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Actually IMHO Jeffrey West makes some pretty nice shoes. They are known for their ridiculous designs though which is obviously what they show in the article. My mate owns two pairs and swears by them. They are what piqued my interest in nice shoes and suiting to begin with. The more conservative styles that one would wear to the office have a pretty nice balance of being a little fashion forward while remaining conservative enough to remain CBD.
Given th number of tie freaks on this thread this is probably as good a place as any to ask... How much does tie fabric actually cost in terms of contributing to the overall value of a tie? I'm sure I've read someone somewhere assert that it is really was a small fraction of the price. Yet one of the reasons I justified PG purchases to myself is that my predilection for long wide ties means that guys like hober and Capelli slog me with surcharges that almost double the...
Just discovered this thread/store. Has anyone tried their house brand 'bespoke' cashmere ties? How to they hold up compared to hober/Capelli/etc? Prices with sf discount and ex vat look pretty unbelievable. (@tchoyC&A I'm sure you guys have at least a half dozen already )
@thromb if you like Vanda drop them a line. They can do express shipping which gets there in about 3/4 days I think. I think I had about 2 weeks notice for mine and was able to get them to do a custom order for me and it arrived in time. Gshen is usually fiery helpful if you have a deadline for an important occasion. Getting it monogrammed as well might be tough though, but it doesn't hurt to ask
On the issue of vat am I mistaken here? Has anyone managed to get vat deducted from their Capelli or passaggio purchases?
Really? A recent exchange with Capelli indicated to me that he doesn't use pure cashmere as it is too expensive. That said I might have misunderstood because I thought he meant that all of his ties on the web store "wool cashmere" section were blends but the tie I chose ended up being pure wool (still a lovely tie though, just not what I was expecting)
@Journeyman cappelli doesn't waive VAT (nor does Goanni); i presume it's a cheeky Italian practice. C&A thanks. Not sure if ill be able to make another order for a while but for reference, is that tie cashmere or just wool?
@gsugsu , I actually have been around since this fiasco began,. As I said I have an order in the works at the moment that was finalized just days before the phit hit the fan.   I honestly don't recall where I looked. I just remember when I was considering making my first purchase I read a bunch of reviews and blogs and came to the conclusion that not all of PC's fabrics were vintage to the point I automatically though the first post on the AV thread was just puff that...
Depends how casual your wedding is. FWIW I prefer Vanda. Their offerings a little more expensive (about $120us I think and about a$7 surcharge if you want made to your own measurements) but the fabric and construction are fantastic and the small surcharge to make sure it is exactly the length and width for you is well worth it. They also seem to love their plaid so there are a lot of options.   This is the one I wore for my wedding earlier this...
I actually found in my initial research that pretty much every blog review and interview of Gianni/PC states that his fabrics are a combination of vintage, reproductions of vintage and "vintage inspired". I forget where but a couple stated his fabrics were 80% vintage. This is why I was surprised there was so much hooplah about people thinking everything was vintage. In fact I remember when I first looked at his samples I was trying to figure out which were vintage and...
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