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Hi gfloridafan The boots are really well made and Vince is great to work with.  I haven't had time to put any wear on mine so you will have to go back thru the thread for some feedback on comfort ( what I have read is really good)  I wear half insoles (Redi-thotics) and I will say these boots have low (not sure right term here) vamps but the feedback is they stretch out pretty well.  I would think the cxl leathers will stretch out the easiest.   What sole and leather are...
Hi IIIrd  hope the foot is heeling well.  I have the same shoe and thought I'd share a pic with some wear on them.  These have about 15 or so wears on them, never treated or brushed. I find the 1035 really comfortable with good arch support. Hope you get to wear yours soon  Duck 
+1. I could probably use a 44 maybe even a 46 if that would be an option on upcoming jackets
tdes81 thanks  looking forward to breaking them in.  Check out Vince's latest instagram with some wear on his. I think it took around 5 weeks but I was indecisive on the sole so I can't recall exactly how long. Worth the wait!   the WF is a great leather, hard to choose which  one to buy :) have a good weekend 
 Hey Shawnc:  late with my reply but just wanted to say they turned out great.  I have been in contact with Arum about changing my suede indys to dainite (if they don't sell)  also the shoes that you dyed black turned out really well.  Thanks for sharing the efforts Duck
Vickt  Here are a couple more.  Sorry for the iPhone pics, wife has the camera on a trip.  I like the coyote leather and the black WF will be awesome as well.  I got leather laces and then some dark grey round laces as well.  I haven't put them on yet to try them out.  Look forward to seeing your boots when you get them.     
Just arrived today Coyote rough out captoe on commando. Really a nice boot. Here is a shot right out of the box I am looking forward to putting some wear on these and is my first itshide commando Thanks Vince for the great customer service
Thanks Shawnc. It was nice to wear them it had been a while. I have enjoyed the pics you have been sharing lately. Interesting story on the suits, congrats on the weight loss but sorry you shrank in height. . Have a good weekend
Took advantage of the excellent East coast weather today and wore the cigar captoes
Breck, congrats in getting the boot.  and thanks for the suggestion...I just may do that!  
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