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Hi. Question on sizing for 4497 6 width size 9. Compared to Viberg 1035 size 9. Interest in toe room and difference in heel. Thx for sharing any experience
Haha. Steel. You want the good news or bad news first. Ok good news they won't fit me. Bad news. They will fit you! Gettum!!
Interesting. On my phone they both look like cordovan. I am trying to decide on what tricker boot to get so thanks for all the pics to see them lined up together
Nice! What's the difference btwn bottom 2 other than pull color? Edit I see bottom one is burford. All look great Thx for sharing
Thanks Nick!
General question - How do we take advantage of the free shipping to SF members again?  do we mention in the notes when we do PP or let Spoo know before we pay for the item.   thx for the info
Thanks guys for the info ! Very helpful
Dj. Thanks for the info Interesting. I have only tried 4497 last so far. I find i need an 8.5e in Barrie. How is is the length of 10 Barrie and 10 2298? I have heard 2298 is slightly longer than 4444 and 4497Thx again !
ErikW nice shoes. Really nice color. How is the 2298 sizing compared to other brands? Alden or Viberg ?Thx
Very nice JS. Are those the 8.5's. I thought about getting but wanted to remain in the bed and not permanently banned to couch by wife Enjoy. They look superb!
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