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@dieworkwear I agree with your points that his explanations sound like marketing hype over actual knowledge. IMHO he is likely a good salesman with a love for old style ties and fabrics. I don't think he has much real knowledge on dating fabrics but before he hit the SF big time it probably didn't matter. He probably finds vendors selling silk ends and believes what they tell him about the age. I believe there was a thread about this a while back where one supplier mighty...
Sooo. Ink jet is always white on one side except when they print double sided; and screen print is usually double sided but sometimes it isn't? Which leads us to the same position where everything Gianni says could be true but we have no way to verify it. Everything his detractors say could also be true but they are unable to post any evidence other than heresay from other vendors and people in the local industry. People just have choose who they believe. There are...
Is this where Passaggio source their vintage fabrics from?
I swear when I first discovered that site their shoe range was full of Lobb, green, cleverleys and other classics. Now it seems like nothing but 'fashion forward' junk. The suits are a little better (though I could never afford them). I stopped looking at the porter a whole ago since it was just starting to look like a rich man's mj bale
@T4phage  I don't KNOW that the fabric of my first tie is vintage but is certainly different from any I have seen outside of the Passaggio forum. I have posted the fabrifc below (not my tie but same pattern). I presume that since you have seen/purchased many PC ties in the past you will be familiar with it.  Please tell me. If it is indeed not vintage, where does it come from and how can I get more? I personally prefer this weave to the common grenadine weaves.    
 I totally agree that there should be some concern about his credentials in judging the age of his silks. I believe it is quite possible he just guesses based on what he has bought before which may have been originally aged by the vendor. As I said there are some legitimate concerns here but all the snide remarks and complaints about puffery make it difficult to identify the real issues. Not sure why am making such an effort to defend a guy who I have had so much...
 You realize that "early 1900s" can mean pretty much anything before 1950 right? I have  have some grievances with PC too, but it's backhanded comments like this that just obfuscate things further since people latch on to issue with translation and advertising fluff and seem to think that is an issue with him lying. 9/10 of the complaints made about fabrics being vintage are rubbish imho. It only serves to discredit the legitimate concerns that might actually exist.
Wow that's a pretty massive difference.I would consider that similar to a whole size difference.
Question for those of you more experienced tie makers/wearers. How much leeway would you consider appropriate to allow for variance when ordering a bespoke tie/ i.e I understand if you ask for 9.5cm width you should not expect exactly 9.5cm. but what should be an acceptable range? 9.4-9.6cm? 9.2-9.8cm? 9-10cm? 8-11cm(!)? etc etc
I was thinking more about fellow SFers in the same city.  I have already organized a couple of shipments with other members where one person orders and then distributes the product to everyone else on receipt. You could arrange a purchase of more than just trees. See if local friends are considering other amazon purchases. Or find people here and buy from somewhere else. Where you might find someone interested in some shoes/ties/shirts/etc and find an online store with a...
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