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I totally get what you're saying, and I agree.I find it weird that they don't see a crack in the front leg though. Maybe it's not a "crack" but it certainly looks like it. Anyway, I appreciate the feedback. I figured you knew more about it than me, and that's why I asked here.
What is rustic grade? The walnut wood is really nice on most of the chair but you can tell where they cut corners.
Honestly, I'm not worried about the scarf jointing too much but it's weird how they decided to use such light wood so it's painfully obvious. At first I thought it was walnut sapwood but now looking at it, it doesn't look like walnut at all. The thing that bothers me most is the blemish that looks like a crack. Anyway, thanks for your input. Maybe I'm just too anal retentive!
Like I said before, I was only using the credit that was offered. I didn't buy this chair.I asked if the splinter was noticeable to anyone else, since it was to me and thought I'd get some opinions on the splinter specifically, not the redundant "stop buying fakes". Cheers
Trust me, I feel you.  I was just using my credit, so I could be done with the whole situation.  
In the first photo, you can see that they tried to stain over the obvious scarf joint.  The second photo, there is no stain on the light wood.  Third photo is the splinter.  Not sure what it is, it isn't a crack.  But it's ugly and that's the first thing I notice when I look at the chair.  I have sent Victor numerous photos of this splinter and he says he can't see it.  Please, someone tell me they can see it?  I feel like I'm going crazy over here.  :/
So, I am totally resurrecting an old thread and my question isn't Eames lounge chair related but it is about the company that I bought my chair from. Not sure what my last update on the replacement cushion was, but I now have 3 replacement cushions that don't work for my chair. The last replacement cushion they special ordered with the closest leather to what I have. It took a few months and when I finally received it, it had a 2in blemish right in the center of the...
Yeah, I'm still waiting on a warranty issue. All that happened was a button popped off but they're sending me a new cushion. Otherwise, the chair has held up great. Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability.
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