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If you follow one of the million add links around here to the hangar project the have a very comprehensive guide to shoeshining and the use for all their different products. That's how I taught myself. They only sell sapphir though so starting out with their gear will be pretty pricey.http://www.hangerproject.com/shoe-care-guide/basic-shoe-care-guide/There you go
Well to stir things a little more. I had some serious issues with the fit of my PJ suit. They did go quite a fair way to fix it as best they could but in the end I was told that there was no way they could fix it to give me a perfect fit and if I wanted to do that I would have to see a "bespoke" tailor.
Ah thanks. My shoulders are uneven. The annoying thing is each tailor I've seen has assured me this is not a problem as they can fix for me. Then of course when the shoulders look weird they say it isn't their fault I have weird shoulders and I should go full bespoke if I really want it fixed.I didn't realize this issue was sir to the shoulders though as it doesn't show up until I wear the suit a few times
What is causing all my suit lapels to do this? This is actually the least pronounced I think. My other 2 suits are significantly worse.
Had an awkward time yesterday when my boss accused me of lazy editing and told me my draft was full of grammatical errors. There is no easy way to tell your superior that his amendments were all incorrect or that maybe he should give me some credit for having 4 years of experience as an English teacher.
@arahat  So who who is this mystery shoemaker?
That donegal is on my wish list too. Any chance if getting a pic of it in action?
Yep. And judging from their Facebook posts they just got back today. New ties out tomorrow!
What was your point? I think jommyhoffa was actually referring to an earlier post mate.I also am starting to agree with him. As we all know 90% of the beauty of a good suit is in the fit. IME my best (Suit Shop) and worst (random traveling tailor) suits were both made in china. Then I've had an Italian (PJ) and French (Aus Tailor) commission that were both somewhat disappointments due to issues of fit where the construction may have been fantastic but something went wrong...
Met too. But there is only so far most will go before you get the 'you can't expect a perfect fit first time' or similar response. And if it is an issue that can't be fixed with alterations then you're stuck. Actually I originally thought the main draw as an actual tailor that knew what they were doing and would get the measurements and fittng right the first time so alterations wouldn't be needed.
New Posts  All Forums: