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Ha, I've been admiring the jacket for the past 16 hours and didn't notice it until you pointed it out. That's a good thing, I suppose.
One of my best finds ever. Paid way way up at a consignment store who knew what they were doing. But still, I had faith in the desirability of the jacket.   Brioni guncheck 100% worsted cashmere, 42R. Dual vents, etc. etc.        
Good to see you back, Fueco.
To break the monotony of this fruitless discussion we have an unspoilered picture dump quoted in its entirely. Some of y'all need a Thrift discount bragging Hamsterdam thread of your own.
Thanks a lot! Your jacket looks like this to me: https://www.weargustin.com/store/1506 Edit: Your fabric may not be waxed canvas, but the style's the same. 
Hi guys, would you call this fabric hopsack, nailhead, or something else?   Thanks!  
Androfan, I think.
If it fits you well, why not? It's a mid tier brand, but I've come across some SCs (always fused) with very nice fabrics. Don't know about pants.
Jack Victor.
Some recent and not-so-recent finds. Quite happy with a few of them that were actually my size. That rarely happens. Some swedish company. Love the summer colors. My size, NA.   Peter Millar, my size.  NWOT Eton, tuxedo shirt. NA.    My favorite recent find. Brooks brothers pebble grained leather jacket. Finally, a leather jacket that I can actually wear. Upscale consignment shop, but underpriced. Wish the throat latch was detachable.   [[SPOILER]]  Incotex super 100s...
New Posts  All Forums: