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Love: Dior Homme... my biggest fashion vice. I have collected quite a bit of Hedi's basics (the black/ white dress shirts, cashmere overcoat, black tux blazer w/ leather lapels) and love the less flashy side of this design. Do have a few crazier pieces that are great for evening wear. It's getting way more expensive now... I'll wait for the sales in July. -Comme Des Garcons- Always thought CdG was too full cut for me until I started tring pieces on... Now I'm obsessed with...
I agee w/ Mike as usual on this one. I wear my olive Dries velvet blazer w/ distressed jeans (usually my Rogans) and a pair of antiqued Bastianelli or Ann Demeulemeester boots... sometimes even my driving mocs. Pete
Helmut's are quite thin in the thighs. I own several pairs and love them, but I am quite skinny. I wear a 29 or 30 in Helmut and find their fit to be slim, but perfect for me. I wear a 28-29 in PDC and the same in Seven if this helps. Pete
If you like it, do it.... I wear brown shoes (Purple Label monkstraps and Bastianelli antiqued boots w/ black/ charcoal) all the time and get a ton of complements on it. Pete
I use Helmut Lang Cuiron from the Helmut Lang fragrance store in NYC. I also use Comme Des Garcons 2 in the summer. They're both fresh, unique and interesting... not overpowering. I never smell like others as well
Not quite as extreme as dior homme. I think Helmut's right on w/ Prada, Miu Miu... They are on the smaller end of the spectrum. I'm not sure i'm helping much with my description. Let see. I am a Helmut Paul Smith, Dolce, Helmut 38 in suits and a 40 in Dior Homme blazers. I recommend trying it on and feel it out yourself. Sizing is very personal.
Alot slimmer than Comme Des (Japanese tend to cut bigger to allow the clothes movement and drape). Costume is fairly similar. It's quite nice in quality. I have basics that I've had for years from Helmut. Suits are beautiful for a slim guy like me. I wear this a Dior Homme for the best fit. The jeans are a great staple in your wardrobe.
I got a Paul Smith Wallet for Christmas and LOVE it. It's a black outer w/ a print of his signature striped vintage mini-cooper on the inside. It suits me well, being a vintage car and Paul Smith fan. Nicely made, good leather and a bit o fun
My tastes are quite similar. I'm either rugged (Varvatos and Ann Dem.) or really Sleek (Paul Smith Chelsea). I, personally, do not have cowboy boots and probably won't be getting any.... They can look cool in the right way though.
See Helmut lang's new S/S 04 boot collection for extreme examples. An interesting variation. Not too cowboy and i'm not sure if I could pull em off, but interesting.... Pete Helmut Lang boots
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