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Bottom half is SLP, I love this denim wash
tried on the bikers, size 30. Decided to buy them.
Barneys had them on sale for $400, which is about 40% off. Very happy with them 
From the barneys sale, these are gorgeous
My two most recent pickups that came in yesterday and today 
KVA icarus from tres bien little bulky in pics but not so much so in person
I also bought this field jacket recently in a size 50, unfortunately the sleeves were too long on me and I decided to return it. Size 48 wouldve been perfect.
17.5 SLP w/ black/blue SL/10H the other SL/10H I own
I wouldnt say they are like having flyknits on your feet or anything but they arent UNcomfortable by any means. I didnt have any problem wearing them for an extended period of time. I only have a really crappy pic from a while ago out and about   ssense models have a couple of looks while wearing them though
I sized down 1 on my pair
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