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Hi all, I apologize if this question has been answered and beaten to death elsewhere, but there seems to be varying opinions and I'm still a bit confused. How does the Leydon last (e.g. in the unlined suede chukkas) compare to the Barrie last (in the various calf and shell LWB)? My starter Alden collection consists of 3 calf LWB, 1 suede LWB, 1 shell LWB, 1 shell captoe boot, and 1 suede unlined blucher, all of them in the Barrie last. They're all 8Ds and I'm pleased with...
@hoit1981: CONGRATS!!!  
Hi All, Been a big fan of Styleforum for a while now; tons of valuable tips, reviews and opinions here.  Came to love Alden shoes as a result of this forum and its members, so a big Thank You.  Thought I'd share some photos of the ones I've acquired over the last couple of years.  There are several models that are still on my want-list: shell penny loafer and the infamous Indy boot to name a couple.  Currently debating over the lined shell penny (e.g. from Shoemart or...
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