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Very nice, colorful-yet-restrained enamel on copper (or copper-plate) vintage cufflinks. Eye-catching, some colorful style, yet not loud or gaudy.... They do have some age, and appear to be, perhaps, 1st-half 20th C. I don't see a maker's mark, just the PAT PEND. visible on the cross-bars. I nice condition, no issues of losses. (What may appear to be flaws in the enamel are actual color bits near the edges that have an OPALINE effect...!) They have a spray of...
Urgently wish to purchase an item from a UK seller, and need a kind and kindred gent to assist. No risk on your part, I assure you....and I'll compensate you for your time and effort, if you wish. Thanks!
Down to $35.
I did obtain these from a source in France.... I find no markings. They are very well-formed, 3D realism, elegant satin-gold finish, and in fine condition. 1" x just under 1/2" overall dimensions. One of those pairs of links a guy will regret having let go, when there is another WInton Marsalis, or Botti performance to attend.... $45. Drop to $35. shipped to the CONUS {outside the USA, at actual cost, actual-sale-value declared ; you assume any risk of loss/delays, etc. }
DROP...... Hard to imagine anything with which I could come much closer to guaranteeing absolute satisfaction....!
I've had many nice, vintage links, but must say that the overall effect with these puts them among the nicest-looking, most subtle-yet-striking look of any of them..... Possibly Edwardian or perhaps somewhat later, definitely vintage, in Sterling (so marked) and with either black enamel or onyx panels. I liken the brilliance of the incising work to 'brilliant cut' crystal. Just magnificent and, no matter how I tried with the three photographic lights, the effect couldn't...
A nice-looking, well-made vintage legal attache, of heavy-stock burgundy leather and with great-looking full-length brass hinges to both inner and outer top covers. Quite heavy, and stiff, leather used here. This will hold some weight, without distorting and....is very durable. Nice burgundy leather in very good condition. White/off-white stitching in overall good condition. A bit of wear/oxidation to the hinges and latches, but just that desirable amount of vintage...
Classic, genuine CROC clothes or shoe brush. Bothe the croc top, the leather substrate, and the brush are in very good condition. Just a bit of scuffing on one end, which will polish up fine I would think.... 7" x 2" x 1.5" high. ***SOLD***
Still available..... $36.
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