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First attempt at rocking a non white square at work. Is it passable? I went for my only non silk tie that wasn't brown or green. I may have had something a little easier in silk. is texture or colour more important to take into account? Edit: note due to awful iPhone pic the colors are wrong. Tie is about a mid grey. Brown and green of the square are quite a bit darker. If its a sign that it works well none if my coworkers actually noticed I was wearing it for about an...
While most would say black is the truly correct answer I think the rule of thumb is to consider how close to the couple you are. If you have a place in the wedding where you will be in list of the photos I would wear black shoes or ask the couple what they expect. Otherwise so long as you dress formally and tastefully you'll be fine.
 I have brown suede Andy Toms. They seem to holding up very well so far and look a lot better than the crap i've seen sold at DJs.
  @C&A There you go
@C&A Why yes I suppose it is. Except the pattern is different and they don't look like grenadine to me. at least in those photos. So what does this all mean then?
Well I took receipt of 2 ties and a square today. 1 grenadine is colored only on one side. the back looks more silver than white though.. Very odd. I did not think ink jet printing would be a thing for grenadines.
Except it also doesn't work on full price items.
Well maybe sprezz is not the right word. I just meant I wanted a couple of items that were more fun than usual CBD which is pretty much my entire wardrobe now.Regarding Pocket Squares, I thought the deal was that the more complex patterns and pictures were meant to be MORE versatile because they have many different flecks of colour that can be picked out in the rest of your attire. I already have a white square but I don't really enjoy wearing it outside of work as it is...
How about this? The design is still a bit la di da but the colour look a lot more subdued. (Not necessarily with the fu tie just as a generally versatile square) http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Pocket-Squares/Red-Cabaret-Dancers-Pocket-Square.html Sorry tried to paste the pic but didn't work.
New Posts  All Forums: