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It's not just that they last longer. My supervisor goes through 2 to 3 pairs of shoes a year. The most recent pair are 2 months old and already look like they've been through the wars. A good pair of shoes won't just last longer, they'll look much better longer too. I still get comments on my 'nice new shoes' even though they're almost 2 years old.
I was considering getting a pair of Plain toe whole cut oxfords in calf. However someone on another forum said that calf whole cuts are know good as the wrinkles will show up more and they'll look like junk pretty quickly.    Anyone else got any experience with these and if this is true why do high end shoe makers even sell such shoes? I guess this is maybe why she wholecuts seem so popular. In which case can anyone chime in on experience in sourcing cordovan leather and...
I would also like to voice my tentative interest
Hmmm. Knew there was something I forgot to ask about. I'd assume mines not unstructured since never mention. Are all their suits full canvas? What line do you guys usually go for? The classic, Roma or Napoli?
Finally took the plunge on my wedding suiting and used it as an excuse for my first P Johnson commission. Met with Tom last night and it was quit an experience. Those guys seem to really know their stuff. Still a little nervous about how it's going to turn out given then fabric I wanted wasn't actually there to see, and I was so overwhelmed by the number of options I pretty much let him guide me to some pretty 'interesting' options. That said I don't think I've seen a...
I can't help here but if you manage it let me know. I think they're beautiful but I've never actually seen a pair in the wild (possibly because I never attend any horse races or polo matches). I'd love even a half arsed excuse to pick up a pair.
Speaking if things that don't work. Lately I've seen a couple fellows around town sporting pocket squares in their shirt pockets. Please tell me this isn't a thing.
 Thanks JM,Knew I could count on you for some sage advice. Yes it will be my 3rd pair or quality shoes though both my others are black (oxford cap and brogued derby) so I would like to branch out for something new. I thought dark blue would be good because a- I love those navy Carmina whole cuts the get posted around here every now and then and b- in the dark light of the court room I figured they would not stand out. I had not considered the wrinkle issue at all (is this...
Calling for more input guys. As usual please allow for iPhone flash making the pics a little more washes out than reality: A better pic can be found at http://www.aacrack.co.uk/catalogue.asp?product_id=78 Under Deep Sea. Thinking if going for this in a plain Oxford wholecut. On the website it shows a burnished version that seems much darker (burnishing doesn't just produce a darker leather does it?) I went in thinking oxblood would be better and more versatile but I saw...
It's much more blue than gray irl Would this be appropriate for a summer wedding suit and work suit? Or is it too casual? I'm trying to find something that will work that isn't just plain blue or grey but don't want a casual. I don't have a very good imagination though for envisioning a fabric swatch as a whole suit
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