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Well that was the most uneventful story ever... Also some of the fits in here are hideous. Some people needs to size down a few times and others need to size up...some fits look dirty and that of a street peasant.
OK, just seen a post from Hirsh....anyone who even confuses us to deserves to be put down. First of all I don't look like a chicken undergoing the same diet as Christian Bale for the Machinist and second I think that is a female? (TBC).   More lavishness coming soon but please note I work a busy schedule.
No idea who Hirsch is but you obviously don't understand flashy style. You dress like you're 12.  Coat that is 3 sizes too big, tracksuit bottoms that look to be a 40" inside leg and them god forsaken bits of tat on your feet, I don't even know how to explain them things. Look like a 1920's boxing shoe.
Keep hating. What have you done with your year apart form posting your sloppy fits on this website? nothing.  I go out and work hard at growing my businesses and I come here to show the fruits of my labour, I do not expect to be mocked, I expect to be worshipped. You will only ever see the tip of the iceburg but these "H&M looking clothes" cost more than you receive salary.     This is not a loafer I expect you to understand, but to me? This is the personification of...
That is a Gant polo displayed in the above picture.
It's getting to the stage now where I can no longer draw the line and tell myself enough is enough. Over the past year I have made over 7 figures and people are starting to treat me differently; almost as if they can smell the money, but I guess this is the Hermes cologne taking control.   Anyway, WIWT       No need to play dress up as people can spot a clown miles away. Radiate comfort, class and cash and noone can negatively critique the cloth you...
I love tassels - they reek of money
  I am not trolling. So sue me if you cannot cope with someone as extravagant as me. Also, you really think I would leave such an obvious paper-trail. Come on, EMartNJ, you must know better than that. After all, reverse image searching with Google or Tineye is real basic knowledge...
Throw up your fit pic tomorrow, I will do the same and we will finish this once and for all. Winner stays in this thread, loser leaves.
New Posts  All Forums: