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@steveyoo1983 FYI -just had an email returned to me with error message saying your mailbox was full.  You may want to investigate.
 I agree with this.  I assumed anyone considering two-tone boots with green suede shaft (myself included) had already come to terms with this as well. But I think all the comments suggesting they can ONLY be worn with more formal outfits BECAUSE of them being 'balmoral' instead of 'blucher' is misguided.  They are light brown boots with a green suede shaft.  Those two elements trump the lacing configuration (a detail all but 1% of the public are oblivious to in the first...
I think those are disturbingly gorgeous and tried to get my own pair but they were out of my size.   My $.02 is that you can wear them with anything that you would wear that color brown wingtip with.  The green shaft makes them less formal than they would be otherwise, but from a matching perspective the green suede doesn't hinder you at all IMO.   I would absolutely pair them with a pair of "dressy" denim and sport coat or cardigan.  Don't let the (dark) green shaft...
Interesting--thanks for all the feedback. Curious why this would be such a difficult SC to pair? One of the things that appealed to me was that I thought it would be fairly versatile. Really value the insight--thanks again.
Gents--I know there are other threads for this, but I have been reading through this one for awhile and particularly value the collection of posters here.  Just curious on fit/feedback for the following jacket that came today via eBay.  Maker is Michelangelo, which I understand to be Isaia's "affordable" line. Colors are navy and cream.  Sleeves need shortening; anything else?  I just tried it on over what I was already wearing today.  [[SPOILER]]
 Like the combo but the pants are unflaterringly tight IMO.
@Braddock   Really loved those recent combos; however, was not crazy about the red shirt/green tie/brown? jacket combo but assuming that was somewhat contrived for holiday purposes.
  How about a CXL austerity brogue boot?
Magnanni makes loafers in a similar sleek style to what you're looking for and much cheaper than ferragamo. They aren't by any means the "best" shoes available on the market but if they are the style you're looking for go for it. You can generally find them for a good price through Saks off 5th or Nordstrom rack, eBay etc. If you want to spend a little more than that, Carmina makes what I consider some pretty sleek loafers. Google carmina 10082 and see if that is what...
Happy holidays indeed. I am looking to bulk up on boots next year so eagerly await your offerings!!!
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