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thanks omniscient, i keep seeing all these cool yosemite shirts, chore jackets, etc that i can't make up my mind what to get    my sizing is going up not down :)  enjoy the maritimes and happy holidays!
The Maritime's look great. Interested in the grey. Are these very itchy? meaning could Iwear them over a tshirt and not be itchy? For those that have them do you size them like your jackets or shirts. thanks for the info and guidance
Thanks Tampa! i am really enjoying them I may stick the boots outside on the next sunny day...sun isnt to intense right now in VA. I have a bridle belt on my wish list this xmas, interesting the bridle changes that quickly.Yeah, this carpet isnt too bad, i need to go to another building and get bright green or ruby red.Tifosi, yep that some nice carpet, i could see a jacket made with those colors/pattern not looking too bad. Beautiful boots, almost didnt notice them...
First time trying to post a crappy cell phone pic directly from phone, hope it works. I wanted to share my office carpet since others have been sharing over the past year since following the thread. Here's my 379x tankers. 3rd wearing. No treatment or brushing just wearing. Also exposing to indirect sunlight trying to bring out some of the brown. Haven't noticed any changed yet. 2 weeks into the process
Thanks gentfarmer for sharing your sizing experience.  We're pretty close in the same build for shirts.  I just started buying TS shirts and have a 44 red barn shirt which fits well.  I bought a 44 sweatshirt and the body and arms were long but fit in shoulders, wash and dry seemed to help.  Looking at the Yosemite shirts and a jacket and wavering between 42 and 44. May have to buy to try on and return for another size but appreciate you taking the time to share your...
Congrats Carson. Nice looking boots and timing. Enjoy.!
Inn8chiro. I just got s boot in 379x last and it's comfortable Here is s comparison shot I posted a few weeks ago http://www.styleforum.net/t/85589/the-official-alden-thread/96240#post_7509947 Hope it helps
Bucket13, what model or last is the Alden boot you referenced in your 1st post. I think that will help you narrow down what boot/last in viberg is best for you and what size. I think with your std to narrow width foot any boot in 110 last would be out, maybe a 2030 last boot would be the best fit. If you share the Alden boot style and last that will help people narrow down the options. good luck
I agree with bellyhungry, LB is more dressier and IR more of a work boot.  The LB will most likely be more comfortable out of the box as Redwings are known to have a longer break in period.  Just to add more variables, BB has a IR in commando.  I think they are the only retailer to carry this model that i have seen.  You can get them on sale at BB just not sure when.  You can't go wrong with either brand its just a matter of style and maybe comfort that will be the...
That Monitaly mountain parka is awesome.....wish i hadn't bought something in waxed canvas ast year, if you need a waxed coat , take a look
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