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Re: etiquette, I try to post one main picture of the item, and any details can go in the spoilers. If my post has like 50 pictures or so, I spoiler them all to be considerate towards people with slow connections. And I never EVER quote multiple pictures. I'm fairly liberal, but someone doing that makes me wish that congress pass a law mandating it a federal crime punishable by death. Not an expert on RL but I know that's a very desirable line. Usually called the 'script...
Some recent finds.RL 'Script Label' linen, 31.  Linen unicorns.   Minty Left Field selvedge. 33x36. Chelsea model, I believe.  Ties: [[SPOILER]]
Fired off about 20 listings yesterday evening. Normally you see the 2 views instantly (ebay crawler cataloging the listings, I guess) but not this time. I still see 0/0 on most of them even after 15+ hours, when I usually have 7-8 views by this time. I'm not a big time seller by any means but that never happens. In fact, it's been slow for the past couple of months.   Is this a summer thing?
Dove gray might work. Thanks!
What color would you call these pants? They're definitely not pure gray. Gray-ish with some brown/red.     I messed around with some online tools and came up with #928E8D as a reasonable approximate, but still it doesn't help me in coming up with a suitable color name/description.    http://www.colorhexa.com/928e8d   Thanks!
Does anyone know about the sizing of Jil Sander shoes or who makes them? I have one marked 9.5 but I don't know if it's US or UK sized. Outsole measures just shy of 4.5 x 12.75 in. Insole length is just shy of 11.5 in. Thanks!      
 Thanks once again, razl! I'd be happy to give 5% off to any buyer who mentions this thread.
Worked fine for me. Sold a suit for $450, guy wanted to return and was nice so I agreed to cancel the transaction, but I told him that I'll take original shipping+insurance+signature confirmation out of the refund. He said fine. Refunded him through paypal. Went to the cancel transaction page, clicked on "Issue complete refund and click next" button. Ebay already understood that I had issued a refund already, so they didn't issue a double refund. Buyer agreed to whatever...
Current Corneliani label, full canvassed, Made in Italy. Spencer model, which is their slimmer model, so please keep that in mind.    I know that rayon can manufactured from both synthetic and bamboo fibers, but given the high quality of the maker I doubt the material is synthetic. The fabric is gorgeous, butter soft. I'm not exaggerating when I say the fabric feels like cashmere. Beautiful summer color, sky blue with a mustard windowpane check. Like all softly...
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