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Bass beer and bassketball!
MSAINT thanks for sharing comparison pic. How did you size McNairy compared to the 4497 last which I think the trickers is on? thanks
thanks @gte872h for  the pics and details ..... very helpful.  I found this pic while researching but the info on the 110's helps.  I am an 8.5 in 1035, 8.5 e in barrie and can do 8.5e or 9d in trubalance last.  I want to try a 2030 as there are a lot of good makeups in 2030.   Beautiful boots in the pic.. is the one on the end the mahogany shell?    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
I am looking at a pair of 145's I believe on the 110 last - size 8 1/2 Does anyone of any side by side pics Iof 110 and 1035? Trying to determine if the 110 will be too short. A 110 side by side against same size Barrie last may help as well Thanks guys
Hey Guys, looking to see if anyone has a rough-out or suede Viberg on preferably the 1035 last.  Would be open to a 1040 and maybe a 110/2030 ( I think I need a size 9 in 2030)   #1 wish list would be reverse snuff kudu but looking to see what folks have sitting in their closets looking for a new home   thanks!
^ very nice msaint chestnut color?
Did anyone get the leder dark khaki canvas pants in l or xl? Looking for the leg opening size. Can leder pants be let out any? Thx for info
^very cool hmlarsson. Do you get many comments from strangers on those? Thx for the pics
^shawnc. Good ending 👍They look great can't tell anything happened
Thx for sharing the info it helpsI think the fit and look are spot on for you
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