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Great! Thanks a lot.
Just got a message from a buyer asking if they can ship to a hotel they'll be staying at during next week. Is there a way the buyer can 'confirm' the hotel address with paypal or ebay for me to complete this transaction? They haven't paid yet. Thanks!
Some not-so-recent interesting thrift finds. All are listed already. BB cream raw silk blazer 42R. Slubby.   [[SPOILER]]  Hickey freeman guncheck, dual vents, 42L.   [[SPOILER]]  Not true thrift, Isaia Napoli, brushed wool. FF pants. 50/40R.  [[SPOILER]]  Didn't know who it was but it was a very well made jacket. Got it and later fiund out it was Martin Greenfield. NA.   [[SPOILER]]  Canali black 100% brushed cotton triple patch, quarter lined pub jacket. Dual vents. 42/43...
Russell plaid, I think.
Seriously, the best pictures on ebay.
Ha, I've been admiring the jacket for the past 16 hours and didn't notice it until you pointed it out. That's a good thing, I suppose.
One of my best finds ever. Paid way way up at a consignment store who knew what they were doing. But still, I had faith in the desirability of the jacket.   Brioni guncheck 100% worsted cashmere, 42R. Dual vents, etc. etc.        
Good to see you back, Fueco.
To break the monotony of this fruitless discussion we have an unspoilered picture dump quoted in its entirely. Some of y'all need a Thrift discount bragging Hamsterdam thread of your own.
Thanks a lot! Your jacket looks like this to me: https://www.weargustin.com/store/1506 Edit: Your fabric may not be waxed canvas, but the style's the same. 
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