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Registered and didn't win... anyone have a code? Pete
For an interview in most fields, I'd stick w/ solid.... I interviewed in entertainment and was able to wear pinstripes. I'd go w/ a single breasted 3-button, ticket pocket, dual vents, flap pockets in solid navy. 2 is more classic, but 3 is good for suits w/ ticket pockets. Pete
FYI-Sander suits don't even start below $1300 these days unless you get a deconstructed casual cotton number. The dollar isn't worth anything at retail...
A quick answer.... I just matters why I'm going out and what season it is. Hitting a night at a standard club I'll wear Jeans (Usually Rogan, PDC or Helmut), a pair of dress boots (varvatos or bastianelli) or loafers (favorites right now are brown miu miu's, black suede Costume National and white Prada drivers), a dress shirt and a blazer (usualy a navy pinstripe cotton Margiela or olive green velvet dries van noten blazer). That's a pretty normal outfit for me. If it's a...
Thanks LA Guy, They sound right up my alley for work and such... I may grab one to try. Pete
LA Guy, How do Barba shirts fit? I've seen some ebay ones that I love, but I'm slim (love Jil, Helmut, dior fit) and would like a good fitting selection of shirts for business attire. Pete
I think you'll like it... I have a Jil Sander military cord jacket from 2001 I spent alot more than that on and I just wear it a TON- I don't feel bad spending that if I wear it alot. I think you'll find the fit very nice and you'll wear a jacket more often than a particular shirt. Pete
I like a mix of modern (not contemporary) and classics... A with High Roller, my taste for clean lines and hard materials can be a bit starck (no pun intended).... It's quite like my fashion sense. I love Dior Homme's architectural lines and the minimalism of Helmut Lang which I like to translate to my living space. I need to furnish a studio apartment this summer from scratch... except for my Vernor Panton chair and my Wassily I love. I like the classic modern designers,...
I am a member... mostly lurk around. It's a great board though... Pete
yeah... I've noticed that vibe over on the Dior MSN board. I love strip, but the only piece I really want is the leather vest. Next winter, i'm all about the fur collared shearling vest and more casual pieces. To each their own I guess. I've got enough "going 'out" Dior pieces...
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