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Can't find this on my desktop by searching, but found it on mobile Yoox this morning and brought it over- Visvim Leather Moc Boots in 10.5 and 12 for $395 I would imagine these might go very quickly.
 I think this pair's in my dreambox too right now...
Holy shit, you look awesome.
nonnative robe/cardigan xs+
 I don't really think that's true.  I try to contribute as often as possible.  I just tried to clarify what you meant to Thurston Bros.  You're evaluating my posting style on a sample size of one. I posted a while back about how I don't post fits often because in the past they've been awful/rightfully shit on.  The general (appropriate) consensus is and has always been to lurk as necessary and post as necessary, and I'm not going to go clog up the WAYWT thread with fits...
 In quoting images.  Not trying to be a dick, but by not providing context, you came off as one :/
 I've been interested in the matching sneakers for so long, but I don't have the spare $$ to plop down on them.  Please someone, buy them and take my irrational want away.
They remind me of Feit, and unfortunately don't appeal to me much.
EG Blazer  
Undercover       Ordered from Totokaelo, thanks to the SI/SIB thread helping me pick out a color.  I think it's going to serve me well.
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