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 It's really well built, has great inner divisions, and is very waterproof.  People like the minimalist and techy aspects of it, it's very characteristic of the Arc'Teryx Veilance aesthetic they're selling.  I wouldn't spend more than $350 for it, but then again they sold out pretty often at retail (i.e. the last year and a half... they finally ramped up production enough to meet demand).
Pic from this weekend waiting for the metro - two takes on the prototypical chuck: Common Projects Tournament Captoe Hi & Visvim Kiefer Nez Hi Pierce  
 Arc'teryx Veilance / Sifr / Zam Barrett / Smartwool / Common Projects    [[SPOILER]]
 Including this wonderful and absolutely uselessly sized bag (~8"x8" storage, which doesn't even fit a full notepad).
 With these two criteria met, I see no reason why a company wouldn't price adjust.  You're right, it's just asinine.
 Maybe this will help?  Though they're stacked poorly here ~_~Sorry again if this lighting/picture qual is too shitty, it's from the mirror in Barneys Georgetown with my blurry phonecam.  Nonnative/Silent Damir Doma/Sifr/BBS-11/Broken Homme   [[SPOILER]]
  Shit pic, creepy expression, 6/10   Nonnative/Undercover/BBS-11/Broken Homme
The Marble Suit is back:   @ 200482-raf-simons-raf-simons-x-jil-sander-marble
 Thanks.  I've been working on actually building a good wardrobe/taking pics outside and not in the super warped mirror.
  Nonnative/Silent Damir Doma/Zam Barrett/Guidi
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