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 Agreed, great boots. As soon as I shipped them back, I found the TSM irregular list I signed up and on that 1st list was a 9.5D, i couldn't dial fast enough but I learned real quick, there are much faster dialers on this thread than me. I would definitely pick this boot up if I had another chance.Inn8 enjoy the boots!
 This looks like the Safari model on plaza that LS sells. Actually the first Alden I bought, I am TTS 9D and found out the expensive way i need a 9E or 9.5 on plaza. shipping to Hawaii is expensive. Beautiful boot, enjoy!
 To Tie Guy:I understand where your coming from. I can't wear leather due to the firmness of the sole and tried the red brick sole but that was still too firm and picked up the crepe and they are great for my feet and back. I now have gotten used to the chunkiness of the crepe and now prefer it. I think the crepe is more casual which works well for 90% of my attire. I also think I have less competition in the 9D TTS if I can accept Crepe soles because the competition...
Great looking shoe. I was on the fence and hesitated. Enjoy the shoes lifeinabox they look great
I agree with zissou, I soaked the waist on mine as everything else was fine.   If your doing the waist and thru the hips try not to get the buttons and holes wet as they will stretch out and you don't really want those larger good luck
Enjoying the sun and tankers on this Saturday
Cool last question on your experience  TTS - brannock on this?   and I'll Kop thanks for the help
Shoulda. I am thinking about it. The insole comes out on these correct? Does the snuff work with shorts ?
DLJr   Thanks for the excellent information.  Very useful.  Now to find some shirts.  All the best   DuckOB
DLJr how did you size the Merz stuff?   My jackets are 19" shoulder width and 22 pit to pit.  5"10 190 with big shoulders so the arms are usually long to accommodate the shoulder width i have.  Any advice? thx
New Posts  All Forums: