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^very cool hmlarsson. Do you get many comments from strangers on those? Thx for the pics
^shawnc. Good ending 👍They look great can't tell anything happened
Thx for sharing the info it helpsI think the fit and look are spot on for you
^nice leisurewear I bid on a few but wasn't sure on sizing. What size did you get compared to other brands if you don't mind me asking? I am an xl in the barbours I have and an xl slim in jcrew shirts Thanks for sharing the pic
Cigar captoe today ftw.....
Impressive zissou. I could imagine MAYBE hemming the leg length but never the waist Always nice to have a great fitting pair of pants!
Really nice shawnc. Whiskey is on my list someday!
^nice shoes the last few days zippyh
^nice zippy 👍
Thanks @zippyh   I think i am going to buy a pair of Burtons on 4444 to see how the last works.     @CanadaCal those are sweet boots.  I forgot that enzo had those.  I remember a SF vendor had a similar pair last year....your throwing a monkey wrench into my plans    thanks guys
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