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@SpooPoker and others, the label is missing, but the silk feels gorgeous, and the tie seems well made. Dimensions are 58.25 x 3.625. Legit? And if so, any suggestions for a title? Thanks a lot!        
They need to sell 3 suits at full retail price to make up for their annual losses. Or so I hear.
Wow, that is crazy. Are you saying that the high-end stuff is just lying there in thrift stores with no reseller industry to take advantage of it? Or by 'flippers' you mean one-man operations like yourself?
Gorgeous, super 130s Wool fabric. Some surface interest, but I wouldn't call it a full-fledged worsted flannel fabric. More like slightly brushed wool. Full canvassed, pick stitching, dual rear vents. FF pants. Asking $425 shipped in the US. International shipping at cost (would prefer express to ensure door to door tracking, given my experience with shipping stuff to even e-delcon countries that don't have tracking).   Excellent condition on both the jacket and...
 The tag says SPL which stands for 'Special Order', i.e. Bespoke. From what I've seen Oxxford doesn't put fabric or sizing info on their bespoke pieces.
There was a discussion about this not too long ago and seems like Checkaflip.com still works.
Finally got around to taking pictures of some of the stuff accumulated over the past few months. Like with most things, it's the inertia that kills you, once you start doing it, it doesn't seem all that bad. More pictures in later posts. BB 1818 Fitzgerald Wool/Cotton, quarter lined suit. 41R  [[SPOILER]]  PRL  dark navy Chalkstripe flannel suit, forward pleats, thick! 42 R  [[SPOILER]]  Sorta unusual, PRL 4 roll 3 tweed jacket, with hacking? breast pocket, dual vents....
Speaking of insurance, say I sell something for $250. Can I assume I'm being covered for the 'first' $100, and only use ebay-provided shipcover insurance for the remaining $150? Will this work, or do I have to use just one insurer?
When I did this, my post office made me change the box to a priority express box.
I know GmMCL has 'Most original heft remains..' in his tie listings for pre-owned ties. I think it's supposed to mean that they're not limp or flattened-out, the way old raggedy ties sometimes get. But yeah, for $10? What does he expect?
New Posts  All Forums: