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 I've got the other two books I've found on/by Jun Takahashi, Gasbook 19 - Undercover & Madsaki and A Magazine 4 - Curated by Jun Takahashi which are pretty interesting as a "collector" (especially the latter), but they're really more like inspiration books.  I don't know what I was looking for, but I'm happy to have them.  The former was about $40, the latter about $100, both used and in near mint condition, I'd never want to buy them brand new. The new book that you...
 Do you play Hotline Miami in full disco cosplay gear?
  Yep, Zam Barrett.  Can be purchased from his online store (just Google it). Great avatar, Cross (†) is my favorite album of all time.
 getting your shit stolen isn't "your fault", don't be rude man it's true you're at greater risk for theft in open areas/public spaces, but there's a lot of trust in gyms and places like that, you shouldn't have to fear this stuff
 Thanks, I think I agree that it was a bit on the casual side, and I should have brought a dressier jacket.  It was at the Strathmore and my grandmother (who goes there often) assured me it was a more "casual" and "intimate" place than the Meyerhoff in Baltimore (this turned out to be basically just random untrue-but-mildly-entertaining commentary).  Yeah, the prior weeks I had seen Lupe Fiasco, Muse, and Ratatat.  I think I'm going to just stick to contemporary music and...
Fit from this weekend seeing Joshua Bell in concert for Valentine's Day/2nd anniversary.  Man, classical music is great, but the environment at concert halls is abysmal, it's so unapproachable and, frankly, old.  No one else there under 30 without a chaperone/parent (the parking garage on the way out, as a result, is even worse).     Uniqlo, Zam Barrett, Guidi
 It's really well built, has great inner divisions, and is very waterproof.  People like the minimalist and techy aspects of it, it's very characteristic of the Arc'Teryx Veilance aesthetic they're selling.  I wouldn't spend more than $350 for it, but then again they sold out pretty often at retail (i.e. the last year and a half... they finally ramped up production enough to meet demand).
Pic from this weekend waiting for the metro - two takes on the prototypical chuck: Common Projects Tournament Captoe Hi & Visvim Kiefer Nez Hi Pierce  
 Arc'teryx Veilance / Sifr / Zam Barrett / Smartwool / Common Projects    [[SPOILER]]
 Including this wonderful and absolutely uselessly sized bag (~8"x8" storage, which doesn't even fit a full notepad).
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