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My friends, this thread is dying. Thanks to all of you for your contribution to realizing my grand vision. The road for the sartorial villain is never ending.
I have a French accent. Is that good or bad?
I like it, and it's actually doable. So Mads Mikkelsen is the go to guy for a well dressed villain, it seems.
Very true. I am 6'1 for 170lbs, graying hair on the sides but not too old looking either, so I guess it's not all bad. People tend to see me as a nice guy though, it's very frustrating. I probably need to work on the attitude.
I thought about the eyepatch but my two eyes are still good unfortunately.
My suits and jackets are mostly a mix of Zegna, Caruso, Baldessarini and a few other things. I suppose I could go up a step in quality but I think it's just as much a matter of style. Some suggested earlier to look at Tom Ford or some of the Savile row tailors for inspiration, which I will be looking into.
Yes, the risk of looking like a clown is pretty high with many of the suggestions in this thread and your word of caution applies throughout. But I like the oxblood captoe idea. The black and red (and white) is a tried and true combination indeed. A very dark charcoal could work if I wanted to avoid black but I suppose looking like a villain involves breaking free of conventions.
I can definitely picture that. Except perhaps the yellow tie, I don't know. I usually frown a lot and it does make people uncomfortable.
Some good ideas here, the glasses and leather overcoat. Obviously I can't look completely insane at work, but I will take inspiration. Overcoats help in a big way I think. I can think of two examples of guys I have seen wearing leather overcoats in a work context. One was terrible but the other was good. The first one is a guy in his late 20s with your typical gestapo overcoat and a fashionably 1930s haircut with very short sides and long top - not sure what it's called....
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