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Ah ok. Sorry, I misunderstood. Yeah, that was ebay definitely screwing me over. Called them, they said give it more time, ask the buyer to contact his own post office. If nothing else changes in 7-10 days, give us a call back. I doubt they'll be refunding me, but I'll give it a shot.
 Thanks. Don't agree with you on the 'screwed you' part, though. That a buyer in dubai even found a tie that I was selling is worth the fees. Ebay isn't a charity.
Sold a tie to a buyer in Dubai. I usually have USPS Express as default, but this service wasn't available on ebay, so I printed a Priority Mail International label and refunded the difference to the buyer. It's been 3 weeks and the item isn't there yet. Called USPS and they tell me that any label that starts with an L is First Class, so they can't open a tracer for it, and there's no insurance associated with it. I told them that I paid for a Priority Mail label on ebay,...
USPS Express has door to door tracking available, and comes with insurance up to $200. Bit expensive. For Canada (e-delcon country), even first class (upto 4lbs) has door to door tracking, but no insurance. You can get 3rd party insurance, but for getting reimbursed you'll need the cooperation of the buyer. Priority mail doesn't have tracking once the package leaves the country.
 Yeah, you got unlucky. The problem is not that 0.01 pound. It's the 0.68 -> 0.69 transition that moved the weight from one weight class to the next. I bet you wouldn't have received the email if the difference was 0.63 vs 0.68, since both these weights lie in the same weight class.
 It makes more sense when you convert it to oz. It's the difference between 10 and 11oz. If he's shipping via first class mail the rates are constant until 8oz, then increase by a small amount for every extra ounce (until you hit the 1lb mark). So, while the difference is extremely small (10-15 cents), it's not quite correct to say that it doesn't make one bit of difference. As for scales, yeah there's calibration errors everywhere, so I always overreport weight. So, I'll...
Bought an item at BIN, never paid, no communication.  
 Yeah, me neither, but I whitelist some news sites I visit. I figure it's literally the least I can do to support good reporting.
C.   Alden does a combo X/Y width, where the numerator X = heel width, and Y = shoe width.
I bet it is. I couldn't even adjust the price down. Beyond free shipping, you can't change the invoice (at least I couldn't). I would recommend the 'end item' strategy only after your target price has been reached.
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