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WTT TOJ 48 Chesterfield for a Fishtail
looking for destroyed jeans in a 32 if anyone has em.
 Thanks, so there were 16 cm hems though?
Were there a pair of 16 cm hems in the 14AW collection destroyed jeans? And if so, how would you size on these? TTS or one size up? I wear a 31 in the 15.5 hem
IC: Chesterfield in Cracked Pepper in Sz 48. PM Offers
I'm glad to see that you're addressing a lot of peoples' concerns here though. Thanks!
 Just a question of curiosity though, how would you go through with this transaction with a gift payment? Doing a gift payment is just as risky.
I think I actually ordered on the same day or a day before you.
Still waiting on any word on my TOJ0 August order.
Pretty sure he doesn't. One day, you'll receive your shipment confirmation (maybe even not, it might just show up at your door). One day..
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