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 For super lowball offers that I would usually just decline, I've now started to let them expire naturally. I think it helps in search placement. If views/watchers help ebay's search algorithm to determine the item's ranking, then an active offer must surely count more as it is an actual commitment to buy the item. I think of it as free boost in ebay search, courtesy of an asshole who then has to wait 48 hours to get a non-answer. That has to be satisfying, right?
Thank you! I guess the tagged size is different from the measured size in this case.
CM uniform from the same donor. Pop on this particular line. Both mtm/bespoke and mint-y.     [[SPOILER]]
Can anyone help with translation and the sizing for this J. Press SC? I don't even know which language this is. Thanks!   eidt: some more info. Measures like US 44 long/tall. p2p 23, boc 34, and sleeves almost 29 in. Assumed the numbers were in centimeters but 102cm is 40 in, so that can't be it.     
 This is terrible. Feel bad for you. I would never ship with a service that didn't do delivery confirmation or provide insurance for non-delivery-confirmation options. Have you looked at 3rd party insurance companies in Norway? We have quite a few here, though they do make you jump through hoops for reimbursement sometimes (and require the cooperation of the buyer). One thing to consider if you're shipping mainly to the US is that the customs exemption went up to $800 last...
Been a while since I went out. I forgot how understated this activity can be for de-stressing. NA for now.     J. Press. Triple patch pocket, metal buttons, made for non-american markets, I guess. Any help deciphering it would be greatly appreciated.  [[SPOILER]]  Belvest?    Best find in a while. Butter soft flannel. Color's black.  [[SPOILER]]  Second best find in a while.    [[SPOILER]]   Thick, heavy jacket/coat.  
Buyer requested a return for a tie for the reason that the color was not described accurately.     Took less than a minute on the phone for ebay to side with me. Yes!   On another note, I haven't listed anything new in more than a month and a half, but had some inventory out there. Sales dropped, but still feels weird to see money in my paypal account this month when I haven't 'worked' for it. Is this what the landed gentry feels like with their residual income and...
 Boss? Fueco, looks real. Just an old label.
You sure? The older Brioni Roma label always had a wonky script. 
I'd try both. Also, have you tried contacting your postal service? I sent an item to another country using USPS Express International service a while back and tracking mysteriously stopped updating after a few days. I contacted USPS who then corresponded with that country's postal service and gave me an answer in about a week. Turns out that country had some special requirements about items worth more than a certain amount and I needed to fill out some form and fax it to...
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