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Accordion. Yes on the shoes
4characters. Thanks for sharing. I like them all. My grab bag should be here in next few days. I will take a pic. I hope to get a pocket t Henley and waffle. Thanks again for sharing the opportunity
Mighty. These look great. Glad your were still able to get them. Please remember to post some pics after some miles are on them Enjoy
Brown by a hair. Have any brown flat waxed laces to try out?
Occulta   I have found the LVC jeans waist to be more true to size versus the mainstream jeans.  So i would wear a 36 in LVC versus a 34 in the mainstream 505 cut.  With the mainstream 505 you need to watch the label as you will have 2 different waists - "sits below waist" - newer cut and "sits at waist" older cut we all (or most) grew up with.  I am good with the "sits at waist" cut in the mainstream 505 as it is what i have been used to for 35 years.  many of the large...
Spoon. Excellent pick up. From what I have seen the natural cxl ages really well. Enjoy!
Thanks everyone for the pics and info on the new tennis shoes. I was just logging in to ask if these are cushioned insoles but I kwanon just posted that they are removable so I could take out the standard ones and place mine if needed. decisions decisions
Ryden I agree, these have been in my cart several times along with these http://viberg.com/collections/sample-sale/products/145-oxford-sz-8-6 the 110 last is so wide, I had a pair of 9 chukkas in the 110 last and I am concerned they will be too short if I go 8.5 for my TTS 9 looking forward to round 2, great pickups guys, congrats to the person who picked up Loden Green on Commando, I would have pulled the trigger had I seen those before they were bought signed, I...
Awesome. Sixteener would be the one that I would want. Nice pickup
Tifosi anything interesting in a size 8.5 barrie/TB Previews always welcome here good luck on the sale guys. I usually post on both, I alternate the order. Just depends on the item.
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