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Thanks! It looks pretty good.
Hi all,   I'm about to order a suit from Suitsupply online to give it a try, but I can't find any info on the website on packaging. I've never ordered a suit online before, and if someone here can comment on how the suits are packaged and in what condition they're usually delivered (minor creases... bad ones?) that would be helpful. Thanks
Azumi: OK, in that case it's really a matter of personal preference then. I guess Suede would be more difficult to clean if it's muddy, that's all. And dainite soles can be slippery on wet ground, especially on rock, but not a big issue if you're careful. 
  Not knowing exactly what kind of outdoor activities you have in mind, I would say grain leather as it is easier to clean. For proper outdoors I would go with a technical shoe with a gore-tex membrane.
What would you call the shade of blue Montezemolo is wearing on this pic? I've been looking at shades of blue on wikipedia but the difference between some of these shades are fairly subtle, and the page is not well organized to allow for comparisons. If someone knows a good source for identifying colors that would be helpful too. Thanks.  
I have a pair of chukka boots with a crepe rubber sole. The stitching is visible underfoot. Not sure the stitching could be hidden in a crepe sole though.
Thanks AdamWill. Great example, hilarious. I guess when I'll travel to England I'll either leave my hat at home or make sure to ask an English acquaintance of mine which character I am impersonating.
Great thread. I'm new to hats, and was wondering about an earlier post mentioning hat styles may have certain class or family background connotations in England. I don't live there, but I'm just interested. Can someone point me to some information about that? Thanks.
Sounds like a nice trip. I've never visited Slovenia but it's on my list.
Just picked up my park avenues from the Cobbler's. After a few wearings, it looked like the sole was using up way too fast at the toe. Should be fixed with those toe taps.  
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