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Hi everyone, hoping you all can help me out. I recently purchased a suit at a store that specializes in made to measure suits. I work in a very conservative profession, so I asked for a traditional, conservative fit to the suit. I just picked up the suit and am not sure that I got what I asked for. The salesman at the store is emphatic that the suit fits exactly as it is supposed to and that it looks fantastic. I think it looks pretty terrible. However, I have never...
  Sorry, the label is a little fuzzy.  
Wondering if someone can help me, found this suit at dillards and can't figure out whether it is full or half canvassed. It was on sale for $523, so a good deal or not so great depending. The model says w188, but it says legacy elsewhere on the label. I'll try and figure out how to post a picture of the label.
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