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so I decide to go with a new RW boots (Iron Ranger), I just want some advices about sizing and where to purchase :D I wear sz 7.5 Clarks Desert Boots and sz 8 Chippewa 6", what sz should I go with the IR? Also, where's the best place with best price to buy them? Thank you :D
my chocolate pair got dried out as I'd worn it through rains, I guess it's time for some conditioning treatment but I still don't know what to use, so any advise everyone ?
they'll stretch eventually and fit well, you just have to wear them. My regular size is 31-32 on G-star, levi's,... and my DF WG is 29, the buttons will be fully fasten after about 1 week of wearing
I like the pair moty01 more but have no exp in buying an unsanforized denim, how about the thigh shrinkage, the moty01 have 12" thigh and my WG pair is 11.5" :( and one more thing, does it need a pre-soak to have the expected fit before wearing ?
I'm wearing sz29 Weird Guy, so I must take sz30 if I go with the MOTY01 I guess ?
does those pairs BOM005 and BOTY01 have the same color of fabric ?
my Dirty Fade Weirdguy for over 4 months, still don't know if they will fade to beige color or not  
yes it does, but still, too dirty after times. I'm thinking of getting a new pair of leather instead of suede again
I have my Desert Boots worn for over a year now, it's Oakwood suede and now so dirty, what can I do
okay, thank you guys so much
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