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I e-mailed Charly respectively 4 and 2 days ago over whether I needed to change my delivery address and he never got back to me. :\
The original TOJ0Seeing as it's the first TOJ jacket ever conceptualized.
  Sorry for the poor lighting, just got my  TOJ suiting wool MA-1 (second hand, not from TOJ) in the mail! It's a shame that it's 24 degrees celsius outside, otherwise I'd provide a fit pic.   Hella lightweight, but the insulation seems spectacular. I'm pretty sure it'll survive a Canadian winter.   Still waiting on my June DR order though 
Of course, but I'm not going to be doing any of those things.
Seeing as how it's been 13 months for me, I doubt Paypal will do anything.   I guess I could call up Mastercard to raise them some hell if needed.
Did anybody try to contact Charly recently? I just sent my third e-mail yesterday regarding a possible address change and he still hasn't responded - which is odd because he usually replies within 24 hours. Usually I'd wait awhile longer before asking here but seeing as this was the third e-mail I've sent in 10 days I was just wondering if he's on vacation or something?
Me today. Some long sleeve that I found MOUNTAIN structured pod shorts Geobaskets from 2011 iirc Excuse the angle, elevator shot makes it look like I'm wearing cropped pants instead
looks fine the way it is tbh
 Where did you get this information? I thought it was the 4zips that went out. Regardless, I don't think June DRs are out yet (ordered June 24th)
Anybody having a bit of trouble contacting Charly?   I sent an e-mail 5 days ago and didn't get a response, so I sent a follow up e-mail yesterday to check on the status of my jacket. I'm moving soon, so I pretty much need to know whether it'll arrive soon or else I'd need to change the mailing address.
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