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i always wear my heavyweight pods in the summer because it gets cold at night
idk what you guys would consider to be student budgets but honestly everything in my staple "rick" wardrobe totalled up to $3000ish~   (the prices i paid for them in usd)   high neck intarsia - $650 heavy cotton pods - $300 memphis jeans - $700 drop crotch cargos - $300 geobaskets - $620 twisted zip creepers - $ 480   i wear american apparel and uniqlo tees 99% of the time since they fit me really well.   i have more rick stuff but they're rarely worn as i...
geobaskets/ramones/ramones sneakers all secondhand will be your best bet tbh swinger silhouette is still pretty big and oversized so if you can tiny shoes it looks really off and ruins it
material choice wise also those (shorts on ebay) are fake rick tags don't look like that looooooooool
It feels like recent Spring/Summer season items are very.. lacklustre in general?
It's worth it if you think it fits you well.
adidas had black leggings, same with underarmor
Decided to post a quick fit pic because some people were asking how the high neck intarsia fit on me - here you go. Was buying hangers that day. FW09 high neck intarsia Uniqlo tee FW12 structured pods FW13 geobaskets
  Rick Owens F/W09 ‘CRUST' high neck Intarsia in hammered lamb   Just finished conditioning it, jacket's at 6 years old.
hello rickfriends   i have been searching for a high neck intarsia/bauhaus/mollino in size 50/size L (or anything that would fit a true 48 perfectly PRIOR to stretching) in black. preferably oiled calf/hammered lamb. none of that ice lamb thing that's been going around recently, my friend wants something a little more substantial. let me know if you guys have anything that fits the bill.   also had some interest on my own high neck intarsia in XS, shall i post an ad up...
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