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In this particular case with the fabric folded over the collar like that, it is to show that the collar was hand attached (this can't be done by a machine, I've read) which is perhaps an indication of more handwork elsewhere on the jacket, hence high quality. 
I disagree. Buy and look back in case you've missed more of those.
Yeah, it's likely an orphan. But the buyer knew that it had a windowpane pattern. If the listing had pictures showing the pattern I don't see why the buyer was confused about it. Don't know man, I don't have any experience fighting cases. Most common advice here, and rightly so, is to take a return. If he opened an SNAD case without contacting you, that's an auto defect. You can try fighting it but from what I know they are hard to get rid of but you can and should try..
Does it have a faint check/windowpane pattern? If so it's most likely an orphan. If it's solid charcoal it *could* be considered an orphan in the traditional menswear sense but only for someone who, like posts here and shit. For the majority of people a solid charcoal jacket passes as a blazer. Do you have a link to the listing?   On the sizing tags of suits you sometimes see the waist mentioned as well. So a SC or blazer will just say 42R but a suit might say something...
Could you post a picture of the jacket?
This is a new one. Sold a tie to a buyer and messaged him saying thanks for purchasing, here's your tracking number, and I hope you enjoy wearing it, etc. Guy replies with 'Thanks!' and immediately I see positive feedback from him. I'm like wtf, but whatever.   Today I see a defect on my dashboard. Guy gave me a low DSR on Item as Described. Keep in mind the tie is still in transit.
You can also go the 'Cancel transaction' route. When you get the item back from the buyer, issue a refund and initiate a 'cancel order' process (click on the drop down menu under 'more actions' tab right next to the item) . Under reasons make sure to click the 'buyer changed his mind' or 'buyer no longer wants the item'. That'll send a cancellation request to the buyer and he must agree to it. As soon as he agrees to it, the transaction is deemed canceled and you get your...
Try this link, too.   http://www.trackitonline.ru/?tn=EC793255605US
Thanks, Jompso. Appreciate it. The tumblr link works but the jompsology.com site gives me an error.
I was going to come here to brag about my two biggest sales of all time happening this month, but one of them asked very nicely if he could return the suit because the cloth was a little heavy for LA weather. He said it'd be OK if I didn't take the return and it would have no bearing on the positive feedback he was going to give anyway.   I wish he were even a little bit asshole-ish so I could say no. 
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