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 It could be easily made part of the craft.
Sale has started at re-porter.
   Nothing against you nicely, you're awesome, but I totally don't trust anything short of guaranteed waterproof.  It's just not worth the neurosis to me.  Like all things though, for everyone else, YMMV.
 I'm not sure I entirely get it.  If the strap was bigger, I think they'd be fantastic, but I posted them because others are so very hyped on them.  It's not the same shape, if that matters, but if you're looking for a good technical pack with strong waterproofing, Mission Workshop was the pick for me and I'd suggest it to others who were looking at the Nomin (they're a tad cheaper too).
Arc'teryx Veilance Nomin Pack that was sold out everywhere, 2 at 25% off with FAMILY25 on East Dane   These will not last 'till dinner.
CDGSHIRT Sweater   I actually own the navy version of this piece already and have had this on my radar for a long time.  I swooped it from my Dreambox thanks to the Yoox sale.
 Legre/Arc'Teryx Veilance Dyadic/Sifr/Lanvin/Adidas x KZK Labs 84/Mission Workshop VX Sanction 3M sneaks shine with light/flash [[SPOILER]]  Cuffs/ankles still struggling, but *shrug*
 I doubt it.  Usually the problem with linking to photos from other websites is that you then tax their bandwidth for everyone to view them, but as far as I can tell, StyleForum rehosts images on their own server so that this is no longer a problem.
A little bit simple, and a bit grainy, but I figured I'm obligated to post here every once in a while.     Legre Sifr Uniqlo Scotch & Soda Common Projects (not pictured) Mission Workshop
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