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Query the WPL number here to find the maker: https://rn.ftc.gov/pls/textilern/wrnquery$.startup If you google the name you'll find they've made garments for brooks brothers, PRL in the nineties, and other well known american brands. Very decent quality.
+1. The stark yellow and black seem very industrial.
Thanks. I've already done that but he slipped through the cracks, somehow. Needmachine, you may be right. Will contact him.
I thought when you excluded certain countries from shipping, people weren't allowed to bid/buy from there. Just noticed someone from Brazil has a bid on an item of mine. Wtf. I remember reading here that Brazil has this law that prohibits importing pre-owned clothes. He has tons of positive feedback and seems like an ok buyer, but still, it's a $20 tie and I'm not shipping it any other way other than Priority Express international ($45). Should I contact him re: retracting...
Sucks so hard. Seems like their form letter response to everything is becoming 'Our research (that we won't show you) says that the number one reason for buyers leaving ebay is '. Sellers are left with no rebuttal to this.
That is an ambitious price for an orphan striped jacket. Edit: nevermind, I didn't see it was a suit.
 Definitely Corneliani.
Good thing I admitted out front that I was being stupid. Thanks!
OK, so I got the 6x3x3 boxes for shipping ties. I'm sure I'm being stupid, but help me out here. Most ties are around 3.75'', and the height of the box is only 3''. Wouldn't that smush the ties when I close the box? And if I put the packed tie lying flat (instead of on its side as shown in the pic) I'm trying to squeeze a 3.75'' width tie into a 3'' space. So, in any case, the tie is getting smushed. And that's when I've yet to put it into a small mailer, which'll take...
You pretty much have your answer. For BIN you can wait for the right buyer who will come along and pay a good price for your item (but then your inventory piles up). With auction, unless it is really a hot ticket item (florsheim shell longwings!!!) or have the huge following of sellers like spoo/wes/brian, it's tough to get top price in a 10 day time window. If you list 50 new items a week it's hard not to do auctions, unless you have the storage space of a warehouse. If...
New Posts  All Forums: