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^ very nice pickup
Nice pics the last few days! Thanks for sharing
1/2 size to short. Can't imagine passing on those. May be one of a kind. Thanks for sharing !
Nice. Are you selling? Or just showing. Nice pick up either way. Cool leather
Interesting and agree. Trying on is only real way. I always bake in money selling at a loss if I buy blindReally great pickups. Never would have figured the half Japanese and hunter sleek would be in the sale. Amazing
Interesting. I did same size in 2045 as Barrie but I do wear 3/4 orthoticCongrats and if those derbies are 8.5 I am your man
Bry2000. What size did you get on 2045 compared to 110. Interested in how they compare Great shoes - both
Excellent boots. Enjoy.......what's next 😳😀
sounds painful...hopefully your feet can rough it out and I think you convinced me to wait till I can try on the shoe before buying have a good week!
New Posts  All Forums: