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 Yes, please!
 IN!!! I want these yesterday!!!
Just got the last Zegna charcoal cashmere.  I'll be ballin' for an upcoming black/white event.   Question to Rob or other owners of this tie:  will i be able to wear this in spring/summer or is it pretty much fall/winter only?  
 I have a very hard time empathizing with you on this, MSchapiro.  If they were advertised as seconds, I don't see how you have a case complaining that there is, in fact a blemish that qualifies them for seconds.  Furthermore, that blemish is microscopic and one that will never be seen by anyone.  I would consider that a Win with a capital W.  He could have accidentally taken a pic of the wrong shoe and not realized it, as it's that insgnificant. Just my $.02
Yes, I was hit with similar $30-40 charge.  This was frequently discussed on this thread awhile back.  Almost everyone in the US seems to get hit with this, to varying extent.
 I disagree with this assessment.  LM line is approximately $300, whereas any Carmina is $450-500+.  I don't consider a 50% increase "very close" Meermin LM = Allen Edmonds prices Not Carmina.
 My Olfes of the same captoe model were quite snug my first wear, but have become one of my favorite fitting shoes after 4 or 5 wears. But the quality control issues are a different animal altogether.
I'm in. Just for consideration, you might need 25 people to get a MTO for museum calf. If that's the case, and we can't get 25, I would still be interested in the plain navy calf.
Yes!Terror, I'm also still interested in that hatchgrain wholecut on the new chiseled last if that ever gets off the ground.
 Thank God!!!  Not even close to my 8.5 UK or I would have had a similarly smashed keyboard and bloody forehead.
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