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I'm sick of waiting for Gianni. I need (want) new ties now! Anyone considering making any purchases from EG Cappelli or similar anytime soon? The fixed shipping costs make buying one or two ties really unappealing, but if I had enough for 4 or 5 I'd be looking at splurging on shoes instead ;)...
Tbf none of the Passaggio Ties I actually own appear to be ink jet printed. Though I have seen enough post by angry ex friend-customers to tell me that there probably were a lot of ties that were.
Have I been away too long? I have no idea what printers or awesome Cohen bros movies have to do with Dandy Italian Con Artists.
I got a couple more about 6 months ago. Been waiting on the last two forever. After much harassing he said he sent them out in about February. After a month of no ties and further Facebook harassment I was told that they go lost in the post and to pick new fabrics as the original ones sold out. The new ranges of samples he showed me was very limited and horrifically ugly (IMHO anyhow) so now I've resorted to requesting a couple if plain non vintage grenadines. It's been...
There is also the option if Charles Tyrwhitt shoes. They have a sale on ATM. I don't think they have the best reputation on SF but at $190~ for Good year welded calf shoes I don't see how you can go too far wrong. And I'm sure they're still miles better than Aquila *shudder*
@swpkr88Unfortunately South Aussies are kind of screwed when it comes to decent shoes. Even our DJs doesn't stock anything decent. Last I checked they had a very limited range of Loakes but no 1880s and all over $400.If you have time I would recommend meermin. I haven't got any myself but a friend got a couple of pairs recently and I was really impressed by the qualityand styling at that price point.Also in researching septieme largeur I've seen a few comments that they...
Hi.   Got some measurements for these?
Great! Now I want a pair ;/
@acinod   http://www.septiemelargeur.fr/en/   How about these guys? SF experience seems to rate them on par with Meermin construction wise. Though they actually have stock so you can order and they should ship immediately. Price for non-commissioned work starts abut $290 - Vat +  shipping so should be in your budget or at least very close.   I noticed @Journeyman commented a year or so ago that he was looking into picking up a pair so maybe he can weigh in of quality...
If you're looking to stock up . A guy called "selvedged" sells a pretty wide range of falke on the b/s forums. Not sure if he has pure wool but I got some wool/cashmere/silk/somethingelse boot socks from him that work a treat. Prices are pretty cheap for the quality you get but shipping eats into most of the savings unless you buy several pairs.
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