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I concur.
Suited, I believe.
I use Firefox and face this same infuriating problem. Drives me nuts!
Being a scammer is not the only reason to avoid dealing with somebody. People trade things here precisely to avoid the hassle of selling thing on ebay. You could be the most honest person with the bestest intentions but if you flake out on me, not respond to multiple PMs, and in general make me do more work, I'm not dealing with you.
Very recent, I believe.
@Nataku or anyone else who knows about denim or vintage clothing: I hate to do this but do I have something interesting? Seems like vintage, from the label. Lee Storm Rider jacket in minty condition. The denim still feels raw and rigid. Any information would be appreciated, thanks.  [[SPOILER]]
That's exactly what he does. Not very smart of me to publicize my lack of spatial awareness, but here you go: http://www.styleforum.net/t/309281/buying-and-selling-on-ebay-tips-tricks-problems-questions/14400_100#post_7271081
Look at Shoeluv's signature. He has links to Wes's and Brianpore's shipping methods. From what I remember Wes uses 9x6 gusseted bags for ties. Given that gusseted bags have more space, I'd think non-gusseted 5x7 bags might be a tight fit.
Has happened to me a few times and I remember having a bad feeling about it but it was all right in the end. One of them literally signed up on ebay the same day he purchased the shoes (didn't even make an offer, straight up BIN) and has never bought anything else since. I have 3 feedback on my ebay account (use my girlfriend's account with more feedback to sell). And I'm the most conscientious buyer ever! You gotta start somewhere.
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