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G&G loafers on the Deco last. The second test pair looks promising.
Mine are shipping next week, so perhaps some photos from Luxire will pop up here.
Mine shrunk 4 cm (1.57 inches) in length after washing for the first time. Haven't heard anyone else complain about shrinkage, though.
Good eye! Yes, I asked for 0.25 smaller shoulder measurement for the white shirt, and the yoke is 0.25 inches smaller too. But I'm thinking just the smaller yoke is enough. Now that you mention it, wider hip measurement does seem to alleviate the diagonal lines, though not completely. I can see it in some of my earlier shirts that have wider hip-measurements. I think there will always be some lines, especially if your posture is erect.
I need some advice before providing measurements for my latest order.   Is the waist too small on these shirts? I have a 31 inch waist, and the waist-measurement on these is 18 (36) inches. Also, is the yoke too small on the white shirt? And are the diagonal lines from my pecs downward a symptom of bad fit, or just a natural result of prominent pecs? I'm struggling to get a nice V-shape in my shirts since I have small shoulders and relatively wide hips. Is there...
Thanks! Semi-spread or NOBD 1 should work for polos, right?
What's a good collar for a short-sleeved pullover pique/polo?
Is the Linen off-white heavy vintage trouser see-through enough to warrant a lining?
Do the piques stretch? That is, should we provide smaller measurements for piques than for shirts?
Digging this Havana. Anyone have pictures or can comment on the texture and colour?  
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