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I know GmMCL has 'Most original heft remains..' in his tie listings for pre-owned ties. I think it's supposed to mean that they're not limp or flattened-out, the way old raggedy ties sometimes get. But yeah, for $10? What does he expect?
Redaelli, no?
Is there a way to bulk relist unsold items on the ebay app? I'll be away from the computer during the time the listings end. It's only 20 or so listings but to do each one individually on the ebay app is going to be a pain.   Thanks!
https://adblockplus.org/ (works with Chrome, Firefox, and many other browsers) https://noscript.net/ (This blocks all javascript on webpages from running on your machine, making the pages load faster. A little bit of work in the beginning where you specify which sites are allowed to run javascript, but totally worth it). Only firefox, I think.
Adblock and NoScript have done wonders to my web-browsing experience.
Doesn't matter if you take returns or not. Similar thing happened to me. If the return is for 'item doesn't match description' that's an auto defect as well. It's only a case if it gets escalated, I think, or if you declined the return and the buyer opened one manually.
  You should thank frenchy for giving you permission to scavenge in his wake. So nice of him to leave this dated trash for you. Oh god, those tumblr posts still give me the douche-chills.
Thanks, wes! Not freaking out just yet. Btw, how's it going with the SCAN form thing? You still doing it for all your shipping?
Question about shipcover insurance. Dropped off two ties yesterday at the post office. One shows tracking uploaded and the other one shows nothing. Obviously, the one that doesn't show tracking has to be a pricy Charvet tie.   Will shipcover reimburse me if the package doesn't have tracking? I'm guessing the answer is no, but wanted to confirm.
I've had someone return an item using Not as described. Can I recoup my ebay fees using the cancel transaction request after I refund him fully?
New Posts  All Forums: