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Very nice article... Congrats. It's always great to see someone doing well at what they love.
Bagutta on Greene just down from Cafe Cafe about 6 weeks ago. They have the deepest discounts at sale time. Last season I snagged an all black 100% cashmere, slim lapelled two- button dior overcoat at 70% off as well. I think there sale is dwindled immensely if not over like much of the city.
Dior Homme does command a premium. That's still alot for a denim vest, but I think you could make a bit flipping them. I just snagged a pair of raw denim jeans for $120 on 70% markdown. Ebay prices are many times higher than great sale scores on Dior because you can't find it everywhere.
Thanks just ordered one.
TCN... I'm very interested in your steamer. Can you get us details on it (mfr.). Thank you. Pete
Tha jacket's Comme des Garcon shirt by Junya. Sorry for the confusion. Peter
I think they size women's smaller (ie marked 26, but fit a 28-29) for psychological purposes... purely my own take on it
Straight diagonals are much more casual. I use em w/ jeans and definately not w/ a suit and tie (save the diags for your rep ties.). Check out my post in your favorite clothes section if you want to see my favorite wide-striped shirt by Etro. I like them, but they are beginning to be overdone in the mass market. Peter
Here's my attempt w/ a few favorites: Raw Dior Homme skinny jeans Grey wool w/ cotton insert Comme Des Garcons jacket Etro Striped Shirt Black Les Hommes shirt with placket deconstructed details Black Costume National dual monk strap shoes White vintage German military trainers- made by Adidas in the 70's (Dior Homme copied this design this season)
Quote: On my only visit to the Vacca store at the corner of Broome and West Broadway, I was trying on a brown suede belt reduced to $280 when my wife walked in. 'Nuff said. The staff was very pleasant but I was only half-serious at that price. Unless you are as fortunate as Lance, I'd go alone if I wanted to make a purchase. Try the great brunch at the Cupping Room right across Broome Street from Vacca. That's the real hint I wanted to give. Cupping...
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