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Thanks, wes! Not freaking out just yet. Btw, how's it going with the SCAN form thing? You still doing it for all your shipping?
Question about shipcover insurance. Dropped off two ties yesterday at the post office. One shows tracking uploaded and the other one shows nothing. Obviously, the one that doesn't show tracking has to be a pricy Charvet tie.   Will shipcover reimburse me if the package doesn't have tracking? I'm guessing the answer is no, but wanted to confirm.
I've had someone return an item using Not as described. Can I recoup my ebay fees using the cancel transaction request after I refund him fully?
I've seen Zanella Platinum pants labeled LP Super 130s with buttery soft flannel fabric, so yeah, super numbers don't necessarily imply smooth, worsted fabric.
If that's the case I wouldn't do a thing. Also, 'slim' is rather subjective. What were you thinking of doing? Edit: Never mind, I didn't see that you got flannel pants instead of worsted. Yeah, that's a bigger error.
The odd looking username is an automatically generated name ebay gives new users. They have an option to change it but some don't. I wouldn't worry about that. Had this situation a few months ago. I got an offer from one username and then a message from a more 'normal' name later. Same person.
Any ideas about this? Older Burberry, made in england, fully canvassed. Thanks!  
Yup. That's what I was told by ebay. They have to call. Buyer left glowing feedback but 3 stars on item as described.
You're right. The system flowchart is set up like that for a reason. It's just me, I actually go out of my way to avoid all those options and click on 'Other' in order to contact the seller. I don't think most buyers would have the patience for that.
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