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Me too. It's hard not to laugh at the absurdity of anybody not named Karl Lagerfield being this critical of a supermodel's looks.
Oh, come on, don't leave us hanging!
Exactly. And it would have to be done very well. One thing I also don't like is that he routinely tries on jackets in his videos. I mean, sure, we are looking to buy pre-owned clothes but having the seller wear the suit you're about to buy just turns me off. More so if the item is expensive. I might be in the minority here because, frankly, I don't even like seeing hands and fingers in product photos, propping up the inside tag to take a better picture. I'd rather pin the...
Some highlights lately, including some from before I forgot to post. Less than true thrift (I know it's gauche to state prices but this thing cost me $2). Chunky RLPL 100% cashmere.  [[SPOILER]] Florsheim imperial shell 'Yuma' loafers (thanks capnwes for identifying the model). NWT Made in US, Vince selvedge chinos. 38.  [[SPOILER]]  4 NWT Willis & Geiger Jackets M.  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]  Mario's, Made in Italy brown moleskin pants, 32. Don't know the...
Jdrizzy on the interwebs was disappointed in her body. I'm sure she's inconsolable. I can only pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to give her the strength to go on living.
Looks like a Nervesa tag to me.
You can ship via fedex but it's much more expensive than USPS. To ensure tracking all the way select USPS Express mail international. How much it'll cost will depend on the weight of the package, of course. Get a box big enough to comfortably fit both. And yes, you can and should ask for more than what you charge for CONUS shipping. Send him a combined invoice with the updated shipping charges after you've weighed the box.
Shipping 3 ties to germany. They can fit properly in a small flat rate box OR inside a flat rate padded envelope. Earlier, I could click 'print shipping label' even if the buyer hadn't paid to see how much shipping would cost, and to check whether that service allowed tracking all the way (and then invoice them accordingly). Ebay's changed that now and I can't see anything. Germany's an e-delcon country, but I remember people here saying that flat rate boxes/envelopes...
I've gotten a couple of those as well. I chalk it down to my shit photography skills. There are so many cool colors and textures that my 'setup' (white office table with no external light) can't handle.
Yeah, it's $70 as the minimum bid, not the actual price. Great looking pair of shoes, and if you got them for $70, that's an awesome deal.
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