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I this that's more trendy than usual.
The glen plaid.
I think this is a misunderstanding between the board and him that should've have gone public.
You can't simply conclude that wearing ties mean a man is successful.  But it means that if the man wears ties a lot he must also wear suits a lot which might mean he has a high-powered job or he's simply required to wear it - not necessarily successful.
I feel more comfortable without the belt loops on it.
Usually the host indicates it in the invitation the one I was invite to before did mention white tie.
This might help or there's a thread on SF about  buying a suit 
I try to get away from jeans now since all I want to wear with it is tees. For my street style I try to wear blazers more and less jeans opting for cotton pants 
A fully canvassed suit definitely makes it look good but if it doesn't fit you well it would be such a waste of money.
I wear my polos a few times with my blazer I know people hate that but just make sure the blazer's fitted as well so wouldn't look frumpy
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