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I wore it with two layers underneath as well as conditioned it prior to wearing. I actually expected lambskin to stretch this much but I don't think it will actually stretch anymore. Good thing I'm usually a size S in brand new rick leathers.Also I wore it to sleep on the first night lmao
the S was pretty TTSAlso update: My Crust high neck intarsia in hammered lamb stretched a size (it's now approximately an S) after wearing it for 3 days straight. RU4761 /LP
how much does hammered lamb stretch out? my jacket came in and it's a bit tight - i can still zip it up though. think it'll stretch out enough for me to wear it relatively comfortably? it's mostly tight in the chest area and under my armpits
Do not quote me on this as I am not sure but I think the older jackets had letters for sizing... Quite a few of my older jackets were like this as well (including the misprint on the color portion).
how was this $540 after the coupon? even prior to the coupon these were $900~ CAD for me zzz
sizing on FW09 leathers? just got my hands on a size XS hammered lamb high neck intarsia (still in the mail) and i usually wear a true size 46. think i'll fit?
ah yes this is correct i was thinking about this earlier but i didn't get around to editing my post ty!
The last couple of seasons Rick stuff has been generally TTS imo
Berlin cut is slim Detroit cut is skinny Memphis pants are supposed to be skinny but they were kinda loose on me #skinnyboys
Rick Owens FW11 'Limo' double layered long sleeve shirt size S in DUST. This is NOT the cotton version, this is the premium 85% Rayon / 15% Silk blend. Fits TTS, feels a bit loose on me. 9/10 condition, would be 10/10 but there's a tiny hole on the 'Limo' tab on the back, but unseen when worn. Unworn (except to try on) and always stored folded. Not sure how that came into effect since it was already there when it arrived in the mail.
New Posts  All Forums: