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Looking for a stock 46 black/black toj0 in good condition.
Looking to buy a black/black toj0 in stock 46, good condition please. Not looking for spots either since I want INSTANT GRATIFICATION.
thinking of selling my toj0, in between a size 44/46 for shorter (5'8 and below) skinny dudes   shoulders (seam to seam) - 17.4" chest (pit to pit) - 18.5" body length front (not including collar) - 21" body length back (not including collar) - 23" sleeve (from shoulder seam to end of ribbed cuff) - 25.5"
There's definitely stretch but not like APC levels of stretch. Maybe one full size. Get your usual size. Barely faded in the year I wore them, maybe small bit behind the knee area.
What about them? I wore the super skinnies in black power stretch for the longest time
[made a better post]
 hey that's my dr explains why so many random people started following me lol
Lewis Leathers
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