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Wanted to share my Alden Indy Suede converted to Dainite.  Originally it had Red Brick and changed to dark brown dainite.  I really like the look.   Before       After     Have a good week all
For Sale basically new pair of Alden CXL wingtips.  Tried on in the house for about 30 minutes and they have been stored in shoe trees since.   Size 8.5 d Barrie Comes with shoe box and bags, shoes trees not included Price $335.00 Included Shipping and Paypal fees Please let me know if you have any questions     thanks
Thanks for the heads up guys, bought the distressed wilshires. I have been wanting to try out the Wilshire cut and good price to try them now
Frankc. Yes that was the coyote but I agree with you the cxl and wax flesh would be good as well
^^^^. Very nice Shawnc. Nice boots!
That would probably work, especially if you use a full insert. What leather and sole are you thinking about getting?
Awesome. Congratulation on the new family member Enjoy your time with the family in the mtns. I miss the off season vacations when the kids are still young . It's raining in VA as well!!
Thams. Hope you have been doing well. Can you post an after pic? Assuming you will clean them up. That is one of my favorite boots after they get some wear on them
Hey Guus. As a data point I wear a 8.5 d in Indy and 8.5 1k. I think the Indy is a tad bigger. I am sure others will chime in but i would buy the same size in 1k and Indy.Question you say you are going down a half size. Have you tried on Indy ?Both are comfortable -enjoy your new boot
 Yeah looking at the same jacket.  Looks great, I wonder what the texture is like, cotton/Nylon mixture.  Its a good price for sure. thanks for anyone can share some real life experience with the jacket  thanks
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