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Yeah still a beautiful tie. Your eyes are good. I can barely see the run even after having it pointed out. (not that its any excuse to be there)
+1Best fitting suit I own. Even better than my PJ one oddly.
First attempt at rocking a non white square at work. Is it passable? I went for my only non silk tie that wasn't brown or green. I may have had something a little easier in silk. is texture or colour more important to take into account? Edit: note due to awful iPhone pic the colors are wrong. Tie is about a mid grey. Brown and green of the square are quite a bit darker. If its a sign that it works well none if my coworkers actually noticed I was wearing it for about an...
While most would say black is the truly correct answer I think the rule of thumb is to consider how close to the couple you are. If you have a place in the wedding where you will be in list of the photos I would wear black shoes or ask the couple what they expect. Otherwise so long as you dress formally and tastefully you'll be fine.
 I have brown suede Andy Toms. They seem to holding up very well so far and look a lot better than the crap i've seen sold at DJs.
  @C&A There you go
@C&A Why yes I suppose it is. Except the pattern is different and they don't look like grenadine to me. at least in those photos. So what does this all mean then?
Well I took receipt of 2 ties and a square today. 1 grenadine is colored only on one side. the back looks more silver than white though.. Very odd. I did not think ink jet printing would be a thing for grenadines.
Except it also doesn't work on full price items.
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