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I'm young and usually get my share of snobbiness in stores like that, especially uptown. It also looks way out of my budget, but I think I could handle the sales. In SoHo, I just like to relax and lose the Madison Ave. vibe... I'm going to pop into SoHo store soon though. BTW-Bergdorff went to second markdown. Bought a tie and two shirts today for under $100 a piece (Etro- originally $290 for $99) and a Garrick Anderson (British) for Bergdorff at $89). Slim pickins, but...
What blows my mind are the beautiful spread collar shirts. The colors and patterns are amazing. I gawk at the windows but haven't walked in... I will this week now. Pete
I'd be all about Caliban, but I have had plans for Thurday evening for about a week. Meeting some friends I haven't seen in a LONG time. Next week anyone?
Keep me posted... I'm in NYC as well. Pete
Gonna have to go w/ LA Guy on this one... I don't shop there alot, but the Chicago Jil Sander has wonderful service and always treats me Very well. No locked doors and I get phone calls about the pre-sales as well as lookbooks each season from Jef in Chicago. This for someone who's only bought a tie and a pair of shoes. I have a Jil 2-button suit from Barney's that is of impeccable quality... good lapel roll, canvased, great modern cut and very nice fabric. Nothing but...
Hang on to them for a few more months.... Why? Jordache is reinventing the label in the fall w/ new cuts at very select denim stores like atrium in NYC and fred segal in LA. Limited and expensive. I'm sure there will be a small vintage resurgence for em.... I'd call a good vintage store like What comes around goes around in NYC and sell the whole batch. You could surely get at least 20$ a pair. are the rises super high? Pete
Mike... Love your ideas. May I suugest a handful of great pocket squares (both linen and silk) to add a flash of fun to the suits. A distinguished pair of Chelsea boots may be great as well. Also, be sure to check out Richard James ties at Barney's for rich color and pattern. All the best, Pete
Just bought a pair of Cloak pants today... in NYC interviewing. You can find Cloak at "A" on Crosby just South of Broadway in NYC (best avant garde designer store in NYC... Carpe Diem, Demeulemeester, Raf Simons, Les Hommes, Carol Christian Poell, Cloak...). Also at Opening Ceremony at 35 Howard (take right at the end of Crosby in Soho/Chinatown). Check it out Mike. Pete
By far . . . Massimo Bizzochi of Kiton fame. Gorgeous woven prints and the best knots always.
Registered and didn't win... anyone have a code? Pete
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