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CDGSHIRT Sweater   I actually own the navy version of this piece already and have had this on my radar for a long time.  I swooped it from my Dreambox thanks to the Yoox sale.
 Legre/Arc'Teryx Veilance Dyadic/Sifr/Lanvin/Adidas x KZK Labs 84/Mission Workshop VX Sanction 3M sneaks shine with light/flash [[SPOILER]]  Cuffs/ankles still struggling, but *shrug*
 I doubt it.  Usually the problem with linking to photos from other websites is that you then tax their bandwidth for everyone to view them, but as far as I can tell, StyleForum rehosts images on their own server so that this is no longer a problem.
A little bit simple, and a bit grainy, but I figured I'm obligated to post here every once in a while.     Legre Sifr Uniqlo Scotch & Soda Common Projects (not pictured) Mission Workshop
 I have that pack (the VX Sanction with the Arxiv buckles) and am a huge fan.  The waterproofing is top notch.
I've got a mechanical as well but find I don't need it with this laptop (I've got a desktop too), and I carry around a SteelSeries Ikari.
 *shrug* I don't see any extra clicking, I primarily use keyboard shortcuts and my hands are used to Windows key layouts.  I don't want to get into a Mac vs PC debate, but the gist is I really have a deep appreciation for the SteelSeries-designed keyboard on here.
 I've got that same laptop.  Thoughts: the wireless is wonky, but for me has been less wonky than horror stories I've heard on the internet.  It's usable.  The trackpad is awful, but becomes tolerable if you turn the palm correction up to maximum.  The screen is dreamy and the keyboard is fantastic.
 Look into neither, they're both super gaudy and large.
New Posts  All Forums: