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Prurient very nice, what kind of soles on those? Enjoy the new shoes!
Looks like a different boot. Is the second to last shot when they were wet stil or just the shade? Before and after are both nice and how they age should be interesting. Thanks for sharing
Zissou. Glad they fit now. I really like the heshung boots/brand. enjoy !
Burzan. Are they full sole orthotics or more of a pronation arch support orthotic half insole ? I have redi-orthotics which are half insole orthotics and I can wear most of the Alden's I have tried without issue. I have been buying chukka's and boots just to be sure it wouldn't impact sizing but try each pair out with the insole as each one will probably be different. Good luck and I hope it doesn't effect the sizing. Any size 9 cigars at risk Have a great thanksgiving
Congrats thromb and Steel. Awesome week for you 2. Enjoy the new family members and give our best to the moms as well
Nice looking Prison boots, have never seen them before but reallly like the simplicity of the design thanks for sharing
Ryden, they look great. These are really nice shoes and turned out well enjoy and share the pics as they age
Thanks RTP, i plan on wearing them a lot  Did some research and looks like these are made for the Lokota house in Japan, they call them Tankers as well on their website  Have a good rest of your weekend
My TSM seconds showed up today, the #8 NST on 379x last on crepe.  I went TTS and got the 9.  They are going to work out and like the last so far...a whole hour wearing them   Since there only a few pics to be found on the 379x  here are some comparison pics with my 8.5D Barrie 6 eye chukka and 8.5D Suede Indy     I even got a partial stamp on one of them   Have a good weekend all!
Wow inn8chiro looks great, not sure i could pul it off but a really good color nonetheless enjoy
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