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That's your first mistake. The joke may or may not be funny, but what's really funny is you throwing (made up) statistics at a standup comedian to prove his joke wrong.
My guess is that paypal saw the 100% refund and counted it as a cancelled transaction. Ebay then went into my messages, saw that it was about a damaged item, and gave me a defect on 'cancelled transaction because you didn't have the item or sold it to someone else'. Wtf. They couldn't have given me a defect for NAD because the buyer left me all 5 stars, so they resorted to this. I asked them how can this defect be classified under cancelled transaction when neither I nor...
Wow, ok. So I finally get to talk to someone. The defect was not about that item, it was something else.   Someone bought a wool tie. As I was shipping it I noticed a small hole in it. I refunded the buyer completely, sent him a message with my apologies, and shipped the tie to him anyway as a gesture of good faith. I didn't request a cancellation from ebay so they still made their fees. Buyer gets the tie, leaves glowing feedback.     Ebay dings me. Person I talked...
Ebay can be so petty sometimes. I wanted to have a bullshit defect removed (mutually agreed upon canceled transaction using 'Other' as reason, ebay defects me for 'canceled transaction because you didn't have the item or sold to someone else'). Anyway, so I go to customer support, and I only get the 'Call us' option. Been on hold for 40 minutes. On a whim, I decided to follow the link to customer support but this time I clicked on 'Fees, billing, and invoices' as the...
Thanks, guys. High part, indeed! Forgot that they're 3 dimensional objects.
Speaking of Ali Baba, I remember there was a discussion about bulk ordering shoe bags from them. Not sure if anyone did that, but if they did, can I buy some off you? It's for my personal use. I'm in school and don't get to wear dress shoes so they never get taken out. The dust is getting to be an issue now. Need about 10-12 pairs. Thanks!
I know this is not the right place to ask, but I only post here and on the ebay thread. Can anyone tell me how to distinguish between right and left shoe trees? The harder I look the similar their outer shapes appear to me. I have quite a few pairs of trees my size and they've gotten all mixed up. It's pissing me off.  
This. I think the source of the confusion was the wording of his original post. It really sounded like he wasn't interested in picking them up, but would do so if anyone was interested. That gave the impression that he was offering proxy/thrift-ish prices for them. I think if he had just posted 'Etro suit, Brioni jacket, Isaia suit, here be the pics. Available' this would've gone more smoothly. People PM him, he quotes his price, and they accept it or not. No hurt feelings.
They won't scan barcodes on packages because it's their policy.They WILL have to scan barcodes on the papers because it's their policy. A gargantuan government bureaucracy not using the most optimal way to conduct their business? Who woulda thought! Anyway, there has to be a workaround, just ask your post office in your town. They'll have to listen to their biggest customer. Let us know what they say.
Ah, I see what you mean. Hmm, you could print out a PS form for each shipment in that case, but I'm not sure the postal worker would like scanning 100 barcodes. They have to do it, though. It's the law!
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