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1. No difference.2. A lot depends on condition, fabric (cashmere, for instance would sell for more), color, pattern, how new the tag is, styling (dual vented jacket is more desirable than an unvented jacket, for example). So, yeah, the prices are all over the place. Stick around in this thread and you'll soon get an idea of what's what. Or, search on ebay for sold listings, sort by price, and you'll soon be able to figure out why one Brioni suit sold for $100 while another...
Noobie question for sure, but if sleeve length of a dress shirt comes out to be 35.5, do I list it as 34/35 or 36/37? And is there a reason why 35/36 is never available as an option? Thanks.
Yes. When you print any label, click on label preference on the top right and uncheck the 'shipping label with receipt and instructions' box. 
Telling him that his item is overvalued is the very definition of making a value judgement.
For ties, the 6x3x3 or 6x4x4 uline boxes should still come under 6 oz, so first class is the way to go. For heavier items, use the Priority mail 'package/thick envelope' or 'large package' option if any side is more than 12''.  Keep in mind, if you're on the west coast, not using RRA or Medium FR boxes will add to your shipping costs. I'm in southern california as well, and seems like literally every item I sell is zone 7 and up. For a SC, RRA (between 2 and 3lb) coast to...
 I've seen the same nail pattern on the footbed of vintage-y AEs.
More pictures of the SCs I posted earlier plus some backlog. Sartoria Partenopeas: [[SPOILER]]  Isaia and Gianluca Napoli windowpane.     RLPL, saint andrews, cashmere silk houndstooth 40R.  [[SPOILER]]  Quarter lined Burberry london, wool/linen/silk, 40R.   Usually pass on Lubiam, but the color and pattern was gorgeous. 3 button but rolls to the second button nicely, dual vents.  [[SPOILER]]   One of my favorite finds in a long time. Extremely lightweight, thought it was...
That's the name of the model of the jacket. Wasn't used in a scorcese movie, most likely. Hugo Boss does this with their jackets (eg: another jacket model is called the Pasolini, named after Pier Pasolini).
Ha, great point (@ brian). I guess it has to be combination of return + ease and quickness of selling, so I'll revise my question. The main reason why I'm not considering listing as a lot is that I'm afraid the shirts would look too similar. Any thoughts that? The colors are different but the shirts kinda look similar.
I have a lotx3 of similarly sized (39.5, 39.5, 39.75) striped shirts. For max return, would you list as a lot or sell them separately? Thanks.  
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