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Yeah, I'm still waiting on a warranty issue. All that happened was a button popped off but they're sending me a new cushion. Otherwise, the chair has held up great. Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability.
How about I just mail them to you, they fit in an envelope. PM me your address. I told you before, I don't know a ton about leather, but my personal preference is the Modena. The Prima feels strange to me, like vinyl-y. It's obviously top grain leather because you can see the pores but it's just not as soft.
Actually, the Edelman and Modena black have the same pleasant smell. Thanks for schooling me though. And if you're not interested in getting a sample of the Modena Black from rove concepts, don't try to give your opinion of a low quality photo. The Modena black is aesthetically better than the Spinneybeck. If you want to argue that, then get the samples for yourself.
One more thing, the Modena samples have this amazing leather smell to them. It's that classic unique leather smell. But the spinneybeck sample doesn't really have a smell, which is odd.
Yeah, it's hard to tell in the photos I took since they are low def. The prima has no sheen to it and that may be the look they were going for, I'm not sure. But the sample is dry and not very soft. Maybe the sample they sent me was not a good representation. But again, I urge you to request one from Rove and one from Spinneybeck. Very interested to see if they would be consistent with what I received. Also, the Edelman sample I received was very thick, so maybe...
Again, you have nothing to lose by requesting samples and your input would definitely contribute to this thread.
Here is a photo, but photos just don't do it justice. The Modena sample is supple and has beautiful grain, while the spinneybeck is dry and sad. Also, the underside of the leather on the spinneybeck is more of a dark gray than a black. The Modena dye seems like a better aniline dye to me. Here are a couple pics:
Twistoffat, I didn't say I was taking a stand. On another note, I received the Spinneybeck Prima sample and I'm going to be honest, it was nothing to call home about. It's thin and not shiny and just not luxurious feeling like I was expecting. Anyway, I will post pics, but I would really suggest that you guys request samples of Rove's Modena black and then one of the black prima, so you can feel them yourself. I am not a leather expert, but I like the Rove sample...
Huh? Lol
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