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 Just a question of curiosity though, how would you go through with this transaction with a gift payment? Doing a gift payment is just as risky.
I think I actually ordered on the same day or a day before you.
Still waiting on any word on my TOJ0 August order.
Pretty sure he doesn't. One day, you'll receive your shipment confirmation (maybe even not, it might just show up at your door). One day..
Nope I'm in jersey right now so I went to the nearby uniqlo. They had a lot in stock but never received any of the urban sweats.
Picked up a grey suit (not-striped) and a chesterfield. Regretting spending the money on that coat but I think the $ was worth it for the suit. Also picked up some socks and a flannel!
Buy & Sell (the marketplace)
Haha i know right!
As title mentions, looking to buy SLP tan jodhpur boots in size 43
I bought my black denim 15.5 off Mr. Porter around January, so I don't really know the seasonal details. I'm going to guess its AW13.
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