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If Jesus loves me then I'll get my 2013DR from nearly 13 months ago before July is over. 
Looking to buy an RO double layered tee. Preferred short sleeve, in either black/milk/darkshadow. Sizes S-M only. Will also consider longsleeve if price is low enough, I guess - not really on my priority list.
You are looking at a pair of pre-owned Rick Owens DRKSHDW Ramones canvas sneaker in size 41 EU. Wore for a couple of months, and I picked up another pair of shoes that I am increasingly wearing more often and these don't get worn in my rotation anymore, so I'm going to sell them. Heels are very well kept, as you can see in the pictures. The sneakers also have been reinforced professionally (on both shoes) on the inner heel with a panel of lambskin leather. The reason for...
Officially 2.5 weeks after a whole year of waiting.    Here's to hoping late June DR orders are shipped within the next week. 
Bought in Japan awhile ago. Size 1, and slightly small on me because I've grown. Pre-distressed denim fabric (hence the fading). Lined with polyester on the inside of arm sleeves, body lined with cotton. The color is a deep navy with a slight green hint.   Measurements:  Shoulder to shoulder: 44cm  Pit to pit: 49cm  Length: 72cm  Sleeve length: 65cm   Fits very, very slim. I am 5'9 and 125lbs, would probably fit somebody with a SLIGHTLY smaller frame than me perfectly...
 My june 2013dr order didn't even get shipped yet... .__.
Officially 2 days after my 1 year anniversary.   I feel empty inside.
I just realized that in 4 more days I will have waited an entire year for my 2013DR   Damn.
i sent charly a <3   hopefully i get a tote  
Just to make sure - no late June DRs were shipped this batch, right? Seems like every other jacket got sent out but nothing on DRs yet. :[
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