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One very shitty thing Ebay does on its mobile site is that it hides most of the description and condition notes. You need to click on them further to get any information. I had a suit with a lot of issues, and wrote like 10 lines describing it, highlighted them in bold, and copy pasted that wall of text in the condition field. Viewed the listing on my phone and nothing, literally nothing. Such a shitty thing to do in order to 'streamline' the mobile buying process.
 Dude! You post more radical shit in your retirement than most people who thrift every day. 
A huntsman three piece pow check suit for 79.99 at a goodwill boutique. That was when I was very new to thrifting (having had one ebay sale to my name at the time) but I still knew Savile row. Just balked at the price.
She should be embarrassed by the shitty job she does. 'V neck Long Sleeves' as keywords for a suit?   She got a glowing profile on ABC, though.   
What's the weight? If under 4lbs, first class to canada has tracking and shouldn't cost more than $40 or so (much cheaper if you're using ebay and get any discount).
If the pictures are well shot with adequate lighting, I think it shouldn't matter as long as the buyer can make out any patterns/texture in the tie. I like both @Snoogz and @Brianpore's...
This was at my local marshalls a few months ago. Brioni, Zegna and Isaia. Still too pricey for me, but a great deal for the right person.
They're worth whatever they will sell for. Seems like the seller has no problems moving them at this price, so that's that. The inventory in these kind of stores is very location specific. People find Brioni, Zegna, RLPL,, RLBL, Isaia, BB black fleece etc. at marshalls and tjmaxx all the time.
Just because you're online doesn't mean you have to forsake all your manners and sense of courtesy.     How hard is it to end your query with a thank you?
Oops, I mistakenly blocked nicestuff instead of niceststuff.
New Posts  All Forums: