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Thanks LA Guy- This is a deconstructed classic design... I love it. Is he a relatively small designer. Is his stuff made in Italy like my tag says? Best, Pete
Margiela sounds like it may be the one... The inside pockets got the white label with circle. plain silver strip on inside collar area. Whoever it is, it's amazing. Pricy, but this is a staple in my wardrobe now. Is this quality stuff? Thanks for your help everyone, Pete
Well, I had my eye on this blazer at Barney's last time I was there, so I called up my salesmen Ray in Chicago and he shipped it to me. It is Navy cotton w/ white/silverish pinstripes and is perfect for jeans. It's casual, but can definately be spiced up. Anyway, I wanted to know who the designer is... There is nothing but a silver strip of cloth in the usual neck label area and the inside pocket area doesn't have a name, but a white tab w/ size/made in Italy tag. Even the...
Alright... You guys have me jonesin to check out some thrift shops in my town. Any rules of thrift shopping or some good tips? Brands to watch out for outside the usual greats? Thanks, Pete
I bought three of their shirts at Barney's in NYC this summer... also, Barney's in Chicago had a wall of their stuff recently. Sorry I don't have any more sources. I swear I shop other places but Barney's was a great source for Blue Marlin. Great casual stuff... Pete
Very cool shirt... I was at Barney's in Chi-town last week and they didn't have 'em, but the Barney's in NYC is much bigger, sooo..... Sorry I can't help. I did run into Christy Turlington shooting a commercial for "NARS" make-up there though. hehe. . . fun stuff. Pete
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