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Very nice Zippy. I wanted to grab those but the leather sole didn't work for me. I grabbed the tec stows First pair of Trickers. Hoping they work for me. Here is a pic. Love the color of both tec and walnut
Excellent. Wish these were an 8!
Dcg Are the bottom left the Jaspe chino's? I looked at those over and over. How do you like them and did you size down like other chinos? Nice haul btw
@nickp   thanks for the info.  Yeah, if i can wear them thru spring then perfect.  The draw strings holes makes sense, curious, but i guess authentic.   thanks!
Thanks Stewartu for the additional info Glad yours worked out. I'll need an 8 uk from what I can tell. I'll be ready next time
I am looking to get my first EG piece, looking at the USN Pant in either tan or olive herringbone.  I can't find a site that discloses the weight of the fabric.  I have some RRL officers chino and wanted to know how the herringbone compares.   I assume the construction quality is similar.  Also what are the 2 button holes at the bottom of the pants for?   thx!
Thanks Fred for the quick reply, looks like i saved some money, my size is sold out  :)   
delete, duplicate
hey folks, how did everyone end up sizing the Purdey Islays? thx for info
Great deal. How are you guys sizing these? 1 full size down from US tts?
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