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The Rick Owens thread has exploded since I've logged onto SF, wow.
 You'll need to size up on this... it's literally way too tight lol
 Not that I can remember.. think both versions have the dick bib so they should be pretty much identical
 Black wax/mineral is the treatment of the cotton parts of the pants. Wax is shiny, and mineral is more matte. DU stands for DRKSHDW Men's. ##S/F is for the season, and the model # is the last 4 digits. The tags have just recently changed to this, iirc during Plinth.
 SBW is black wax, SBM is black mineral
So you were the one who bought it before I could get home -_-
Would there ever  be a "lapped seam" option for the sleeves? Would order in a heartbeat if there was, tbh. That was my favorite bit of detail on the 2013DR.
FS: TOJ MA-1 in Suiting Wool, size 46. 9.9/10 condition, just sat in my closet the whole summer and now it's too cold to wear it (thanks Canada).   Asking $410 USD invoiced, will ship with tracking and confirmation - firm price. Skip the wait (lol)!
That's a pretty old tag, probably around the era of 2011? Anybody else got a better guess?
I don't think your opinion really matters in this thread.
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