to graduate, but I worked in the industry (fashion show production) in NYC for a bit. Hope to get back when I graduate. How much is too much? On this board you will find many who shop high quality goods and enjoy the hunt of a fantastic discount. You will also find people with a love of bespoke suits, etc. We're quit diverse. Pete
I own the leather lapel tux jacket... Mine is from "Follow Me" S/S 03 collection. I have the one-button with leather strips on the lapel as well as leather sleeve detail on the closure. I bought it at Barney's for around $500 at their final markdown. I bought a size 40 when I usually where a 38, but had the waist tailored slightly. I was very lucky to have a salesperson hold my size and call me in July. It's a great piece to wear w/ blue or black jeans as a nightlife...
Hehe, For casual shoes... I've been sporting haze dunks to kick around in lately. I love dunks... Pete
I wear Dior Homme a bit. I'm a US 38 and wear a 40 Dior Homme blazer . I also wear a 40 in jackets, but I have an overcoat that I bought to wear over a suit that is a 42. Dress shirts are much slimmer than jackets... Like LA Guy said, stay away if you've got big or average bicepts especially. Pete
The first time I wore them, someone asked what that smell was. It's not something spilled. These are brand new, in the box from Costume National in SoHo. I'll try to start wearing them. They are not as bad as they once were. I will also run down to my shoe repair place. Thanks for the advice. Pete
Hey there, I bought a pair of Costume National suede (black) loafers. When I went to wear them the first time, they had a very distinct, strong odor. The leather has a very strange aroma that is VERY STRONG. I had to put them in the garage w/ cedar shoe trees... then, after my parents complained, I had t o put them in the back garage. Its coming from the exterior leather. They are brand new and I love the style. I don't want to take the hit and not wear them. Is there a...
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