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I'd say its more a rule if thumb tan a strict calculation. Especially given the rule is usually stated as 'at least a day'. Also given we are talking about dress shoes I would think most people remove them when they get home from work and assuming that the average person has a 16hr work day seems pretty ridiculous.
Love it 
I didn't get that at all. I thought the only negative attitudes in the article were when he was mentioning the general opinion most other articles and 'reports' took towards the trend.My only gripe is the emphasis placed on monocles and spats etcetera. Where in my experience that is still solely in the realm of the op shopping hipster.
HC you are always going to have people with that attitude to menswear. This article isn't going to convince them otherwise but I reckon it might be reasonable for promoting better dressing to those that are already starting to take an interest. Tbh this articles pretty much describes me. 3 years ago I was teasing a friend for spending $700 on a pair of shoes. 2 years ago I started researching clothing to dress better for my new job; discovered mr porter and had a chuckle...
Why are you completely ignoring MTM? You should be able to get a good fit from that provided you aren't a mutant. I don't know anything about italian mtm companies but there should be someone good locals can recommend at that price point.
You can't go wrong with a white PS at a wedding IMO. I think if it is your wedding most people on here will tell you it is the ONLY PS worth considering. Though given the casual suit it probably wouldn't matter that much if you went for something a little more flamboyant.    You could try asking for advice on the wedding thread, though expect to get a lot of disapproving comments if you choose to match the the bridesmaids.
Tbh I was pretty surprised by Hober's wedding tie section. IMHO they are some of the ugliest ties I've seen. Furthermore he stocks pretty much all of the 'traditional' wedding patterns favored on SF (PoW, houndstooth, shepherds check, etc) yet none of them are included in the wedding category and you have to go searching for them. If you want a proper wedding tie try looking for some of the traditional designs.that said i ended up getting blue grenadine variations for my...
I can't say I've seen a single good looking Loake. they all look quite clumpy and inelegant imho. I don't think AE are fantastic or anything but mine are holding up pretty well as beaters. Cost me $300 when I was in the States and had no idea about SF but wanted a decent first pair of dress shoes to wear to my gdlp training. In terms of elegance they pale next to any of my other shoes. but they also retail for about 1/3 or less than the others.   Personally I think they...
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