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You'd most likely be an S in FW09 intarsias, unless you want a skin tight fit (which you would need an XS).
and i just want a geo jacket in hammered lamb
Has anybody ever replaced the zipper on geobaskets/jackets/anything Rick with a zipper? The zipper tape is fine but the pull itself doesn't "lock" anymore.. would a YKK size 8 pull work?
Still have this, now I even have pics!
Have a brand new black ToJ0 in size 46 with 48 lengths. Fits me well at 5'9 135lbs (athletic build-ish).
In on this for sure.
 From what I gather I don't think this is from SS11, but rather SS10 'RELEASE' XS from that time period would be TTS, so around size 34/44 iirc..?
$380usd vs over $2000 usd.. i mean i'm pretty liberal with my expenses but even then i gotta take a step back when a varsity costs more than $1000 after tax
with toj gone, where am i gonna find a varsity that's exactly like the toj0???
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