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I'm no expert on Isaia suits, but do understand that 'pretty old' when it comes to menswear has a different meaning from when it is used in everyday life. It's not like business attire changes so much from year to year. Many sellers would list a 5-6 year old Brooks Brothers suit as 'recent label' and rightly so. You see people here rocking 20 year old suits and looking awesome in them. So, 'old' shouldn't be confused with 'dated'. Your suit may be 6-7 years old but is...
I think it's an excellent deal. The jacket and pants do look unworn. Isia is a great brand. What are you worried about?   Edit: SeaJen already linked you to a hierarchical list of suit brands, compiled by styleforum members. Your suit comes under the Very Good[****] (IE: Few suits match the quality of the ones in this category.)
I'll eat the difference. It's $15, but as a beginning seller I can't afford to have a buyer ding me for shipping charges.
No, it was advertised as no international shipping but 'contact me first if you're buying from outside the US'. Guy buys first and then asks for a shipping quote. I give him $60 for priority express international. This isn't some sort of bait and switch. I just want to choose a service that saves him money and covers my ass. Edit: Just in case it wasn't clear, I don't want to choose a cheaper service to make myself extra profit. My plan was to refund him excess shipping...
Yeah, but now that ebay tells me the less expensive option doesn't include DC, I'd rather not use that. Wouldn't you agree?   I would've refunded him excess shipping and shipped Priority international, if ebay didn't give me that warning.
Thanks for the info! I went ahead and clicked on the print label link and it says specifically 'Delivery confirmation is not available for the service you have selected' when I select Priority international. This is so confusing.   Edit: The guy just paid, that's why I could click on the print label link and get options. Even then, I don't like to charge excessive shipping when the job can be done for less. But without DC, I feel like I have no protection.  
Yup, correct assumption.
I wonder if you could link the ebay rep to multiple listings of 41R jackets to show that 31'' is absolutely correct for the jacket. Also, the buyer claims that the jacket doesn't fit him, which isn't the same as SNAD. So, I'd think you're on firm footing here.   I have no experience with selling internationally, but I do add 'contact me first if you're buying from outside the US' in my listings. Saturday evening, someone from japan buys a pair of shoes at the BIN price...
Is there a specific term for these leather ferragamo shoes that I can use in the title? Calling them 'Beige Oxfords' doesn't seem right and I feel like I'm missing something. Thanks!  
Thanks. That's what I did. Waiting for his reply.
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