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depends on the season and leather used
both are fake made in china? c'mon bro
Bring it to a tailor and find out
yeah ssense shows different prices in different areas lol... i'm in canada and the prices are still sky high
good thing I copped a pair of drkshdw non vegan ramones for $300 shipped today the vegan ones are kinda nasty imo
a lot of them sell out in the first round of discounts in good sizes because they're pretty popular
What is the leg opening on your jeans? I love the fit of the boots in this picture and if they're slim enough I'd definitely pull the trigger. 
What are the leg opening of your jeans? If I were to purchase them I would have 15.5cm openings and I don't plan on tucking my pants into the shoe...
 get a 44 in the island dunks, they have a side zipper.
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