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Price dropped!
Bump, price dropped.
I went to Harrolds in Australia. They had faux leather jeans, Leather Leopard Jacket, and I can't remember what else. Leather was thick. Jeans I mistook for leather at glance, but once I felt them I realised they were fake. 
Hey sorry been busy. It wasn't that good. Australia is pretty crap for luxury fashion. They had like, nothing. Well, except for the red jeans...I think SLP fits me better. 
Hi guys,  just wondering how do the t-shirts from SLP fit? I have one but not sure if its authentic. So I'm not basing my purchases of that. Like if I'm usually an S, should I go TTS or go up? 
Dior Homme jeans from SS14. Pre-owned, but not worn many times, still have tags. Similar to waxing moon, etc. Hand applied wax. Asking $490 or best offer. It may be a 27, but there is stretch in it and fits 27-29. I myself am a 29.    Now asking for $450.
Dior Homme Rack Rail 17.5cm SZ 29. New with tags. Fits kind of like a 28. Asking for $540. Very high quality denim, thick stuff. Extreme detail, as expected from Dior. Paypal please.   Price dropped to $500.
@Distorbiant Calm down. u mad?
I know right. The normal five jacket is better. But I still like Christian DADA.  
You can't go wrong with a simple T-shirt and Jean combo. For your build I'd say slim fit is best. Not skinny, but slim. So 19cm hem builds. As for your hairstyle, definitely change it, hair can make a HUGE difference. You said your hair gets curly, perhaps try something along the lines of this.   Im not sure about your face proportions and everything, because hair works that way depending on your facial structure. However, if you want the chiselled look, which I don't...
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