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I'm not sure the price will rise if there's no opposing bid, no matter how high he bids. In this example, if the other guy has bid only $20, and he bids $30, the current bid would be $20.01 or whatever, not $30.
Thanks, that helps. I'll check again in a few days to see if they've readjusted their numbers.
Ebay. Always. It's been 100% through May, then 90 something in June. And 75% in July, which has brought about the two month average to 88%. I just checked the seller dashboard randomly and came across this info. I'm a super low volume seller who doesn't take returns so I know I never have a shot at any discounts, which is why I never check my dashboard. So this came as quite a shock.
It doesn't make any sense. It's not like I'm tracking packages from USPS's site. It's within ebay itself. So ebay tells me that every package I've dropped in the morning has been validated by USPS by evening time. This has happened for every single item I've ever sold. But somehow when it comes to calculating percentages, it's only 88%.
 Don't like A, B for sure. I actually prefer every shoe to be visible clearly. It's not artistic, I know. So, 2 or 7.
I can't understand how ebay's automated systems can be so off. Most of the time I ship the same day (even on Saturdays if I don't have any plans). Due to OCD and the fact that I sell so few items, I actually click on the tracking number of every package myself to see if everything's OK, and by 9pm-ish, all items are at least at the 'Arrived at USPS Origin Sort Facility' stage, if not further.   And now this:     What the fuck is going on? This has to be an error....
Thanks a lot for your reply, David. The fabric feels very, very nice. Whenever you get some time, could you tell me the fabric/swatch number used in your jacket so I can go to their site and make some comparison?
SPL denotes Special Order iirc, so like mtm or bespoke. Doubt there's any sizing/fabric information to be gleaned from the tag.
 Hi David. I found a bespoke Alan Flusser POW suit at a consignment store a while ago. The fabric looks *exactly* like this. Do you think there's a possibility that it could be the same H. Lesser fabric? Thanks, and sorry for bothering you with questions unrelated to your business. 
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