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Actually was hoping for cashmere. But I must say those wool winter special orders look nice.Do you have any of them in 4/6 fold and care to comment/post some pics?
Does anyone know if Vanda ever produce cashmere or cashmere/wool ties?
I used to be an ESL teacher, my wife is Japanese and I have many friends for whom English is not their native tongue. As A result I have a lot of experience with people who cannot speak English well and I it touches a raw nerve with me when people are mocked for their attempt to speak another language.Regardless. This is styleforum. A place where men discuss classic menswear. I may be wrong but I presumed the average forumite would be a young to middle aged professional....
Pretty much.I take additional offence at the fact that it being made in a different forum, in relation to a question about a different brand of tie, and is made by a guy who seems to purposely write like my 11 year old cousin. His response was also pretty much on par with  junior high schooler.
Why be such a dick?
"Some"  I really like the bottom middle and the one at the far back. Any chance you know the ref for those fabrics? That green floral is pretty sweet too.
If you follow one of the million add links around here to the hangar project the have a very comprehensive guide to shoeshining and the use for all their different products. That's how I taught myself. They only sell sapphir though so starting out with their gear will be pretty pricey.http://www.hangerproject.com/shoe-care-guide/basic-shoe-care-guide/There you go
Well to stir things a little more. I had some serious issues with the fit of my PJ suit. They did go quite a fair way to fix it as best they could but in the end I was told that there was no way they could fix it to give me a perfect fit and if I wanted to do that I would have to see a "bespoke" tailor.
Ah thanks. My shoulders are uneven. The annoying thing is each tailor I've seen has assured me this is not a problem as they can fix for me. Then of course when the shoulders look weird they say it isn't their fault I have weird shoulders and I should go full bespoke if I really want it fixed.I didn't realize this issue was sir to the shoulders though as it doesn't show up until I wear the suit a few times
What is causing all my suit lapels to do this? This is actually the least pronounced I think. My other 2 suits are significantly worse.
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