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@Luxire, would it be feasible for you to manufacture leather gloves as well? Any estimate of cost? 
If crossing the wide end at the very beginning doesn't count, then once. Hadn't really occurred to me that four-in-hands can be wrapped twice, doesn't it stop being a four-in-hand then? Good point about the collar. Thanks again for the thorough reply. You know at the end when you put the wide end through the knot? If you keep pulling it down you can tighten the knot at the expense of fullness in the knot because you're essentially moving fabric from the knot to lengthen...
Thanks for the replies. Here are some pictures to show what I mean, all grenadine with four-in-hand. Perhaps I'm pulling the wide end too much? I usually pull the wide end to get the appropriate length after the knot and dimple is made , is that a bad idea? Or perhaps I'm tightening with the small end too much?  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
Impressed by the purity of this cotton.
What size tie knot so you guys specify for David to make when you order? I specify medium sized knots, but they don't end up as big and luxurious as the pictures posted here. Is it just my technique or do you specify 'large knot'?
You could always order and e-mail them measurements later.
Do we send an e-mail, or what would be the best way to do this? There was another shirt I would have liked to have ordered.
I just said they can put it on the short ends, and preferably have the D-rings be detachable so I can (re)move them at will. So number 4 I guess on your overview.
I couldn't decide so I got both. The one I don't keep will make a very nice Christmas present. You can ask for a D-ring and matching shoulder strap. Remember to specify where you want it.
Isn't it just on the zipper you can decide colour? That's what it looks like from the product description.
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