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Probably. It'd be an odd thing to counterfit, considering how unpopular (and ugly) they are.
 Everything is a remix.
Anyone have any experience with these Drkshdw jeans?
Junya x BB Shirt in XS on e-g.co
 I think they're different.  You can tell he's in a different location by looking at what ground he's standing on.
 That is the noragi :P (although Epaulet's version is a bit different from other noragi)
I'm an idiot and realized the reason my Sifr stuff didn't arrive is because it was being shipped to my old address.  I guess I'll be paying shipping again once the stuff arrives back in Singapore marked undeliverable :[
 I can't remember for sure, but I don't think you can give bad feedback if they refund you, only neutral (or none at all?).
Visvim Logan Deck Lo Luxsic size 9
  This classic Chappelle Show skit could not be more relevant  
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