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Is anyone able to fit a 17 inch laptop into their 257? I've got a 15.6 that fits perfectly but I need a new one, and I'm worried a 17.3 won't fit.
I've been thinking about going for the regular fit OCBDs because the slim fit XS is just a touch too small in the chest, shoulders, and a little too slim in the body, and I would prefer not sizing up to a small. People have warned me that the regular fit has a box pleat however; would y'all recommend it anyways, or should I look elsewhere for another shot at some oxfords?
Okay, I've received my 257...pardon my idiocy, but which pocket is the laptop sleeve? The large one in the middle? I hope so, as my laptop ( cannot fit into the side pockets in the bag's interior
  Awesome, thanks for the heads up. I suppose it'd be better to have too much space than not enough.
I'm receiving a Filson bag as a graduation present to use in college, and I'm unsure of which size to go for: the 256 or 257. I'll be carrying a 15.6" laptop and its charger, most likely with at least 1 textbook and maybe a water bottle. I like the sleek size of the 256, but I'm unsure about if it's actually enough to carry everything. Anybody have some thoughts or advice to make the decision easier?
yes, thats what they are. Green, but I'm a style newbie. I think I'm just thrown off by the texture of the material.
Hey guys, I picked up this pair of Rivets a couple weeks ago and I'm unsure of how to wear them. The fabric seems a bit more than casual but the design itself is pretty casual with the D-ring and the cut. I haven't seen much of these online, so there's not much I can glean from them. Anyone have any advice?
Do the rivet chinos fit true to size? If I'm a size 30 for most trousers, I'll want a size 30 in the rivets, correct?
I'm trying to figure out what size I should get in nyco slims. My 30 x 30 JCrew 484 chinos fit great, so what size would I go for in the waist?
This may or may not be the right thread for this, but I got these in XS a few weeks ago, only worn them once or twice due to what I think is a sizing issue, but it may be just me. It's extremely slimming on me, and I can't tell if it's too slim. The arm length is great, the length is fine; the problem lies in the shoulders, which are a touch too narrow and the pit area rubs into my arm pits because there isn't much room. Should I go for a normal size XS or upgrade to a...
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