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Thanks guys for the info ! Very helpful
Dj. Thanks for the info Interesting. I have only tried 4497 last so far. I find i need an 8.5e in Barrie. How is is the length of 10 Barrie and 10 2298? I have heard 2298 is slightly longer than 4444 and 4497Thx again !
ErikW nice shoes. Really nice color. How is the 2298 sizing compared to other brands? Alden or Viberg ?Thx
Very nice JS. Are those the 8.5's. I thought about getting but wanted to remain in the bed and not permanently banned to couch by wife Enjoy. They look superb!
I like herringbone. Looks nice. I was ready to back but I am looking for a zipper. Does TS ever do zipper fronts on camp pants?. I hope fund so they get to the zipper version ­čśÇ
That's a cool boot. Please post some pics on the feet when get them. Enjoy!
My daughter and I wearing our brown captoe boots. She has been at the barn everyday this week so hers are pretty beat up Broke these out even though it's 95
^very nice. Enjoy. Great looking boot!
+1 on simplicity. Lightweight and pretty powerful
Good advice here  Here is a pic i posted a few months ago.  8.5d Barrie (far Right) 9 Truman, 9.5 grant (left center) and Epaulet tennis trainer (9.5)  not sure these are all lined up exactly
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