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This is the Dark Indigo Denim Chambray, with a button down collar by Broke and Bespoke. The collar is listed in the collar spreadsheet. I love the collar roll and how the buttons contrast with the dark indigo.  [[SPOILER]]
Good catch! There is indeed some collar gap when I don't pull the jacket down, it seems to ride up when lifting my arms, though it's not egregious. Regarding the left shoulder, do you mean the wrinkling on the back? I believe this is just a random wrinkle in this picture, I don't seem to have it in other pictures. Same size, 48.
As some of you may remember, I had trouble with the Havana because of small shoulders and wide hips. I feel the Hudson is much better, and the longer sleeves are not as much of a problem as I feared. Pretty happy with it.   [[SPOILER]]  Ignore the colour coordination and trouser break, I'm wearing trousers that are tighter in the hips to prevent hip-flare.
Natural shoulders look great if you have broad shoulders and an athletic build. I have small shoulders and prominent clavicles, so natural shoulders give me an hourglass look and bumps in the shoulders. I probably need padding to look good. Compare the burgundy Havana to the tweed jacket I already own. Admittedly, the tweed is slightly too large in the shoulders, but the padding makes me look much better.  [[SPOILER]]
Same here, though I found the colours on the website accurate. Personally, I just realised there would never be an occasion where I would pick a brown suit over my navy York. That and the Havana cut just looks bad on me.
I like it a lot. If you have broad shoulders, however, the Napoli will probably fit you better. The York is a conservative (dark) navy, but it's still obvious that it's navy. Order both and keep the one you like best. That's what I did.
Is the cut very different from Havana? I noticed measurements for Hudson and Havana are identical, apart from slightly longer sleeves in the Hudson. Unfortunately, the sleeves are already too long for me in my size Havana. But if the cut if different, I might give the Hudson a chance.
Happy to hear that. I ordered one yesterday, as well as the brown wool bomber jacket. Might post some pictures if the image quality is decent. 
I trust my own judgement on this, but I'm curious what you guys make of the Havana Burgundy Three-Piece? I think it looks great, more brown than red, and I figure It'll make a great sports coat if it doesn't work as a suit.
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