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Amen Shirtmaven... Though the prices in SoHo sure rival Madison anymore. I barely go above 23rd, except to Barney's and to drewl at Chrome Hearts. To each their own.
Love the second pic's cut. What are your price ranges for blazers as shown? Thanks, P
Everyone needs to move to lower Manhattan... get a walkup apt in a prewar building and carry your groceries.
I work in a very casual office. Not business casual in the sense that people around me dress fashionably because of the industry i'm surrounded in (artists, fashion people). Even the president of the division wears jeans, boots and a sport coat regularly. Never suits. I like it, but people always look clean and dress to their individual style. No khaki and blue dress shoes at the office ever. Pretty good spot.
I wouldn't take the time to post if I wasn't for real. Not enough free time to be full of sh**.
GQ forum at the very beginning... Been here ever since and at for my modern designer runway fix. Pete
I think you can find Calvin and Michael at Macy's- too much of a zoo for my tastes. Go to Barneys for Vestimenta- the soon to be fiance should love it as well. Pete
I like the PDC and Dior Homme. I have a pair of Sevens and the a** is slouchy... Helmut Lang is great too. Get em skinny.
I've got a huge wardrobe for a 22 year old, but only have seven ties. 2 are skinny (prada and Jil Sander) to match my skinny lapelled suit. The others are classic. BTW... Domenico Vacca has 9 and 7-folds on sale for $130. Dad bought two when he was in town.
Riddle is great. My great friend gets all his shirts done there. He's pushing two-dozen. Gorgeous. I need to try it when I get back to IL. Funny... I find a great custom shirt maker after I move to NYC. Pete
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