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On a more serious note, when you see this thread title, do you read it as tah-j or tee-oh-jay
what kind of jacket are you waiting on?
WTT TOJ 48 Chesterfield for a Fishtail
looking for destroyed jeans in a 32 if anyone has em.
 Thanks, so there were 16 cm hems though?
Were there a pair of 16 cm hems in the 14AW collection destroyed jeans? And if so, how would you size on these? TTS or one size up? I wear a 31 in the 15.5 hem
IC: Chesterfield in Cracked Pepper in Sz 48. PM Offers
I'm glad to see that you're addressing a lot of peoples' concerns here though. Thanks!
 Just a question of curiosity though, how would you go through with this transaction with a gift payment? Doing a gift payment is just as risky.
I think I actually ordered on the same day or a day before you.
New Posts  All Forums: