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I got mine from http://www.andytom.com/Stills little pricey but much less than car shoe.I've only had them since January so can't really attest to durability but they look and wear great.
What kind of job are you going for? With the exception of an after school gig at a pizza bar I've never worn less than suit and tie for any job interview.I guess it depends what you are going for but generally you should try to dress up as best you can for an interview so is say get the more formal shoe. But if you're just wearing jeans/chinos oxfords will probably look pretty jarring. Maybe go with a pair of well shined wing tips? (Caveat I'm not American and have not...
@oxfordms I can't really advise you on those shoes though I expect the predominant response here is going to be to send them all back and go buy some Allen Edmonds (though they will be about $100 more). I will warn you though that new leather soled shoes + dancing is probably a recipe for disaster. People new to proper dress shoes often end up stacking it once or twice on smooth floors. Try and get them topy'd first or wear them out and about a couple times before the dance
Double monks over both. Only marginally less versatile but much more fun
If you tie it right it won't flap around that much anyhow. But if you have to look super formal then use a clip or wear a different tie. I don't see why this would ever be a problem though if you enjoy the look
Wait ? What? Is this really a grenadine?
Sorry to be difficult Fianni but still waiting on the response to those messages. If like to make sure you got the message in time re my orders.
I remember a few months ago someone mentioning a great mtm tailor in Tokyo. That correct? Anyone able to jog my memory on the details?
Or... Do either of these work?
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