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Meso. Great shots. Definitely look better than those on site. Please post some pictures in the future with some wear on them Enjoy!
The white rough out is "unique". If you put dubin on it do you essentially then have a boondocker?
Hi Solo Like the boots. Trying to figure out if these will fit. I wear the same size as you in Barrie and tb, though I find Barrie bigger on me than tb. I wear a 8.5 in the wolverine. 1k. What type of socks do you wear in your boots ? I find the alden Indy suede on red brick sole pretty comfortable but still looking for that ultimate go to boot. Which boots are your go to boot? Thanks for any additional insight Mike
Thanks agvs I missed that on the initial read of description Thought I read some normally size down 1 size. Guess my question wasn't worded correctly at all . Like the style of yuketen just never had the opportunity to try on and narrow down sizing Thanks again
Any idea if these are US sizes? Thx
Thanks Dino for the quick reply. I will eventually get there they seem to have great customer service do I should be able to swap if needed All the best
I just started buying Taylor Stitch ( and other brands I have found via this forum) I got a couple of tshirts, the grey pocket crew and the red barn camp tshirt. the grey is is a soft comfortbale shirt and the barn camp is the thickest t shirt i own. Will be great for years to come. I just bought a sweatshirt today in the same size as the tshirts so i hope the sizing is consistent. wdahab and Dino do you have tshirts as well and do you wear the same size in...
Stevent. Beautiful boots. Wish I had seen them in a 9 on the site.
Sizing question for those that have tshirts and sweatshirts. I have a 44 barn camp shirt that fits in a "fitted" way. I couldnt go any smaller. I have broad shoulders which always challenges me with fitted items. Looking at one of the sweatshirts to buy. Does everyone go with the same size sweatshirt as they do on their tshirts? thanks for the any guidance. have a good weekend all
Good suggestions above. While we are in the suggestion box, I really liked the blue canvas pants and almost pulled the trigger several times. I thought that canvas or similar would make a great chore coat Great products coming out lately and have enjoyed the variety. Thanks for the time.
New Posts  All Forums: