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Wow that Looks nice. Pretty much exactly what I was hunting for but could never find.
Speaking of loud attire. I am considering purchasing an orange cashmere tie . ( I have a couple of options two subtle check or pane patterns or an orange/white houndstooth). It would be predominantly to wear with a navy or navy w rust pane blazer. I think that would work. Could I also get away with wearing it to work with a raf blue suit? I don't need to wear proper cbd as I am rarely in town but I still need to look 'presentable'
I personally think it looks great. But probably not a wise choice if this will be your first summer jacket. I mAde a similar error with my first jacket purchase and for 6 months became known as 'that guy who always wears the loud jacket'.
I never hide new kops from my wife. Just the receipts....
Seems to be a lot of kops going on behind the scenes. Not recent purchases but arrivals of old orders. Just got a 7fold navy/pink flowers grossa yesterday from a SF special order made through capelli a few months ago. Also last weekend had 2nd fitting of a navy w rust windowpane sc using harrisons moonbeam "urban tweed" and some nice hrey woolen flannel pants to go with them.
Hober has me believing grenadines should be in at least 4 folds. Does capellini have that option? If so you can put me down for one.
You know. I used to roll all my ties. And then I read somewhere about hanging ties being better for wrinkles... .That was before I owned any vandas though. So maybe I should go back to that option.
IDK about Malfords customer service, however I just received a package from the Exquisite Trimmings sale from a few weeks back. There were some delays and I had a lot of trouble accessing tracking. Shaya apologized in advance of the order citing recent difficulties with british mail's tracking service being buggy.
Sorry, what do you mean by 'untying my ties'? Do you mean there are people out there who just loosen the knot and lift  it over their head to keep it 'pre tied' for next time? I certainly do not do that. I just find that unlined ties in general wrinkle more often. But my vanda grenadine is even more wrinkly than the others!
Anyone got tips on how to care for your Vanda grenadines? I love their ties but I recently bought my first unlined grenadine from them and after about 10 wears it is already starting to look very crumpled. I always hang my ties straight after wearing and rotate ever week or so but these wrinkles don't seem to be falling out. 
New Posts  All Forums: