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very nice p.lapaine.  Its good to see all the colors next to each other. Is that Green oxford the pistachio overdye?  nice I am a first time buyer so thought i'd share my new collection.    Tapioca Overdye Oxford After-Dinner Mocha Henley Charcoal Gray Henley 60s Denim Blue Chino - love the material and cut and will buy more Burgundy Thermal Crew Neck Sweater - i want to trade this one, its an XL, looking for an overdye oxford, jersey sweater, long sleeve t, chino etc,...
WMS  thanks for sharing the your collection.  Great variety and  nice to see how they have worn.   My favorite would be the 145 on the roughout - I just like that look  thanks again for taking the time to share the pics. Duck
Received the sample sale shoes yesterday.  I really like the English Tan Latigo   I think its going to break in nicely.   These are the first Dainite soles shoes i have so interested to see how they feel after hours of wearing.  These are GYW, look great, nice quality all around.  These are on the 1035 last, I am a 9 - 9.5 TTS depending on maker and these fit pretty good.  I have about a thumbs width of space at the end.  I maybe could have gone with an 8, would have fit...
Natt: you should notify the seller that they were sent to the wrong address so they are aware.  You should also contact the shipping company  and file a report that they were delivered to the wrong address. You or seller (not sure how it works) may need to start the paperwork to file a claim.  Sometimes the delivery driver will remember where they dropped it off.  I'd escalate to shipping company mgmt today. good luck!
Looks great together. I have those shoes shipping my way now. Will match an epaulet belt I have. How do the shoes feel after some time in them ?
Good price to try out different models. If any one is offering proxy service I would be interested in a 245 or 145 in an 8.5 or a service boot on Vibram sole. Please pm me if needed Thx
Nice shots p0rk. I hope if they don't sell them all they will put them online. I like the 245 and 145. Any idea how much they are selling those for?
Nice pickups Jp and p0rk. Thanks for sharing the pics. Please post some more if you go back Thx
Sounds like some good items. Haven't seen anyone call for 8.5 yet so if someone picks up something and decides to sell let me know. Would love some 145's or roughouts heck almost anything Good hunting Guys!
As others have posted, this was a good opportunity for people to try Wolfvsgoat clothing, try out some sizing etc. I took advantage of the sale and kinda over did it Started with the Denim Blue Chino and Overdye Oxford. Next day, back in with tshirts, long sleeve vneck t and Thermal henley...and Back in Friday with another henley and a cranberry Thermal sweater. Everything has been very nice, Reallly like the cut of the Oxford...fits my wide shoulders and not snug in...
New Posts  All Forums: