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@swpkr88Unfortunately South Aussies are kind of screwed when it comes to decent shoes. Even our DJs doesn't stock anything decent. Last I checked they had a very limited range of Loakes but no 1880s and all over $400.If you have time I would recommend meermin. I haven't got any myself but a friend got a couple of pairs recently and I was really impressed by the qualityand styling at that price point.Also in researching septieme largeur I've seen a few comments that they...
Hi.   Got some measurements for these?
Great! Now I want a pair ;/
@acinod   How about these guys? SF experience seems to rate them on par with Meermin construction wise. Though they actually have stock so you can order and they should ship immediately. Price for non-commissioned work starts abut $290 - Vat +  shipping so should be in your budget or at least very close.   I noticed @Journeyman commented a year or so ago that he was looking into picking up a pair so maybe he can weigh in of quality...
If you're looking to stock up . A guy called "selvedged" sells a pretty wide range of falke on the b/s forums. Not sure if he has pure wool but I got some wool/cashmere/silk/somethingelse boot socks from him that work a treat. Prices are pretty cheap for the quality you get but shipping eats into most of the savings unless you buy several pairs.
Surely Double Monk can help you. Either they would have something in stick or if you need to go MTO, they seem to have cleverly trunk show every few months where they waive MTO surcharges.
Try the cobbler on Grenfell street near the corner of king William. A couple doors down from building with the Hugo boss store.I've had good experiences with this guy doing my topys. I think he also does toe plates. I've seen them in his store and asked about them before but he confined me I didn't need them.
what's the offer? When I click the link it just takes me to their homepage. Everything seems to have their standard pricing. Or has it run out already?
Pretty sure I've seen the 2nd and 3rd from bottom in Gianni's samples.
Question. How narrow is the back blade on the outlet ties? I'm considering picking up a couple though I usually only wear extra long ties. I've found some shorter ties still work ok for me, while others look awful because the knot looks comically small since the back blade tapers too much near the end. (Eg I have a Vivienne Westwood and marinella tie that are ok but I had to give away my Henry Carter's and a few noname store bought ties due to this problem).
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