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Thanks @Marcellionheart  and @zippyh for the info.  Much appreciated!!
Cool. Thanks !
Excellent Kahuna.  They turned out great.  What is the suede part?  I am very interested in trying out the rlh sole some day enjoy!
question for anyone who has the Champagne Waxy leather.  I was thinking of getting a shoe with this leather but i am around barns pretty often, so very dusty.  I am wondering if this leather will attract the dust and maybe a smooth leather in a color like Marron or Espresso would be better     thanks for your opinions and experiences
Ironclad. I agree 100 percent. I think I read they won't do those anymore .....too bad!
Thanks for sharing. pretty cool it has stayed in one family
Hi coldnboston. Another data point. I am 9d/e US and wear 42 in buttero. Athletic socks. in dress socks I can wear a 41.5. Hope this helps
Look excellent. Congrats. And the dog. Beautiful. What kind of dog. Looks like Bear from person of interestAwesome!!!!
^ looks good meso. Enjoy
Linafelt: what kind of sole are you thinking about?  I think if you wanted a mini ripple or another vibram, the local cobbler may be able to strip off the large ripple and glue a mini ripple/other on.  If you want to go to say Dainite, then you may need to send to Viberg for a resole.  There are probably a few others that can do stitch down but i am not sure. I am interested in the answers provided as well
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