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I think he's referring to the fact that the La Spalla is not a true 3-button jacket, but a 2.5 button jacket: http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/glossary-2.5-button-jacket.html   Live and learn. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Congratulations on your wedding.
Good idea shading the overhang like that. The heel was a nightmare to get right for me. Went through 20-30 sheets. I thought about marking where my feet touch the ground, but then I realised my arches raised, so it's hard to draw. I hope you don't need it @Luxire?
Received the holdall bags from Black Friday this week. At the time, I couldn't decide, so I ordered both. I'm glad I did. I did not ask for anything in particular except for detachable D-rings at the short ends. The results were impressive:   Carefully shipped with Indian newspapers inside so the bag retains its shape.   Matching detachable D-ring strap on the short ends.   First impressions, the wool feels thick and makes the bag feel heavy. I like that....
Why not both? A pair that show where the feet contact the ground and a pair that is perpendicular. Seems like an easy way to provide more information about the shape of the foot.   Edit: Actually, I tried angling the pen, but it doesn't really work for the arch as mine is barely in contact with the ground. But it should provide information about the rest of the foot.
Very curious of this myself. Seems like it would change the size by a fair bit if done one way or the other.
And my axe!   Offer still seems to be available though.
Sent an e-mail asking for fit advice on January 21, still no answer.
Haven't seen many Copenhagens around here, so here's one from the outlet. Pleasantly surprised with it, starting to feel it's an underrated fit. Linen/Cotton mix is lovely.  
Considering signing up for the Sashiko. Never ordered a jacket from Luxire before, do you guys use the same measurements as with sports coats? If it ends up fitting really well, can the measurements be reverse-engineered to a well fitting sports coat?
Turns out nothing has changed with regard to shipping, and my local Customs is likely to blame for the unpleasant surprise.
New Posts  All Forums: