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I say wear them a few times before thinking about hemming. They are going to stack a lot more behind the knees once they settle in, and that will make them seem shorter. Just give them a cuff or two, wear them and then decide.
Bit of an old post but I just got a pair of 484 raw selvedge jeans in the mail and I know I am going to get flamed for saying this but they are nicer quality than my  APC PS. I think just the finish quality on the stitching is way more consistent and better than the APC jeans. Fit is just like Levis 511, I have no experience with the Levis MC.      I bought them a month ago when they were 25% off, and they just now came in stock. So if you wait until they are 25%...
I'm in bad need of a cool blazer I can wear either to work or out to a nice dinner with a lady person.    Should I or Shouldn't I buy this Shipley and Halmos blazer and have it tailored real trim.    http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/shipley-halmos-cotton-blazer/3394013?siteId=J84DHJLQkR4-MBo_A8FzX7ttmtzTndGOKw   Or possibly this Jcrew and also have it tailored real...
Alright, I returned the weird button stance Theory blazerand picked up this Shipley and Halmos blazer for the spring/ summer. What do you guys think keep or take back? Have it tailor slimmer at all? What to wear it with? Does it look weird with the tan jeans? Possibly pair with slim navy trowsers and a white shirt, top button buttoned?             
Should I keep this sports jacket or take it back? I just picked it up for wearing to work and out at night. The fit is better off the rack than any other sports jacket I have ever tried on, though I can't tell if the button stance is weird or not.             
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