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I asked ebay about it and they told me the way to avoid this is by deleting the entire chain of conversation from your message folders. If there's a message from a blocked user still existing in your inbox they'll still be able to send you messages. Worked for me.
The only way to do it!
Mine is based upon a character in my favorite all-time book ('Dog of the South'). When I was registering I couldn't add a space, nor could I use capitals to differentiate the two words. So I'm stuck with reosymes instead of Reo Symes.  
Speaking of which, when you get the time can you tell us how you brought about this body transformation? @GMMcL
Yeah, I think it's nailhead too.
 Most likely Swarovski crystals. Googling 'Stefano Ricci swarovski crystal tie' gives tons of results. $$
Saks jacket is Jack Victor.
It doesn't say which model the jeans is so please refer to the measurements.The jeans are pre-owned but are still in excellent shape, with a fair amount of rigidity to them, still.   Approximate measurements in inches, with pants laid flat and buttoned (refer to Blue Owl's measuring guide):   Across Waist: 16.75" (x2 = 33.5") Inseam: 36.0"  Front Rise (top of front waist band to crotch seam): 10.95" (just shy of 11.0") Across thigh: 12.25" Width at hem opening:...
The interior is broken in with partially faded logos and soft leather linings. Thick double leather soles and heels are intact and have plenty of life left. The soles are topy-ed with Vibram for further protection. Small black spot on the toe of the left shoe, as seen in pictures.   Please know your size before buying them.  Shoe trees not included.   Approximate measurements: Width of outsole at widest point: 4.4" Length of outsole: 12.625" Length of insole:...
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