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Did you get shipping confirmation? I ordered on the exact same date as you too..
June 24th DR2013   No e-mail sent.
currently thinking about buying a stooges jacket but my toj 2013dr isn't even in yet i also like the slave jackets (got a thing for big cowls) too so i might get that 
  crossposted from the ro thread, since we're all posting jackets now.   toj/uniqlo/drkshdw/ro
  today   toj/uniqlo/drkshdw/ro   recently took my memphis (pictured) to the tailor to get them taken in. excellent job imo, the heavy taper makes up for my thin ankles.
June 24th 2013DR Sent Charly an e-mail but apparently he couldn't get ahold on Daniel for like a week? But it's been 3 days since he last replied and I still haven't gotten a response...
I e-mailed Charly respectively 4 and 2 days ago over whether I needed to change my delivery address and he never got back to me. :\
The original TOJ0Seeing as it's the first TOJ jacket ever conceptualized.
  Sorry for the poor lighting, just got my  TOJ suiting wool MA-1 (second hand, not from TOJ) in the mail! It's a shame that it's 24 degrees celsius outside, otherwise I'd provide a fit pic.   Hella lightweight, but the insulation seems spectacular. I'm pretty sure it'll survive a Canadian winter.   Still waiting on my June DR order though 
Of course, but I'm not going to be doing any of those things.
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