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Ooh, this is interesting. I would love to hear people's strategies for BINOBO items. For me, if I set the BINOBO price at $125, I'd be happy to accept $100. Basically, anything within 20%. I always think if I countered to $119 like in this case, it would turn the buyer off (maybe because as a buyer it would turn me off). Suited: what has been your experience with countering with a number so close to the original price?
Funny story.   I spent last week in UCLA for a conference/workshop. Before going I asked Jompso if he could give me some tips for stores in the area. Dude was so nice and gave me tons of info. These workshops last all day from 9-5 so I didn't get time to go out at all, except on Friday when they cancelled the sessions after mid morning. The first store I went to, there was a guy who obviously knew what he was doing, and had obviously cleaned out the store. The store...
kayak.com, among many others, would do the trick. It also has information about trending ticket prices, so it'll tell you when is a good time to buy them. 
in the field. can anyone recognize the maker? cole haan, made in usa. thanks!
dap_luxury is @txwoodworker , I believe.
I'm 99.9% certain they keep that in mind.
Nope. It's midnight at the end of the next business day. So, your tracking should be validated by midnight, Monday for anything that was paid on Friday.
This. Had a seller reject my $100 offer yesterday on an item listed at $125. Wtf.
Wow. You sound mature. He was testifying to your B&S rep, which is immaculate as far as I can see. You seem to be a great and trustworthy seller, and I would happily buy stuff from you.  It's not criticism, it's just plain fact. You don't even know how to post in this thread, that's how much of a stranger you are. Anyway, this is pointless. Sorry for the derail. 
Look, I'm not a mod. Do whatever you want. The people you mentioned are solid contributors to the thrift thread, you know, popping goodwill tags and such. You don't participate in this thread. Your post didn't even look like something that a regular would post. It looked like a copypasted B&S listing ('..from the thrift store that is my closet..' lol). Again, I'm not a mod. I expressed my opinion that you're using this thread as yet another avenue for your B&S listings....
New Posts  All Forums: