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For me, with EMS packages the postal worker has always left a package slip, requiring a signature for pick up at the PO. The thing with that is they only hold it for a 2-3 weeks before returning it to sender.
Oh man, wow. Edit: thank you for the mini-update/replies.
Just curious, when is the last time anyone received a reply from Charly? I sent him an email a few days ago.I would not be surprised if he stepped away from TOJ at some point. Wasn't it years ago he stepped away for a bit, only to be brought back by Drew when order volume permitted?
Correct. The guy never claimed to invent motos, riders, bombers, or varsities, which would be ridiculous. But he did note it was odd to see the HoB guy start offering identical products (I think the example was the reversible varsity from 2009 or 2010).Either way, personally that CS/HoB stuff always seemed overpriced and over the top with questionable execution. To each their own, I guess.
Hopefully that TOJ0 tracking is the first of many.. It would make sense for the guy to send out a grip of jackets/tracking before stopping by with his anticipated update. Seems like a scramble move, but it'd be the only thing to calm the villagers, really. So did anyone send the spreadsheet guy a fruit basket yet? And was that really a plea to limit unnecessary posts? I'm sure it will be apparent whenever he posts, as it usually is.
This is entirely spot on.This thread's a trip. If there isn't a guy running around hysterically posting one of four replies there's guys overanalyzing vague sentences. Pass the wait time however you'd like I guess.
lulz, small world. That was me.I was there with my lady's family.It's not quite brand new (last summer), but I really only get to rock TOJ on Sat/Sun--haven't got to break it in as much as I'd like. That, and just got a whiskey calf MDR last month. I don't foresee the Moto getting much burn.
New Posts  All Forums: