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ZAM BARRETT Black Linen DNA J-Pants   Bought these off reedobandito a long time ago. Wore them maybe two times since then and they've just been sitting in my closet for a while.   Decided that it's time to sell these off.    Measurements: Waist: 16.5" Rise: ~10.5" Inseam (Keep in mind they're J-cut): ~35" Hem: 6.85"       Original Post:   It really pains me to list these, as they're the nicest pants I've ever handled and one of the nicest pieces of clothing...
where'd you have it done? i have the same jacket
 on that note, does anyone know any good NYC/NJ Tailors?
anyone know if you can shorten the leather jacket sleeves if it has a zipped cuff? 
are you for hire
what's your logo on your clothing look like?
whend you order?
 when did you order?
No offense be how are October orders getting fulfilled before August ones on the same type of jacket??
Hey guys,   I just started a website, Just to give you a quick rundown, we personalize gifts and cards for you on your behalf and ship em out, so you don't forget. This works well for days like your mother in law's birthday or that wedding anniversary you can't seem to remember. A problem I'm having is finding the best way to find customers. I currently do promotions on Facebook and stuff but it hasn't been very effective, minus a 1-2...
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