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Asking for good feedback as a precondition to giving a refund might be against the rules, so I would phrase it differently. But yeah, definitely wait for him to close the return before giving a refund.
I think you do, when it comes to color. If you listed the item as 'Red' and the item is indeed red, you're good (depending on the good graces of the CSR, of course). Everyone's computer monitor is calibrated differently and there's no way to guarantee that the exact shade of red looks the same on your monitor and theirs. Search this thread though, I'm sure I've read posts that confirm this.
Deadstock.           Better picture of the MMM I posted earlier.     Mint-y BR safari jacket.  
^ Sage advice.   
Recent finds.  PRL is 100% wool. BB is very madder-like in its texture.  Traflgar, made in china, but 7 fold.  RLPL pin dot and Ben Silver, made in england. The blue striped one is Italo Ferretti.  Sulka, XL. Featherweight.  Isaia base S, EU 56 suit.    Old school brioni burgundy hopsack blazer, patch pockets, dual vents etc. 42.  [[SPOILER]]  1/4 lined wool/angora/cashgora. Soft as fuck.   Paul Stuart for a non-US market. Feels like linen. Any translation help would be...
Paypal's being an asshole with printing international labels. 'The sender's phone number is not valid'. Has happened to me more than once now. And ebay doesn't provide express shipping labels to the country I'm sending to. Has anyone else faced this problem?
Sometimes potential buyers do this in order to get you to lower your price. Not saying that's the case here, but keep in mind this happens.
Looks like Isaia the factory where they make Isaia. Definitely not Lardini. Nice pickup!
I'm sure he meant morally, not technically.
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