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Is there anywhere online I can access merchants books? Specifically in looking for Frattelli Tallia di Delfino's Brughiera book or any similar books with interesting wool/cashmeres
Do tell  
Yeah. he wasn;t specific. Just said every couple of years someone comes along and causes a debacle like this and screws a bunch of people.
Yeah this looks possible and I'm pretty worried. it seems like SF is Passaggio's only real source of internet retail (their website is a joke doubt they're had many orders from that alone). if they get banned I wouldn't be surprised if his internet sales service vanished with it. And what of those of us still waiting on orders...? I actually came to SF pretty naive I guess. I presumed given the nature of the forum, the generally warm reception I've had here and on other...
Lighter weight navy/brown/burgundy check (similar colors to my Woodhouse jacket, different check scale)        the first 2 surely can;t be the same as the 3rd. Which is this for? I like the brown much more than the blue
Was there over Easter and wore pretty much nothing but linen the whole time (and boardies since I was spending more time in the water than not). Can't really advise on shorts since I still only own a couple pairs of country road linen shorts I picked up about 3-4 years ago. Very cool and comfortable but not that stylish (can shorts be stylish though).Side note. Try and avoid Nusa if you can. That place is a nightmare. Plenty of nicer out of the way spots along the east coast.
I'm looking for some jacketing fabric in either brown glen check/pow or brown/burgundy gun club or houndstooth Around the 350-400gm mark. Anyone got suggestions wher I can find such stuff? I've seen a couple really nice examples in the fox and John Foster books but I'm only looking to spend about $100-125 per meter.
Thanks Pete. I was leaning towards a 400g tweed but got talked out of it as being too hot for Aus. Then started looking at wool/cashmere instead but still haven't been able to make up my mind yet.On that note. Can anyone tell me if this pattern has a name? I'd like to find some examples of it but hard to when I don't know what it is.
https://shop.hfwltd.com/media/pieces/34505.jpg Opinions on these for a first autumn/winter sport jacket. Interested in any useful comments on warmth, versatility, godawfulness... First 3 are 300gm 90/10 wool/cashmere from Drapers. Felt very nice and soft with a little fuzz. 4th is 340g s120s from Hunt and Winterbotham. I haven't been able to see a swatch for it though but my tailor can order it in. fabrics are darker than they look as my iphone washes out the color...
'Fresh from the cat's arse to your cup'Tried some at the plantation (!) in bali last month. Awesome stuff. Sucks that the only way you can bring it back with you is by buying it at the duty free store at the airport which conveniently quadruples the price AND won't do whole beans.
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