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Robertson. Great pickup. Or lucky catch I guess. I haven't tried the grab bag yet but may have to roll the diceThx for sharing
Tough choice do you have any other roughout or bison boots? If so get the one you don't have
Very nice Syllabus. Is that mogano ? I think that is the right color? Looks great
. Ugggh skenney, I didn't need to know that. Haha 🤔🤔. Must resist
Did some boot cleaning this week.  Brushed and conditioned the Cigar Captoes and brushed and applied some Cordovan creme to the NST.  Ready for the fall!        
I decided to clean boots and shoes this week. Here are my English tan latigo shoes. About 15-20 wears and hadn't cleaned or brushed or applied any product to. Here is the before, one brushed then final. Note I did use the same brush that i normally brush my cxl boots that have been treated with lexol. One on Right brushed = left shoe I really like this leather
Falu_al sorry to hear you may have to sell these beautiful shoes.  I have had barrie fit a little different.  My first pair cxl 6 eye chukka fit great and then bought a few others that were tighter but that was most likely the difference between cxl and non cxl or i need an 8.5e.  The shoes definitely look different sizes in the picture...i doubt its the angle . Do you have  a trubalnce or other alden to throw  into the picture for comparison purposes? and lastly crap ..i...
Lawyer dad.  nice fit pic.  I have looked at the jacket so many times and couldn't figure out of it would fit.  You also have the navigator jacket I believe and that another great jacket.  Nice pickups and thanks for sharing.
@nmwa. Is that ts(s) deck jacket a spring fall weight or winter? I live in Va if that helps Thx for the info
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