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 I have no experience with purchasing from either makes (yet!) but I was fortunate enough to have a half day spare in transit through Budapest yesterday and managed to pay some local stores a visit. Unless someone with more experience contradicts me I think they prices for both brands are about the same.   Rozsnyai are just a little disingenuous with their pricing. I was in the Atilla store yesterday and was told by the salesperson that they do not charge any VAT because...
I'm about to go on a what is essentially q backpacking trip around the world. But I'm attending a wedding while away. Would it be particularly bad for my suit if I pack it in my bag with everything else and just have it pressed before the wedding and pressed again when I get back home?ie will the structure of the jacket be ruined by stuffing it in a backpack for a month?
    Hey guys. Quick interest check on this Sam Hover "vintage" (made in USA) tie. I bought it from well known vendor here on b/s but he messed up the measurements and it is way too short for me. Measurements are 9.7cm x 55". It was described as 7 fold but I can't tell for sure if it is as the tack is so low as to make it impossible to unfold. I peeked though and it looks like more than the standard 3 crammed in there. Seller has offer to take it back but I thought I...
Pics please
First day with meermin dark brown museum double monks. Received 3 compliment by lunch time and 0 slips (though a couple of close calls). Win/win!
IIf the meermins fit well then just order another pair in a different colour/style . No need to go hunting for another brand just yet. Once you have 2 pairs to rotate you should be fine for a while. You can use that time to save for some nicer brands and visit some stores to try a few different lasts.Also once you've had a chance to establish you size and last in a few brands you can scour the b/s forums and online sales for a few bargains.
EG Cappelli make very nice neats. Still not in your price range but their 'outlet' ties (RTW, nothing wrong with them despite the name) start at 50eu which is a lot less than marinella.Also Malford of London recently had a sale on E Marinella factory seconds. Of its still going you can get them for 55pounds each and an extra 30% off if you buy 2 or more.
Don't Double Monk stock Carmina? I think they offer re rafting service for all their brands where they have you shoes shipped back from the factory with their next order to save you shipping costs.I've never done it but I think that was the word on these forums a while back.
@Journeyman I know the gamble you take with Internet orders. In this case it was actually out of my control as it was a surprise. My wife just checked a pair of my shoes for size and gave details to a friend who arranged the order. It was a fantastic surprise and a welcome change to the usual "your birthday's next week, what so you want?" That usually happens in my family. My current shoe plan was to actually wait until my honeymoon in July and get fitted for some Vass...
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