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Hey Irish or anyone interested. I received 2 dark blue hoodies size L.  I am open to sell 1 at cost or trade for a L or XL for any other combination other than a dark blue hoodie. Nice material on these, wore it tonight to walk the dog
kopped the sweatshirts , went for a large hoping they stretch out as the xl may look like a dress.  curse the wide shoulders and short body!  hoping for a dark hoodie and light sweatshirt.  These may be on the trading block if my plan doesn't work out.   I love these surprises, working thru wearing the current sock grab bag now
 no idea, probably to get it down to only one thread
I received 1 of 2 jeans a few weeks ago.  Very well constructed in my opinion ( no expert though).  I posted some pictures on this thread   http://www.styleforum.net/t/442152/lawless-denim-ld-co-official-affiliate-thread/255   I have too many jeans so they are for sale if anyone wants to try out a pair at my cost (see signature).  I have an 18.5 oz jeans coming next and decided to keep  that pair.
KPD  How did the CXL Indy's fit when you first got them because suede won't stretch like cxl.  For me my Indy's (TB last) fit wider than barrie and I need an e in barrie suede lined shoes ( haven't tried boots) so if the length on your Indy's are good you will probably be ok with the same size in Barrie.  Only if the length is too long would I size down.  Someone else may be able to chime in who has suede barrie boots.  What is your brannock size when you go to a shoe...
Akeem thats a good point, i think a 8.5 d in barrie shell works for me.  KPD, what is the scenario or you are working thru?  shell , calf lined, cxl?
Hey KPD, I am slightly different in TB and Barrie. For instance i have learned thru much trial and error ( read bought and sold many shoes) that I am a 8.5 e in Barrie and an 8.5 D in TB except for a cxl where the give of the cxl allows me to be comfortable on a 8.5d in Barrie I think most size the same but i guess my feet are just a tad wider, requiring a e in Barrie best of luck to you  DuckOB
 Hey Mike , Yeah I might be interested as well, with wide shoulders on a 5'10" frame, the arms tend to be too long when i get into the XL and XXL sizes.  I'll keep my eyes out for the semi custom option thanks!
Nice outfit Mike. That shirt has some pop to it.   Very Nice!.   I think i need to order a EP shirt and dial in the size so I an partake in the next round of EFF..both shirt and pants
Thanks Todd V for the quick reply.  Bought...worst case scenario i am ahead of the game for Xmas presents next year for dad!   Have a good weekend
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