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Would appreciate some advice. Sold a sweater to a buyer in Hong Kong. During the back and forth, I told him that even though the shipping listed is $55 (for USPS Express Int.), I get an ebay discount which I'll pass along to him. But since I wouldn't know how much it is until it sells and he pays, he could pay the full amount now and I'll refund him the excess shipping. I've done this before with international buyers and it works.   Except this time, ebay doesn't have...
Enzo Mantovani. Nothing special.   @Woofa, the first jacket is made by D'Avenza.
 Interlining is probably in the collar.
Fueco, I love your infectious enthusiasm! Never stop posting please.
 I'm always afraid this would incentivize them to do something like opening a case on paypal. I remember someone here saying that after the paypal/ebay split, closed cases on ebay have little to no bearing on paypal's decision. And from what I've read (6 month return period, etc.) paypal could be even more buyer-friendly than ebay.
 As a seller, giving a partial refund would be infinitely preferable to taking in a return and relisting the item. Especially when the reason for the return is my fault. I would go ahead and ask. That's not asshole-ish at all.
 Length also cannot be easily adjusted. Even if you get it done, it will throw off the proportions of the jacket (location of pockets relative to the hem, etc.). I think these are two completely different jackets. The first scans like a 38 short, the other like a 41 R/S with shoulder measurements making sense only if the shoulders have zero to little padding. Many more fish in the sea. Keep looking, and good luck!
+1. I've only done this two times but it actually feels good to write "welcome to Ebay" as their first feedback.
I've had a few instances of that happening and haven't faced any problems. One was a $225 item that the guy bought without even making an offer, and he had created an account on the same day. I was sweating it for a while but nothing happened. Of course, YMMV.   Have one of my own. Although I've already done this already, it would be nice to know if this is OK. Buyer bought two BIN brioni ties ($79 + $2.99 first class shipping). Instead of shipping a $158 item first...
New Posts  All Forums: