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Foxhound - Sizes?       Also I know this isn't really the place for it. But new the Acronym line up looks pretty nuts. and sadly so do the prices :(   http://www.acrnm.com/collections/_new-fw1314/products/j38-lp   pretty much the opposite of everything this forum stands for but still... nice, so nice.
C'mon Rob. Now you're just taunting me
Be warned decent shoe trees in Australia are obscenely expensive. I would say if you are against shopping in Australia to save maney, then wait until you go to the US and buy them there. Even Loakes are likely to be cheaper and more readily available than they are here (assuming you are visiting a major city) and you will actually be able to try them on. Also you will be able to  pick up decent wooden trees for about 1/3 of what they would cost here.
Pale pink shirt, charcoal suit and ??? Tie? Or is the shirt and suit wrong already?
See the IT Crowd final ep? Was on a few days ago I think. I'm still trying to hung it down online.
So it turns out my mate's cordwainer is Wootten. The 'bespoke' he had was not quite right but not mto either. I couldn't quite understand him but it seems to involve a box of gel or something you stick your foot in and they get a cast our of that. Anyone have experience with anything like this? He has convinced the groomsmen it'll make a good present for me. And I must say the navy monks look pretty sweet. Def a bit more traditional than MacDonald. Means ill probably have...
What's the difference between calf leather and "bovine leather"? I can't find any ref to it on any shoe forums. Shoes I'm looking at are calf inner lining with bovine leather uppers. All their shoes ate custom made so I could probably ask to have all calf. But the standard shoes looks nice (if a little 'home made') , so just wondering if this is something to steer clear of.
Henry Carter always has 10% for SF members.
I Spent a few years in Japan and never had the need for a credit or debit card at any time. I guess I could have used a Suica but what was the point? I quickly got used to stopping at an atm on the way home from work each pay day and casually withdrawing $2-3k in cash with which to pay rent, bills, shopping etc. I once left my wallet on the train with $600 in it. It was returned to my office within 2 hours without a single yen missing and the good samaritan ran off without...
Ok I'm just weird then. Never had problems with jeans of chinos but at work I have to keep my wallet in my desk and take it out when I drive its so uncomfortable. Key wise prob just have way too many. But can't be helped
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