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^very nice. Enjoy. Great looking boot!
+1 on simplicity. Lightweight and pretty powerful
Good advice here  Here is a pic i posted a few months ago.  8.5d Barrie (far Right) 9 Truman, 9.5 grant (left center) and Epaulet tennis trainer (9.5)  not sure these are all lined up exactly
Thanks for confirming I am a big fan of the Cxl as well Navy rough out would look nice 👍
The aged bark looks good. These are unstructured toe, correct?
Thx drewcan for sharing your experience with the canvas I may order larger size and compare
Agreed. Got mine today as well. Great material. Question for those that have the duck canvas. Will these stretch some? Mine are snug not tight but can't gain any weight 😳 Afraid one size up will be too big especially if they stretch
Haha. I get similar response from wife and daughter So let's cut to the end ...What size are they and how many wears on them when you sell ? 🤔 Jk They look great. Enjoy!
Look good. They are my size and thought about buying them. How do you like the sole? Enjoy!
^ very nice pickup
New Posts  All Forums: