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Checking out watches in the mall on my lunch break. A 6yo kid walks up to me, says "you look really good in that suit mister". Gives me a very genuine looking smile, a thumbs up, and wanders off back into the crowd. Not sure how to feel about this
Thanks Ernesto. Pity the $300 one is out of stock. Any other ideas or suggestion where I could find it Today ? (Need it by Thursday)
Either DJs sales or from SF B&S.A friend and I bought a bunch of Falke on here a couple months ago and I think it worked out to about $12 a pair.
Sorry if this has been covered, in the past my eyes have glazed over when seeing watch threads; but now I've been tasked with finding one at short notice for a retirement present. Is there a sweet spot for "budget" watches like there is for shoes? What's the cheapest I can get away with spending on a nice watch as a gift without just overpaying for brand names or "shiny! Pretty!"? Budget is looking about $200-300. Can maybe go a bit higher. Or am I wasting my time?
Anyone got enormous feet? http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/301265405462?nav=SEARCH
Not sure if I'm going nuts here, but is there any way/reason to darken shoes during a repair process? Here's the rub I got a pair of bespoke shoes made up for my wedding in navy. They were clearly navy when I chose them and when I received them. However there was an issue with fit. There was way too much room in tre toe box. So I took them back and was told they could be altered no problems. 6 weeks later they arrive. And I swear they are black now. If not black then such...
How about asking what it retails for? Since everyone knows noone pays full price anymore. On a side note one of my recently retired bosses makes a habit of asking how much people paid for their attire. Just so he can suck un his breath and respond with "Jeez! That much! See these shoes?! Ten bucks ! Gepps Cross Markets! This jacket? 5 bucks!"
Yeah put me down for a 5 fold I'm the burgundy reorder.
@steveattt Mate you are probably better off asking in the Australian thread. Everyone there is pretty helpful and there are a lot of Victorians who will know what you are talking about. Try reading through some of the thread first though as this type of question gets asked a lot.
@applky very nice sir. Any chance you can show and extreme close up of one of those ties so I can get a better look at the weave? Cheers
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