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Nice boots zargoz congrats. Let know how you integrate without getting noticed haha. I could use some pointers
You're welcome. Vince makes a great boot. Which leather are you looking at? Lots of good choices
My guess is one is structured toe and one is unstructured toe Looks like your first pic is boot one which states unstructured. Hopes this helps
The email I got said. SHOPSPRING
Very Nice Marcellionheart,  how long have you had those?
Great place! They still have flying fish sandwiches?
Thanks @Marcellionheart  and @zippyh for the info.  Much appreciated!!
Cool. Thanks !
Excellent Kahuna.  They turned out great.  What is the suede part?  I am very interested in trying out the rlh sole some day enjoy!
question for anyone who has the Champagne Waxy leather.  I was thinking of getting a shoe with this leather but i am around barns pretty often, so very dusty.  I am wondering if this leather will attract the dust and maybe a smooth leather in a color like Marron or Espresso would be better     thanks for your opinions and experiences
New Posts  All Forums: