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Carpe diem!
Up for trade is this amazing julius jacket with the detachable gun holster. I just recently bought it from another sf member and sadly it doesn't fit that well.   I would prefer to trade it for the same jacket in size 2, other Julius jackets in size 2 or possibly an RO jacket (stooges or globa bomber come to mind). The jacket is in great condition with some signs of wear.   PM for further and more detailed info.
I believe the angle of the photo wasn't the greatest. I wasn't sure about the size and style when I bought it tbh. I mean It looks really great but wasn't sure I could pull it off. Here are two other pics from distance with a better angle I believe. What do you think, still looks wierd?        
Julius moto Vailent T-Shirt Nudie Thin Finn jeans
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