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Thanks, my fri. Businesses has been booming and have not had the time to grace SF with my presence. Though with thriving businesses comes money and thus I have even more toys for you guys to swoon over. I have a feeling I have a few new boys toys that will really get you weak at the knees.
SS Rolex are pretty much a poor mans watch...if it isn't then what is it classified as? It certainly isn't a rich mans watch
I'm not trolling. And I have changed a lot over the past year....I am now even more stinking lavish and earn digits you could only dream of.
@Brightorangetrousers Coat looks much too big; very sloppy. And those Nike astroturf trainers do not match the outfit AT ALL.
Well that was the most uneventful story ever... Also some of the fits in here are hideous. Some people needs to size down a few times and others need to size up...some fits look dirty and that of a street peasant.
OK, just seen a post from Hirsh....anyone who even confuses us to deserves to be put down. First of all I don't look like a chicken undergoing the same diet as Christian Bale for the Machinist and second I think that is a female? (TBC).   More lavishness coming soon but please note I work a busy schedule.
No idea who Hirsch is but you obviously don't understand flashy style. You dress like you're 12.  Coat that is 3 sizes too big, tracksuit bottoms that look to be a 40" inside leg and them god forsaken bits of tat on your feet, I don't even know how to explain them things. Look like a 1920's boxing shoe.
Keep hating. What have you done with your year apart form posting your sloppy fits on this website? nothing.  I go out and work hard at growing my businesses and I come here to show the fruits of my labour, I do not expect to be mocked, I expect to be worshipped. You will only ever see the tip of the iceburg but these "H&M looking clothes" cost more than you receive salary.     This is not a loafer I expect you to understand, but to me? This is the personification of...
That is a Gant polo displayed in the above picture.
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