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Some more: I would add something like 'My selling philosophy' to your 'about' page. You're a top-rated seller with thousands of transactions. Here's a chance for you to shine. Tell them why you sell the way you sell (BINOBO vs Auctions, pros and cons of each method). More importantly, tell them why they should consign with you (competitive commission, top 5-10 percentile of selling price for similar items across ebay, etc.). Consider putting that as a separate tab on your...
Did you send the money as a personal gift or as 'goods and services'? If it's the former you might be shit outta luck.
Great site. I love the Consignment form idea.   Minor nitpicks:   1) The images on the front page are morphing into each other very quickly. If you've seen the landing pages of high end luxury brands you'll notice how much slower their slideshows are. I think it gives them an aura of elegance. I'd choose a different effect of the pictures changing. This one (images getting smaller, turning into a new image) is very videogame-ish. I'd choose a more subtle effect. Also,...
Not me. That's too pricey for moderate to long distances (though, it would work very well for nearby zones, thanks for the idea!). I just use their regular shoe boxes and go by weight. Maybe I've had a bad streak or something, but being in CA, like 95% of everything I sell has been to zones 7 and above.   https://store.usps.com/store/browse/uspsProductDetailMultiSkuDropDown.jsp?productId=P_0_SHOEBOX   Not sure there's a flat rate box that would fit a shoe comfortably...
Wow. Thanks a lot, guys.
Can anyone tell me if this is grenadine? thanks!
Congratulations. I hope I never become too jaded to enjoy a well-written, heartfelt feedback comment.
For Wes, and other people who use little boxes (6x3x3) for shipping ties, is there any problem with wrapping the label around the box? I've read that shrinking the label size to fit small boxes is considered a big no-no with USPS, so wrapping seems to be the only other option.   Thanks!
+1. Australia's an e-delcon country, too, so even priority international (cheaper option) should provide tracking all the way. Edit: Nevermind, you're in Canada so this doesn't apply. Sorry.
That's what I thought. I was briefly tempted by the 'Please see my feedback, I'm a great buyer' line. Clearly, the guy's interested and all. But yeah, thanks, for the nudge in the right direction.
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