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 Thanks Gsg for the info and link to the picsall the best,
Looking for a comparison between 1035 and 2040. I think the toe volumn is similar so looking for total length. Is one longer than the other ? Thanks for info
Here's a proposal I have in my head.  Something unique ( I haven't seen yet) which would be GYW reverse split 360 degree welt.     Model: Service Boot Last: 1035 Leather: Natural CXL roughout Tongue: Navy smoothside Eyelets: 9 bronze Sole: Brown or  Black or Blue (Matches Tongue) Dainite Notes: GYW Reverse split welt 360 degree - natural, unstructured, Cap Toe, cushion insole
haha, i have written a few of those myself    thanks for the chuckle have a good week 
Tricky: Were the shoes and belt closer to a match before you sprayed the shoes?  What did you spray the shoes with that darkened them?  The reason I ask is I may want to darken some suede shoes I have. thanks for sharing
Fok, is it possible, if there are enough people in the camp of 1 type of shoe that several versions could be made?  I have been following the thread but have no idea of the numbers behind each style.  I'd like to see a natural cxl boondocker (number 3) in the type of sole you designed for the last round except a Tan midsole (foam/rubber part) and white mini ripple   or all black.   #6 would look good as well.   this may be too late in the process and i'll have to...
Very nice Edmund. What last are those. 1035?Thanks for sharing.
Thx Sticky. Looks like cord is out for me then.
I am in interested in some boots with cord sole. I have never tried them. Anyone have any experience with cord sole and how they compare to the vibram Christy sole or Alden commando or crepe. The viberg cord soles seem to a new option so I haven't be enable find vibergs with worn cord sole pics yet Thx for the info
. The coffee looks nice. There was a lot of people definitely watching it. I haven't tried 2040 yet. Just 110 and 1035. You never know one may pop up for sale. Have a great holiday weekend
New Posts  All Forums: