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Bobbo Thanks for the info. I am really wanting to venture into Trickers and it looks like the 4497 in an 8 may work Your wife has good tastes. Look forward to seeing how the boots age. Have a great weekend
Bobbo. Nice pickup. I think I was watching that auction. What is your US tts as I think these were a 8 UK 4497 last correct? Thanks for the pic they look great!
The 110 last is a very wide last, I think it on the new 2040 last May give you the look you want. Guy or someone with better knowledge could help. I wear a 9 tts US and got the 110 viberg on a 9 and it was like a 9.5 ee width shoe in my opinion. I really like the Nigel boot and a Mto run would be cool.
Thanks Ryden for the info. I will need to keep an eye out for the restock
Is the blue jacket Frank is wearing in the above picture the Doyle jacket? If so, I like that. When was that offered? Looks like a great all purpose casual jacket Thx
Nice pickups WTG enjoy the shoes!
Thanks wonsmith for the info. Enjoy the boots
Wonsmith. Where did you see osb waxed flesh boots? They look good
Vicious yes these are a 8.5d barrie last. I am sure once you get the house you will come across a pair, at least I hope they do for you. Have a good weekend
movingslow Jeans look great. I need to head down to shockoe denim store and check them out, thanks for sharing DuckOB
New Posts  All Forums: