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My favorite is the Oculus. Gorgeous, but the price tag is high. I think I'm going to go with "vintage" since the price is so much more reasonable. I will let you know what I find. Craigslist has been tough since everyone apparently knows what they have. I live near Seattle, I'm thinking that's why.
Although, this DUX chair is pretty awesome.
II'm not so sure. The only danish chairs I find are the teak arm chairs with hand-woven caning. They are beautiful, but they're not "loungey".
I personally find that chair to be ugly. It reminds me of the Ikea Poang chair.If there were an original chair that was as sexy and inviting as the Eames lounge chair and had a price tag of $1100, then I would have it in my living room. Anyway, in all honesty, I probably will replace the chair with the real thing. For some reason, I have been getting lucky in my danish furniture searching. If I find a piece that doesn't quite fit anywhere in my place, I sell it and make...
No, I don't mind having a fake, honestly. If I had a little more money and financially could justify spending the extra few thousand on a chair, then I would buy the genuine thing. But I'm not rich, and the Rove Concepts chair was closest to real in terms of specs. I mean, it really is a good replica. I'm so glad I got it before they changed the quality of leather and "dimensions". I have slowly been filling my home with danish teak furniture, so I know what quality...
I'm curious as to why the Sayl has a much longer warranty period, beings that the Sayl is about a tenth of what the Eames lounge chair is pricewise.
You would.
Update on Rove Concepts chair: A button on the seat cushion popped off so I contacted the company and they let me know they would be contacting the supplier to get me a new cushion. Stellar customer service, right? Well, that was like 6 months ago, and I finally got the replacement cushion. After a month of waiting, I was told the the leather color had changed and they weren't able to provide me with a replacement, but they could pay for someone to fix the broken button...
Haaaaaaaa! That was a good laugh.
Yeah, I've given up. When I lived in Spokane, I noticed that there are a lot of old people that don't know what they have. I had really good luck on CL back then. I would buy the dresser, credenza, side table, etc. for cheap and then I would strip it down to bare wood and sand and rub it down with teak oil. Then I would post it back on CL a week later and sell it for a nice profit.I thought by moving closer to Seattle that I would have even better luck. NOT. :/
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