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All this talk of cigar lwb has me wondering if any have it with a commando sole? It's s great looking shoe!
Nice shoes zenny. I think at the bottom of this page is the shoes you reference. http://www.styleforum.net/t/85589/the-official-alden-thread/94950 Post 94980. I know I have almost bought these several times based on that pic as well Enjoy the boots !
Good condition Black plain toe Cordovan shoe. These are size 9 bd model 9901  Bought them from a forum member but too big for me   price includes PP fees and shipping.   thanks for looking
Understand the trial and error pain (read cost of mailing packages back or selling). My first Barrie was 8.5d in cxl (6 eye chukka ) and fit great. I wear an 8.5d in suede Indy. Np. I then bought 8.5 d Barrie suede shoe and too tight. Will go with 8.5 e shoes in all Barrie that are non cxl. On the fence about 8.5 d shoe in shell Barrie. They seem to fit ok could probably wear d or e in Barrie shell shoe. No Barrie boot experience 8.5. Hope these data points help Now...
For sale or trade - Like new Epaulet Cognac suede trainers. I would trade for "like new" 9.5 Epaulet trainers or run other options by me.  Sold out so may be last chance to get.   I wore these for about an hour in the house and walked out to get the mail. I need a larger size.   I'll pay for shipping and Paypal fees.   thanks for looking
Understatesman. Can you share some pics of the boots. Would like to see some well worn boots. $35 bucks sight unseen
Hey Irish or anyone interested. I received 2 dark blue hoodies size L.  I am open to sell 1 at cost or trade for a L or XL for any other combination other than a dark blue hoodie. Nice material on these, wore it tonight to walk the dog
kopped the sweatshirts , went for a large hoping they stretch out as the xl may look like a dress.  curse the wide shoulders and short body!  hoping for a dark hoodie and light sweatshirt.  These may be on the trading block if my plan doesn't work out.   I love these surprises, working thru wearing the current sock grab bag now
 no idea, probably to get it down to only one thread
I received 1 of 2 jeans a few weeks ago.  Very well constructed in my opinion ( no expert though).  I posted some pictures on this thread   http://www.styleforum.net/t/442152/lawless-denim-ld-co-official-affiliate-thread/255   I have too many jeans so they are for sale if anyone wants to try out a pair at my cost (see signature).  I have an 18.5 oz jeans coming next and decided to keep  that pair.
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