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who dares wins..nice
Thanking you kindly. Will check these guys out.
Looking for a cobbler of repute. Preferably zones 1 and 2 and with an old school approach. A lady friend of mine once mentioned a place near the Savoy? We don't speak anymore hence my post. Please help. Like the ad says: Autumn's coming... Thanks
thats a good one! 
Thansks friend-useful.
ummmm,any tighter and they could be used for the legs section on a g-suit
Hello,   I am getting married in September in St.Lucia. It's a low key affair - just myself and wifey to be are flying out there. A few questions:   *Has anyone had any experience of Zegna's TROFEO silk as a fabric for a bespoke 2 piece suit?  * Anything of a similar weight (super 130ish?) that people could recommend? *Which London based personable, reliable tailors would people recommend? Ideally an older geezer who knows his craft.    *Is a £700 budget...
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