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I'm in!Can someone with photoshop skills get a moc up for this? Carmina 803 (rain last?) in a chestnut grain calf.Newshoes1--are you in?
I would prefer leather soles but if dainite gets this bird in the air I am game. Let's do it! Color preference is something on the lighter spectrum of brown. Calf or grain would both be fine. Chestnut, tan, etc.Interested:Mrmstl (me)Newshoes1Patliean1
Carmina 803 is pretty similar and available on rain I believe.On a side note--I purchased that very shoe from Steve (pre-order) but would be very interested in GMTO for the 803 in almost any color besides burgundy.
Just saw these on Bonafe's homepage...special 50th anniversary shoes. 24 diamonds of croc beautifully seemed. Group MTO anyone?
might I ask how you like it? How does the last/sizing compare to any Carmina that you have?
Not really in the market for a Chelsea...I do love that bracken color though. Would you consider Bonafe's jodhpur instead? The model Skoak stocks (http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/enzo-bonafe/products/enzo-bonafe-jodhpur-boot) is sex and I have my eye on that at the moment. Think that could be the tits in museum bracken.
not from Skoak (3 orders)
 My wallet thanks you for your prompt action.   Another 15 minutes and $700 would have disappeared...poof!
 Not committing to the order but I would vote for something other than brown as Skoak stocks a brown austerity brogue.  Burnished chestnut would be hot IMO.
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