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Looking to buy   Super skinny guy size 29 in waxed black. Super skinny guy size 29 in black power stretch.   Anybody know of any sales going on for these? I'm a pretty big cheapass when it comes to non-luxury jeans. The waxed black takes priority over the power stretches (they're more of a last resort). I'd also buy them second hand if they're lightly used.
They stretch a fucking SHIT TON. You'll be okay. Size 1 down for a regular fit. If you size normally it'll be pretty loose. Source: I have a pair.
    2013DR/DRKSHDW Memphis/Raf Simons velcro high   For reference, I'm 5'9 and 125lbs.   Excuse the floor, I've been cutting patterns and moving shit all day.   I also have some slightly extra room in the tri/bicep area as you can tell because I was planning on working out a bit. Lambskin stretches as well.
June 24th! I'll probably wear it tomorrow so expect a fit pic sometime in the next 24 hours or so. (I did not receive tracking)
My DR came in after 15 months! Will get a fit pic later.
Did you get shipping confirmation? I ordered on the exact same date as you too..
June 24th DR2013   No e-mail sent.
currently thinking about buying a stooges jacket but my toj 2013dr isn't even in yet i also like the slave jackets (got a thing for big cowls) too so i might get that 
  crossposted from the ro thread, since we're all posting jackets now.   toj/uniqlo/drkshdw/ro
  today   toj/uniqlo/drkshdw/ro   recently took my memphis (pictured) to the tailor to get them taken in. excellent job imo, the heavy taper makes up for my thin ankles.
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