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Meat sauce over spaghetti sauce?
No worries, I was just having some fun.
Lol. Yeah, I like to wear it when I hold horse races on my yacht.
Thank you for your constructive criticism.
My right foot is slightly raised as I had to get a little bit of a lean going in order to get a halfway decent picture. I have to go to my tailor today anyways so I might hash a few things out today.
Excellent. Thanks for the replies gents. Still feels a little weird with so much sock showing while walking.
Gentlemen, I'm attempting the short/no break. Is this this too far? I apologize for the pic quality, no mirrors available.
I knew a guy that told everyone to call him Brody for like 5-6 months.  He was a tool and we all sure did laugh at him.
I just picked up John Varvatos Vintage today, it's incredible.
Talked to my advisor and made the switch today.
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