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I've got a mechanical as well but find I don't need it with this laptop (I've got a desktop too), and I carry around a SteelSeries Ikari.
 *shrug* I don't see any extra clicking, I primarily use keyboard shortcuts and my hands are used to Windows key layouts.  I don't want to get into a Mac vs PC debate, but the gist is I really have a deep appreciation for the SteelSeries-designed keyboard on here.
 I've got that same laptop.  Thoughts: the wireless is wonky, but for me has been less wonky than horror stories I've heard on the internet.  It's usable.  The trackpad is awful, but becomes tolerable if you turn the palm correction up to maximum.  The screen is dreamy and the keyboard is fantastic.
 Look into neither, they're both super gaudy and large.
 This looks strangely photoshopped.
 They were re-listed I guess.
MMM Galaxy High-tops in 40/7   YOOXTOP20 for another hour gets you 20% more off the price too
 I was a long time ago when I didn't realize it was easily catchable (I was "young and stupid" although I basically just apologized to eBay and promised not to do it again, they let me keep my account and I don't think they would have been so kind these days).
 Aye, and both the registration script and login script are broken for me.
My understanding was that it is.  Lactase persistence is present more in European populations whose cultures more actively drink milk after infancy/early childhood.
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