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^^ +1
Djbanor. Very nice. And They are going to get better with age Enjoy!
Thanks billymax for the heads up on the 145. My size isn't available. I would be interested in a 145 in the future.Just a note to the 310 guys here. It looks all the boots or most are 310 on van afferden website. Best way to find the vibergs is via search feature
Hi. Yes. I have pulled the insoles out of my sport and tennis. After market insoles fit well. I have also put 3/4 orthotics on top of existing sole. All with good resultsHope you find a insole to help with the fit.
Fall shell cleaning. A little saphir wax and brushing
Very nice msaint and allmod. 👍
Got my 2 PF buys cpo and jacket. Both are very nice. Both xl. I could probably size down on the flannel jacket and agree with Ryder would move the cuff button. The canvas is really nice. Will wear in awesome I think. Here are my first fit pics other shoes 😁 And for bathroom info - temp apt while the new house is finished. Nice big mirror tho
^looks great rydenfan. Mine should be here tomorrow. My first PF. Hope it fits me 😀
Hi. Question on sizing for 4497 6 width size 9. Compared to Viberg 1035 size 9. Interest in toe room and difference in heel. Thx for sharing any experience
Haha. Steel. You want the good news or bad news first. Ok good news they won't fit me. Bad news. They will fit you! Gettum!!
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