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@Kira Yeah you don't want to wear low rise with suspenders. Something I really wish my tailor would have told me. I wore suspenders on my wedding for the first time and realized quickly that if you have any type of guy the suspenders accentuate it 5x in that area between the top of the trousers and your navel. It's irrelevant if you wear the jacket closed all the time but its very noticeable if you unbutton it or take it off for any reason
Jesus. Ok that pull is very noticeable. As the resident 'sycophant' here, I presume his lack of response is due to Being at Pitti. As a disgruntled customer I'd say that is still inexcusable not to respond to a customer's complaint in a timely fashion.
Exquisite trimmingS has a sale atm. Works out to about $40 half of which is shipping so its a great deal if you need to buy other stuff as well or a few pairs.
Yeah still a beautiful tie. Your eyes are good. I can barely see the run even after having it pointed out. (not that its any excuse to be there)
+1Best fitting suit I own. Even better than my PJ one oddly.
First attempt at rocking a non white square at work. Is it passable? I went for my only non silk tie that wasn't brown or green. I may have had something a little easier in silk. is texture or colour more important to take into account? Edit: note due to awful iPhone pic the colors are wrong. Tie is about a mid grey. Brown and green of the square are quite a bit darker. If its a sign that it works well none if my coworkers actually noticed I was wearing it for about an...
While most would say black is the truly correct answer I think the rule of thumb is to consider how close to the couple you are. If you have a place in the wedding where you will be in list of the photos I would wear black shoes or ask the couple what they expect. Otherwise so long as you dress formally and tastefully you'll be fine.
 I have brown suede Andy Toms. They seem to holding up very well so far and look a lot better than the crap i've seen sold at DJs.
  @C&A There you go
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