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Hey guys, do any of you use the Corby pants press? Is is any good? I want to make sure it's worth it before I thinking of bringing this eyesore into our apartment. 
Not the right season for it but I'll take it. Southwick 3 pc full canvassed tweed.   [[SPOILER]]
Finally see an option for 'Call me'. Click on it, and get an instant call from ebay followed by recorded music. I've been on hold for the last 20+ minutes.   You guys, this is not how 'Call me' works. Thank you for saving me that 3 seconds I would've taken, had I chosen the 'Call us' option.   Update: It gets better. I hung up, and two minutes later they called me again. With recorded music!
@SpooPoker or anyone else, help with a title for this? Thanks.  
Thanks razl!
I'd use 'micro-check' and/or basketweave. 'Textured' too in the title/description. Agree with what suited said. Even if you did find the exact weave, you're only narrowing your traffic to the listing if the term is somewhat esoteric. So, no matter what, 'check' should probably figure in there somewhere.
ChampagneGoingBackInTheBottle.gif Couldn't find one online so just picture it.
Ah, my mistake. I thought the xxx translated to couture.
Some notable finds from god knows how long. Mostly NA/to the other site.    [[SPOILER]]   B/D but with buttons missing.   [[SPOILER]]         Pop on EZ Couture.  [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]   Mega pop on LV, unless someone tells me they're fake. I would be shocked if they were, though. These look to be very well made.   [[SPOILER]]  Luciano Barbera flannel.   [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]   EZ couture light flannel.    [[SPOILER]]   Two older label zegnas (first is a suit),...
Cut off the 'real' tag from NWT Zegna pants instead of the goodwill tag by mistake.    Please make me feel better by telling me I'm not the only one to have done this. Lie if you have to.
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