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Happened to me just now. Reprinted them. Except in my case, every label printed/reprinted except one. Didn't work with bulk shipping tool, and didn't work when I tried to print it standalone. Ebay says system unavailable, try again later. Edit: It gets better. When I reprint (to pdf) each individual label, the label is oriented in the same direction as the page and spans the whole page, instead of the standard orientation with two labels on one page. This obviously won't...
One of the Cuci coats I posted in the other thread.
 Dat feel when another buyer messages you, saying he's so pissed he missed this item, and offers you $400 more if you cancel the other transaction and sell it to him instead. I declined, of course, but jesus.
Probably my favorite shirt find of all time. Super slim.             Consignment, but almost priced like a regular Dickies shirt. :) NA.
Thanks razl. The IT58 coat is sold, but I'll offer the same discount as GMMcL for the other one.
 Thanks, Spoo. That helps a lot.
My biggest sale! Buyer in Luxenbourg. Ebay only has the First Class option (which I won't be using), but paypal has the Priority Express International option, thankfully.   Couple of questions.   1) Should I be worried that ebay doesn't have express international option to Luxembourg? Any problems with tracking, etc. that I don't know about? 2) Can I print a label on paypal and add on insurance at the post office? I seem to remember that for items more than $500 you...
I put the tie in a 6x9 clear plastic mailer first. 4x4x4 box for me is a little small but if you can mail the tie in it without it looking smushed, go for it.
In the shipping options you can specify both, and let the buyer choose their preferred method automatically on checkout. It's not like they're contacting you via messaging when they're about to make their purchase.
I get 6x4x4 or 6x3x3 cardboard boxes from ebay or Amazon and ship first class.
New Posts  All Forums: