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I can't help here but if you manage it let me know. I think they're beautiful but I've never actually seen a pair in the wild (possibly because I never attend any horse races or polo matches). I'd love even a half arsed excuse to pick up a pair.
Speaking if things that don't work. Lately I've seen a couple fellows around town sporting pocket squares in their shirt pockets. Please tell me this isn't a thing.
 Thanks JM,Knew I could count on you for some sage advice. Yes it will be my 3rd pair or quality shoes though both my others are black (oxford cap and brogued derby) so I would like to branch out for something new. I thought dark blue would be good because a- I love those navy Carmina whole cuts the get posted around here every now and then and b- in the dark light of the court room I figured they would not stand out. I had not considered the wrinkle issue at all (is this...
Calling for more input guys. As usual please allow for iPhone flash making the pics a little more washes out than reality: A better pic can be found at http://www.aacrack.co.uk/catalogue.asp?product_id=78 Under Deep Sea. Thinking if going for this in a plain Oxford wholecut. On the website it shows a burnished version that seems much darker (burnishing doesn't just produce a darker leather does it?) I went in thinking oxblood would be better and more versatile but I saw...
It's much more blue than gray irl Would this be appropriate for a summer wedding suit and work suit? Or is it too casual? I'm trying to find something that will work that isn't just plain blue or grey but don't want a casual. I don't have a very good imagination though for envisioning a fabric swatch as a whole suit
CCarmina 7? I assumed Carmina would use uk sizing but those brogues were comically small for 10.5uk IMO
That shoe was only 10.5. Everything else I think was 7, 7.5,9,9.5There were also a few C&J and a stack of some other brand I didn't recognize but I didn't pay them much attention as the guy already told me all their other sale stock was in single digit sizes.Any other places around town with sales going on? I got another hour to kill
Damn the Simpson last is narrow. Just poppped into American tailors and the first thing I saw were half price burgundy brogues in my usual size. Until I tried to fit them on my enormously fat feet
Thanks for the advice on Dukes guys. That candied bacon is sublime, with the avocado and co providing just enough green to lend the illusion of healthy eating. After 10 hours on the bus got turfed out at spencer st station at 7am? Legged it to dukes for a stack of caffeine followed by whirlwind tour of Woottens and Pjohnson. Going for a 'deep sea' wholecut Oxford using Carmena as inspiration. Pj going a dark blue with light glen check but need to um and ah about it a...
Thanks guys. Next question. If getting a bespoke shoe involves having a personal last made up, does that mean my foot shape will have a marked affect on the shoes' aesthetics? So, for example it seems that whole cuts especially in unique colours seem to vary so dramatically that they tend to be either things of exquisite beauty or complete eyesores. Therefore is it a huge risk to try and commission one cos I might just not have 'the right feet' for it? Hope that makes...
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