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  gr very cool, i didn't know that could be done.  Looks like a Jimmy boot now ( i think that is what Trickers calls their shorter boot)  I agree with Shawnc, nice work by the cobbler
Cld33. Would that be on the 2030 last? White, black or beige mini ripple? I like the mini versus the dainite but may be a hard sell I like the idea
  hahahaha   awesome third pic    how do you do that?????  plus I love using that emoticon when i can 
I got my jeans from their Kickstarter. I haven't gotten anything ordered directly through the web site yet. I'm actually a little surprised that my first order is still outstanding, since my it supposedly went into production about a month ago (someone contacted me to confirm some details).  It seems to take a month from when they get pulled onto the cutting floor, cut sewn and packaged. I received a tracking number earlier this week and according to USPS should...
Wkd80. Thanks for the info on sizing. Much appreciated. Enjoy your boots.
wkd80  how did you size your Vibergs compared to the Indys?  what last is the Vibergs..I assume 2030 thanks and enjoy the new boots!
Shawnc - excellent pickup, they look great. Interested in your impression of the orange itshide after some wears     thanks for sharing the pics
Murl,  the jacket looks great  sounds like you will get a lot of use out of it thanks for sharing the pic have a good weekend  Duckob
gr, yeah you must glide when you walk as well as I thought these boots were new as I didn't see any creases in the leather.  Must be a sturdy leather  I like the trickers with the blue, green, yellow etc soles...very cool  thx
 Very Nice gr.  I like the lower boot as well with the 5 eyelets.  Please share some fit pics when they get some wear. Also is the blue danite a softer compound then the black? enjoy the boots!
New Posts  All Forums: