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I may have my first ebay encounter with a scammer.   Buys a pair of shoes. He's based in Germany. I send him an invoice. No response. Few days later, says if he can change his address. I tell him I can cancel transaction, he can change his address and buy it again. Responds with unintelligible english. I send a cancellation request. In the meantime he sends a request for an invoice to his new address in the US. I call ebay, they say go ahead and send invoice. I do so and...
Oxxford 100% cashmere.  [[SPOILER]]  Oxxford mtm 'archive collection' wool cashmere tweed, 3/2, dual vents. 44r-ish.  [[SPOILER]]  RL Black label, Caruso. 38.  [[SPOILER]]  Orvis leather. No size or country tags. Can anyone tell me if the size tag is located in some special place? Fits like generous L, slightly less generous XL.   PRL Corneliani. 3/2, dual vents.    [[SPOILER]]
Older stuff that I forgot to post (NA). Minty Suitsupply  suit.  [[SPOILER]]  Helmut Lang bomber.   PRL corneliani wool-cash flannel.  [[SPOILER]]  Wish it were my size. Unhemmed NWOT Billy Reid donegal green faux tweed.   [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, even if you have one package, the bulk shipping tool will generate a SCAN form for you.
 It does. If you use the ebay bulk shipping tool it gives you an option to print the SCAN form along with the labels.
If the package is under 4lb your cheapest option would most likely be to ship it first class international and then buy insurance from a 3rd party site. Buy the label from ebay, it'll be cheaper than buying it from the post office. Ebay should be slightly cheaper than what you get from here: https://postcalc.usps.com/
Yeah, ebay was able to automatically detect that the two items were being sent to the same person, so that was nice. The funny thing is, I had to manually type in the tracking number in paypal for both transactions. Usually that is automatic.
The existential dread at the beginning of every month:   'If my items were good enough they would've sold already last month. Not like I added too much fresh inventory this month. I'll never sell anything again OMG OMG!'
Nice haul! Zegna is real, just an older label. Nobody fakes Robert Talbott. It's a beautiful tie.
   Thanks, guys!
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