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Nice looking boots tweedboy. Thanks for sharing. I hope to own Trickers one day
The one one the right is sewn like the michigan boot is sewn and has nice even arch . I wonder if the person sewing just changed models they were working on. But yep got past QC
Awesome Steel. Look forward to seeing the ravello. I think we are the same size. Need any help with wearing all those new shoes?
^^Patrick_b i had the same type of question, what is the Viberg size you took and what is the Alden TB, and Barrie sizes Awesome shoes thanks for sharing
I really like the darker Cigar personnally. I only have one more boot to buy, looking for Ravello or cigar plain toe boot on Commando, antique edge preferred. I have never seen the boot for sale in the year I have been following Alden but hopefully one will pop up one day. Both shoes in the above pics look great
Walds11. I posted some a few weeks ago. I think I copied the page correctly. Here. http://www.styleforum.net/t/85589/the-official-alden-thread/91410#post_7383217
Walds11 Congrats on the new purchase.  I own the Courtlands and the suede Indy's as well.  Both great shoes.  Yeah, I think my suede Indy's were the first one I paid full price on.  You need a shell for that collection as well  enjoy the boots..and show some pics
hey wellworn, agree the newer style 501, 505's are not what we grew up with.  However, the 505's and I assume 501's have 2 models out there.  "sits at waist" older style and "sit below waist" which is probably what you picked up.  I did the same thing a few years ago and went searching at stores and found older cut "sits at wait" and feel they are closer or are what I wore....... forever.  You can also look at the LVC series and they are the older cuts you are used to....
Hey Taint   I am not an expert, but i think people will ask some questions like what type of leather do you want ( CXL, calf, suede etc, what type of sole, and what is the budget ) to be able to guide you.I haven't seen the frye boots but i have a friend who loves his iron rangers.  Most Iron Rangers have a rubber sole ( i think) but if you look at the brook brothers model it has a vibram commando so there's a difference.  If your budget is above 400-500 then you can get...
Uncle. Great looking cigars. I like the machine stitched shells better than hand stitched. I wonder if that is an option the reseller can chose now ? Thx for sharing
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