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I'm sure autocorrect kicked in. Jacket looks great.
Update on the test loafers. This is my second test pair in navy suede. Thanks to the helpful suggestions from @emptym, the last is slightly longer and pointier, more closely resembling the G&G Deco last it is based on. Also added the small detail of the "dog tail flap" at the heel. The fit is basically perfect now. There is no pressure on the toes, yet the whole shoe seems to fit more snugly so as to prevent heel slip. Very comfortable both with and without socks. In...
Those look like my second test pair! Last looks much more attractive.
I was told that there is "no guarantee that it will be long lasting as it is meant for testing only." They seem fully functional to me, so I haven't decided if I'll use them outside or just as classy slippers. Either way I feel like I got two pairs for the price of one.
Thanks for this! I had trouble phrasing exactly what I wanted, but this was spot on. Will use your suggestions in my e-mail to Luxire.
Got the test pair today. I asked them to be based on the G&G loafers on the Deco last. Will write a more complete review once the proper pair gets here, but first impressions: The shoes feel amazing. Just a tiny bit tight in the front, but there is no heel slip, which is so crucial for loafers. I can even wear them without socks. Really well done for a first try. The leather feels soft, and is right up there with my C&J. They nailed the styling and the hidden channel...
 Thanks for the picture, can't wait to try them on! I see the colour isn't what I expected (rusting-red-brown), but I'm guessing it is because it is a test pair?
It is the test pair. From what I understand, I get to keep the first iteration, but it's not really meant to be used.
My promotional bespoke shoes shipped today. Very excited!
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