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Need some advice here guys. I've been looking for a casual jacket to wear this summer with khakis and light shirts.   I was thinking light structure with patch pockets. I've been offered what seems like a pretty good deal from this book:   http://www.dormeuil.com/en/cloth-collection/detailed-collection/innovative-cloths/naturals/   general consensus on SF seems to be that navy is the go to color for blazers/jacket for the most versatility so I was thinking of...
Looking at testing out a new local tailor by commissioning a sports coat. They're really big on pushing Dormeuil.   I want a basic casual unconstructed summer coat to survive hot dry Australian summers. Which of the following fabrics would be best for keeping cool and looking casual (i'm very inexperienced so I don't trust myself just checking the swatches) or would none of them be appropriate?:   100% linen 100% cotton 50% linen 50% silk     I also saw another...
I'm going to check out a couple of places this weekend for MTM suiting. Some of their higher end ranges sound a little too good. Is there an issue with people peddling fake Dugdale Bros, Ariston, Dormeuil etc? If so is there anything in particular I can look out for on the swatches to make sure they are legit?
Only 2 Suits? Really???!
 Kitakyushu is pretty sweet. I didn't have enough time to do much sightseeing when I was there but it was a beautiful area and my japanese travel buddies were al raving about the food (unfortunately I can;t eat most seafood so my favourite japanese food has always been japanese 'style' foreign food like yaki niku). IME the only menswear Mecca is Tokyo. everywhere else pales in comparison.Though admittedly when I was there I was only interested in street wear.
Why no love for the navy whole cuts?
Same happened to me with his last black grenadine :(. Quick and the dead mate. Speaking of which i've been meaning to ask. what is so special about Macclesfields?  what's the difference that puts them above regular silk ties?
 Non- matching suits sure. Just unsure if it extended to shoes or if that might make it too casual. Thinking of just telling everyone. "Wear the best you can get your hands on only rules, no black suits, shoes must be well shined, pick a tie color and i'll provide a grenadine for each."
Ok guys I apologise for all the random queries as I know I have been posting a lot.   Current question is mostly from and aesthetic perspective. Is it a reasonable idea to have none matching shoes for the bridal party?   Its a winery/garden wedding with lounge attire. Likely we will all be wearing navy or grey suits. Would it be odd for us to wear different shoes. ie. the best man has a pair of brown JLs and one of the groomsmen recently ordered a spiffy pair of...
Pete, Sorry if you misunderstood. I am a lawyer myself. I'm not looking for free legal advice, I'm newly admitted and employed. I was looking for some advice from peers related to first year experiences and expectations as I don't really know anyone in a similar position irl.
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