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Looks like I can only do one at a time from my phone
I copped a lot of flack from my mates after this movie when I complained that this line was my biggest gripe.More importantly however....I just received my first pair of Meermins yesterday as a birthday present from my mrs and some friends. I haven't worn them out yet as I'm a bit concerned about sizing and/or construction. My feet seem to fit in quite comfortably but ...a- there is about an inch of empty toe box which feels like I'm wearing a shoe several sizes too big...
Hang on. I thought all Cappelli ties were lined. When they he advertises 'unlined' he actually means 'untipped'. If that is the case how would having an unlined (untipped) tie affect the knot or length since the body of the tie still has interlining? I have 2 Cappelli ties that were both ordered 'unlined'. The 7 fold grenadine definitely has interlining and ties a fantastic knot. The other is a 3 fold unlined wool/cashmere blend. I have never bothered to check for...
  Has there been a list compiled anywhere of which makers do this? I have a pair of Cleverleys that are almost due for their first resole. I don't really wont to spend several hundred on a full recraft yet but I want to be able to still have that option for when the upper start to show significant wear. I guess I might have to resort to Topying instead for now.  Yes, they will pretty much all start to fray a bit, though I guess maybe some more that others. I have a few and...
$399? Very tempting. I assume the odds of them visiting Adelaide are 0 though . Coincidently I think the st crispin baby calf is what u got on my Wooten shoes. I started a thread asking about the quality here http://www.styleforum.net/t/370439/aa-crack-and-co-baby-calf#post_6752055 There are a few photos of someone else's baby calf shoes plus some commentary by DWFII
 I got a pair of navy whole-cuts made up last year as a wedding gift from my groomsmen. My opinion is they seem quite talented and dedicated to their work but (at least at that time) turned out to be a little inexperienced in dress shoes. The leather they used was really nice, if a little thin. They source their calf leather from AA Crack and Son, which according to the SF experts is pretty high end stuff. The only problem I had with the construction was the medallion...
Jeez, they put their price up that much lately? The suit I got from suit shop 2 years ago was half canvassed on Zegna wool and was only $795. Even if their rates have gone up I'm sure you could get a pretty good blazer at that price point.
Looks like the malford ties are too small for me. Back to Cappelli. Anyone interested in picking up some ties in a group order? 50eu RTW is a pretty awesome deal so long as you don't have to pay the full 35eu shipping fee yourself. I'd be keen for 2-3. If we can get enough interest to order 10~ ties then 55euro each should be enough to manage costs of bring it here and divvying them up by aus post. Are you still interested @The Ernesto?
Really?Not familiar with the old chestnut" Buy a man some shoes, and he'll have fit pics for a day; teach a man to cobble and he'll be revered be fellow igents the rest of his life"
While I'm here. Has anyone picked up the atlas  pocket squares? I'd be keen to see some pics of them in action. Also is there much visual difference between using the pocket square and 'pocket rectangle'?
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